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  1. POLICE FILES: Chanel, Dior, RBL, Illamasqua, my blog sale and other nail polish news

    March 13, 2012 by pam


    I still haven’t taken the Chanel Attraction-Tentation-Distraction plunge (I’m on the edge though, trust me) and now there are even more Chanel shades to go crazy for. Chanel Holiday, Delight and Island for Summer 2012. I definitely want Holiday and Delight. I’m still unsure about Island. You can see swatches of Island here.


    Then there’s Chanel Frenzy, which is set to come out for Fall. Oh good lord I want this one.

    chanel frenzyFantastic photo by Vincent Lappartient

    This polish will be released with another shade called Vertigo. You can see it in’s backstage interview with Peter Philips which was posted by Cafe Makeup. Keep your eyes open because they only appear for a few seconds – and check out the Lotus Rouge-looking red shade that you’ll see on the right part of the screen. I’m not sure if that’s a new shade too.

    Two (maybe three) more polishes to add to the list of Chanels I’m waiting to be released. Diwali, Skyline, Holiday, Delight, Frenzy, Vertigo. Hurry up, please.


    Dior. Dior Dior Dior.

    I’m still waiting for the trio of violets and I am dying to get my hands on Lucky, Riviera and Plaza and now there are more Diors to covet.

    Yes, they are releasing Saint Tropez again. It will come out with the Summer Collection. And, good news for people who already own Saint Tropez, it will be released with Bikini, another covetable shade.

    I thought it was crazy when YSL released crackle shades late in the game. But apparently, it can get crazier. Because there’s another player who wants to join the crackle fun.

    Believe it or not, I mean Dior.

    When Polish Police reader April sent me a link about this on Twitter, my first reaction was, “If Dior releases crackle, I’m going to cry.”

    Yes, it looks like Dior will be releasing crackle sets to create the crocodile look.


    And although at this point I am really over crackle, and although I was able to resist the YSL ones, I really think I’m going to have to pick this up. I’ve become a slave to Dior.


    The much-awaited RBL Fan Collection was finally unveiled a few days ago with the help of four bloggers – Kellie Gonzo, Rie of Nails and Noms, Scrangie and All Lacquered Up. Go click click click and check out the swatches. I love all four shades and will be ordering them as soon as they’re available. Congratulations to the RBL fans whose dream colors became a reality (hey hey KayDi Kat!) and to Ji who made it possible.


    I am loving Human Fundamentalism, Illamasqua’s newest collection and campaign. I love that the brand encourages individuality, creativity, self-expression and non-conformity. Illamasqua Creative Director Alex Box said, “You are your own human hybrid, a unique nomad of street cultures and global trends.”

    I love that.

    And as someone with purple-pink hair and crazy eyebrows, I embrace that.

    I love the images from the collection – they are colorful and captivating.





    I also love the two nail varnish shades released with the collection – Nomad (bright jade) and Stance (bright mauve).

    And here’s the cool thing – Illamasqua has launched Illamasqua Socialise, an interactive website where you can meet and talk to members of the Illamasqua team and other Illamasqua fans, post swatches and reviews, explore how-tos, watch videos and more.

    Illamsaqua also has some special offers available. There’s the Nails Gift Set – choose any nail varnish you want (yes, including Nomad or Stance) and you can get it with a base coat and a top coat for just £30.00. And the Lips Gift Set which allows you to choose a lipstick and a sheer lipgloss for £25.00.

    The Human Fundamentalism Collection is now ready for pre-order and will be available on March 15.


    I know I know, I’m late to the fall glitter party but you can’t blame me – it just arrived in the Philippines a few weeks ago. I’ve been having so much fun with the glitter but I can’t show you yet.

    Why not? Because last week, I decided to cut my nails super short again. Like I said before, I know they’re not great for swatching but I really love having super short nails. I figured I had enough swatches ready for posting until they grow again.

    When I cut my nails, I decided to do an insane mani – two coats of Deborah Lippmann It’s Raining Men and a lot of coats of Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? The result was insanely sparkly red nails that I just couldn’t stop looking at. You know how much I loved my mani? I wore it for five days! Five freaking days!

    And today, I decided to bring out Dior NY 57th and topped it with two coats of I Love The Nightlife. The result? Sparkly gunmetal gray nails. Love.

    Now I must pick up Shake Your Groove Thing so I can do a crazy sparkly gold mani.

    Here’s a quick pic of my thumb with my It’s Raining Men + Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? mani but it seriously doesn’t do it justice.


    The crazy thing about Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? is how it sparkles when your hand moves (even indoors!). It’s almost electric. And sadly, my photos couldn’t capture the magical sparkle. You have to see it. I loved it so much I put it in my Top Twelve. (Yes, I couldn’t stick to ten. Sorry.)

    I know we have more Deborah Lippmann coming our way soon (I am waiting for On The Beach and Mermaid’s Dream and anything else that will hit Rustan’s shelves).


    It’s time to admit it – my nail polish collection has grown out of control. I have more untrieds than colors I’ve already worn and I have brands I’ve never even touched. I made two decisions:

    1. I have decided that I need to streamline my collection. I don’t want to hold on to bottles forever if I know I will most likely never get around to wearing them. I want to find them good homes. So yes, I will be holding my first blog sale. I have my first batch of bottles ready for selling but I actually wanted to do one-finger swatches so you can see the actual color and not just the bottle color. But I haven’t gotten around to that yet. And because I nubbinized my nails, it might take a couple of weeks before I can start swatching. If you are excited to see which colors I will have for sale and don’t want to wait for me to swatch them, post a comment below or e-mail me so I can e-mail you the list. (I should tell you now that my favorite brands Chanel, Dior, RBL, NARS, Deborah Lippmann, etc. will not be on the list – I cannot cannot cannot bear to part with them). For now, my blog sale will only be available to people in the Philippines. Shipping polish internationally would mean crazy costs – I’m pretty sure you’ll end up spending more on shipping than on the polish and that’s just bananas.

    2. I will try to make a bigger dent in my pile of untrieds. And to achieve that, yesterday, I rearranged my new Helmer (the new one is white, the old one is red). My bottles are still organized by brand but this time, I separated the untrieds from the ones I’ve already worn. And swatching doesn’t count as wearing. If I haven’t worn it as a full manicure, it stays on my list of untrieds. I’m excited about the new way my bottles are stored – it will make choosing which polish to wear next a lot easier.