Tips on How to Take the Best Photos of Your Nail Art

Do you like trying out different nail art and posting you results on the web? Or perhaps you’re looking to start a blog or simply impress everyone with your nail art designs. Here are some tips on how to take the best photos of your nail art.

It’s all in the camera

The quality of the camera may affect just how the results of the image will turn out. Using a quality camera to take your photos will give it all the best results. Some of the top nail bloggers use Canon or Nikon cameras for their pictures. A simply point and shoot Canon will work great as many users find that DSLR cameras are too bulky for one hand.

Moisten the hands

Before you take a photo, be sure to use baby wipes to add a little moisture to the hands. Using oils or lotions will make the hands appear too glossy and may appear shiny in the photos. Baby wipes will moisten the hands without appearing in photos.

Chance the camera settings

Before you take the picture, be sure to keep the macro and flash on for all images. The settings will make all the difference in the photo. You don’t have to pay too much attention to the colour balance or filters as they can easily be fixed on the camera. The macro setting will allow you to get specific and make any tweaks that need fixing. Always make sure to shoot with macro. This will capture all the pieces and details in your nail art design.

Use a lightbox

A light box is used to help create the effect of natural light. Well, these items may be pricey you can also create one on your own. Make your DIY lightbox by using a cardboard box with a hole in the front to place the camera. Line the box with tin foil and the flash will create the natural effect.

Make the nails your primary focus

Using a quality camera will provide better close up shots. Nobody wants to see pictures of nails that are blurry, even from less than a foot away. Use your focus to attract the attention to the details of the nail art design.

Keep nails prepared

Using a cuticle cream before applying the nail art design will make all the difference in your nails. Cuticle creams do a great job of moisturising but do not leave the greasy residue that most creams and lotions leave behind.

Step back a little

You don’t have to place your camera right in front of the camera. Explore the angles and don’t be afraid to shoot a bit further. Crop in the photos later on when you upload the images on the computer. Shooting out a bit further will give you better results with the macro focus setting.

Light is essential

Using natural light is always best when taking photos, especially with your nails. But if it’s dark outside, use a white light instead of your flash. The flash with change the quality of the details and the results won’t look as dramatic as it should look.

Good lighting is the most important components in producing a great photo. Why not invest in a good lamp that you can use indoors. Too much reflection, especially with glossy nails can’t affect the image and be a distraction to your nail art design.

Learn how to position your hands

For nail artists or bloggers who are looking to photograph their nail art design, consider playing with various poses to find out what’s comfortable and appealing to you. Always make sure that every nail is proportionate and aligned in focus.

Don’t skimp out on photos

Take pictures and plenty of them. Having an extensive collection will help you sort them out and find the best images to choose. It’s better to delete a bunch than not having enough imagines that are good enough to use.

Use Photoshop

Even with the best lighting and the best camera, there will always be a chance of imperfections that tend to become magnified in photos. Do your best keep the nails cleaned and trim any hangnails before taking the photo? Using a photo editing software such as Photoshop or other editing soft wares will come in handy when you need to make small adjustments to your image.

Got any tips on how to take better photos of your nail art designs? Comment below and let us know!