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  1. POLICE FILES: It’s official – Miss Bun is the queen of awesome packages

    April 21, 2011 by pam

    Miss Bun, tell me. Did they have special Preparing a Package 101 and Advanced Surprise Planning classes at Emerson? And if they did, did you take them and ace them?

    Because seriously, you are the queen of packages.

    Every time I prepare a package for you, I rub my hands gleefully and think, “Ooh, this is going to be good…” But you cream me. Every single time.

    You need a crown, a scepter and a jester so you can continue to rule over the Kingdom of Surprises.

    If you’re a Polish Police regular, then you know that Miss Bun and I love sending top secret nail polish packages to each other. You can’t call them swaps because we never go “Okay, I’ll trade this for this.” It’s always “OMG I got you something! You’ll never guess what it is!” And the special packages are usually hand-delivered by friends who meet up with Miss Bun. That’s the funny thing – Miss Bun and I have never seen each other IRL but she’s already met a number of my friends. But that bit about us not meeting yet doesn’t matter – because she’s still one of my most favorite people in the world. And I know we will get to meet in the future. And hang out. And have fun. And go crazy.

    Last week, my friend JJ went to Hong Kong and he brought a package for Miss Bun.

    And he returned with this:


    The bag made me laugh. Too funny.


    I tore into it and saw all kinds of crazy goodies hidden inside.


    I pulled this out. So cute!


    I opened it.


    I love the little notes Miss Bun put on everything.


    Lip Smackers! How did she know I’m obsessed with Lip Smackers? I cannot stop buying them. I always have one in my bag. Looks like my grape bubble gum one will be replaced with this baby.


    And this! How did she know I love tin cans?! Magic, I tell you.


    What’s in this red bag?


    Beautiful bottles from Shiseido! I didn’t even know Shiseido made polish! I can’t wait to try them both.


    I reached into the bag and found this little envelope.


    The card inside is so pretty. I can get hypnotized by it.


    Miss Bun writes the sweetest notes. <3


    Miss Bun knows I love paper and I love that she sent me this.


    It reminds me of my own favorite magazine in grade school, “Pambata.”


    Miss Bun, I wanna know what these mean:



    Oh yes, you really don’t have to explain.


    So adorable. Love.


    I couldn’t wait to find out what this was.


    And when I saw these, I laughed. Miss Bun has a knack for finding the best things. Tip Top Polishers? That’s what we are.


    And then the rain of polish began.


    Gosh Miss Minty. So beautiful.


    This little package made me squeal.


    Yes, Miss Bun and I have Bieber fever. And yes, we’re both watching his concert – she’ll watch in Hong Kong, I’ll watch in Manila. And we’re both going to scream.


    Sigh, Miss Bun. You have the power to make me feel like a giggly 14-year-old.


    And Miss Bun wasn’t done yet.


    Such a beautiful blue. She knows how crazy I am about blue polish.


    You’re right, Miss Bun. There is no more room in my Helmer. But I will make room for these. And you know what I’m going to do? When I get my new Helmer (yes, I think I need a new one), I’m going to create a special Miss Bun drawer to hold all the pretties you’ve given me.


    Holy hell. PRETTY. PRETTY. PRETTY. I can’t decide which one to wear first. Miss Bun is a mind reader. If I had a lineup of Gosh bottles in front of me, I would have picked these out too. Amazing.


    And the magic wasn’t over yet. I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve, drowning in gifts.


    Orly Royal Velvet. I had to stop and just gawk at this bottle. Holy crap. I can’t wait to see it on my nails.


    Forget what I said about Christmas. Make that Christmas AND Birthday.


    AAAAAAGH. Beautiful. These were on my wish list for months. I didn’t even know when I’d get the chance to buy them because it’s hard to find bottles of China Glaze here. And now they’re here…



    I pulled out a bigger envelope out of the bag. Miss Bun had written a sweet poem on it. What could this be?


    And when I opened it, I gasped. And I swear, I almost cried. Because remember this?


    How many people in the world would willingly and gladly undress their bottle of precious Chanel and give you the box just to make you happy? Thank you, Miss Bun. You are amazing. I haven’t put Khaki Brun in the box yet. I want to take a video of that moment so I could show it to you.

    And as if I wasn’t already overwhelmed, the magic continues.

    Remember Chanel Jade? Yes, the one I played with and finally returned to Miss Bun?


    She sent it back. She refused to accept it.


    Yes, Chanel Jade is here again. And yes, we will tango again. But one day, she will go home and be with Miss Bun again. Yes, Miss Bun, the Chanel Jade saga isn’t over. This has really become the sisterhood of the traveling polish.

    Thank you, Miss Bun. This package means so much to me. And it’s not just because of the wonderful goodies you’ve given me – it’s knowing how carefully you selected each precious bottle you put in the bag, each wonderful surprise, the love and care and thoughtfulness that went into preparing such a beautiful package.

    Mission accomplished. In fact, you kicked this mission’s ass.

  2. CONFESSION: The tragic tale of my Chanel Khaki Brun box :(

    February 27, 2011 by pam

    Remember that wonderful day when I did my camo mani?


    Something awful happened that day, something I wasn’t ready to blog about… until today.

    You see, I did that camo mani while I was at Jill’s shop.

    I brought everything I needed with me – my polish remover, my Orly Bonder, my Seche Vite, my Orly Spritz Dry, my beautiful bottles of Khaki Brun, Khaki Rose and Khaki Vert.

    But I made two mistakes.

    One, I packed my polish remover and polishes together.

    Two, I brought the polish boxes. I really should have just brought the bottles.

    Because a horrible thing happened. On the way to Jill’s shop, my remover spilled in my bag.

    I thought things were fine, that my bag just got a little wet but I was wrong.

    Because when I saw my Khaki Brun box, it looked like this.


    Are you ready?


    My heart sank when I saw it. I thought I could save it but my attempt just made it worse.


    I swear, I thought I was going to cry. My heart still hurts when I look at this picture.

    I can’t believe the box used to look like this.


    Most people will think I’m overreacting. My friends do. They find the whole “crying over a box” thing funny.

    But I really treasure my polishes. And I always try to keep them in the pretty boxes they came in. My Chanels, my RBLs, my MACs, my Diors, my Lippmanns – if they came in a box when I bought them or when they were given to me, they are still in their boxes now.

    But not Khaki Brun.

    Because the remover melted the box and after it dried, it sealed shut. I can’t even open it now.

    And I feel bad because Khaki Brun’s sisters – Khaki Vert and Khaki Rose – are safe in their boxes. And now Khaki Brun is naked.


    Goomba from Super Mario Bros. tried to help.


    So did the adorable fur balls the awesome Miss Bun sent with my birthday surprise.


    And so did this tiny duck and this tiny sheep.


    They are awesome but they’re not the ideal box substitute.


    So for now, my beloved Khaki Brun will stay naked.

    Think of this as a cautionary tale. Keep your precious polish boxes away from your polish remover.