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  1. POLICE FILES: Dior, Chanel, Digital Traincase and more nail polish bullets

    February 19, 2012 by pam

    I’m back with more bullets, lots of them.

    • Remember the Dior Les Violets Hypnotiques Collection that was driving me insane with anticipation?


    Fashion Polish, one of my favorite polish blogs, has gorgeous swatches of this trio. The three colors are darker than I expected but I still want them. All of them. They are currently out in France but will be released in others parts of the world later this month.

    • I’m sure you know this by now – Chanel released the Roses Ultimes de Chanel Collection right around Valentine’s Day on their website. The set includes Attraction, Distraction, Tentation and Frisson.


    Reviews about the collection have been mixed – a lot of people have been complaining about Frisson being too sheer and Attraction being too streaky. You can check out swatches and bottle pics on TheBeautyLookBook, another one of my favorite blogs, here, here, here and here. More swatches can be found on other blogs like Queen of the Nail and Natural N Chic Makeup.

    You know I’d usually be first in line to grab new Chanels but strangely, I haven’t gone crazy trying to acquire these. I have a feeling though that the Chanel collector in me will prevail and still decide to get all four.

    The collection has started trickling into department store websites in the U.S. but there’s no word yet if Rustan’s will be bringing these shades in.

    • There’s a Chanel collection that will be making a comeback. Les Jeans De Chanel’s three awesome blues will be arriving at Chanel counters around the world in a couple of months – and yes, that includes Rustan’s.


    • Speaking of comebacks, keep your eyes peeled for the elusive Dior Saint Tropez. It will be making a return too. (I’m not sure if this color will be available in Rustan’s though.)


    Aloha has already made a comeback – in a normal clear Dior bottle and not the orange one it originally came in. And yes, it’s out in Rustan’s Makati now.


    • Speaking of Dior, it has released four new colors.


    Already available on the websites of U.S. department stores, this collection is set to be released in other parts of the world in April. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will reach Manila. Because yes, I want them all.

    • Deborah Lippmann’s Fall shades are set to arrive in Rustan’s this month. The Spring 2012 shades will arrive in April. I can’t wait.

    • I have good news for nail polish fans in the Philippines who missed out on Deborah Lippmann’s Edge of Glory Set for Lady Gaga’s Barneys Workshop.


    Digital Traincase has stocks of the set arriving in April. They’re very limited so if you want one, it would be a good idea to make a reservation now.




    I love this set so much. I promise – it will be worth the wait.

    Digital Traincase is currently taking pre-orders for a number of different collections including China Glaze’s Hunger Games, OPI’s Nicki Minaj Collection, China Glaze’s Electropop Collection, OPI’s Holland Collection. They have created a Multiply site specifically for pre-orders. Visit it here.

    Also, great news. Digital Traincase will soon have stocks available inside the shop Circles En Dots at Rockwell Powerplant’s Hip Culture section on the second floor. Soon you can just walk in and purchase the brands they carry including NYX (and their bestselling lip creams which I love too), a-england (The Legend is now available), Misa, Essie, OPI, Barry M, Depend and more. Speaking of Depend, here are some swatches of their crackle collection which I did last year but haven’t had the chance to post yet. Depend is a Swedish brand that Sol has brought in. I like that it’s affordable and that the bottles are tiny – you can buy a lot of colors without feeling guilty.


    Depend Pink Cracked Effect over RBL Pizzicato.


    Depend Mint Green Cracked Effect over RBL Poco A Poco.


    Depend Brown Cracked Effect over RBL Piu Mosso.


    Depend Orange Cracked Effect over RBL Fortissimo.


    Depend Black Cracked Effect over Deborah Lippmann Girls Just Want To Have Fun. This one’s pretty unusual – the black isn’t a creme, it’s more of a textured graphite color.


    Blue Cracked Effect over Deborah Lippmann Lara’s Theme.


    Black Cracked Effect over Deborah Lippmann Call Me Irresponsible.


    And my favorite, Red Cracked Effect over Deborah Lippmann I Know What Boys Like. This combination makes me think of Superman.


    Digital Traincase also has non-crackle shades of Depend available.

    You can also purchase polish and other cosmetics from Digital Traincase at this year’s Cosmetologie at the SMX Convention Center on February 21 and 22, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and at the Supersale at the World Trade Center from March 2 to 4.

    • In Polish Police news, I’ve received inquiries about ads lately and I’ve been seriously considering them. I’ve always taken pride in keeping this website free of ads but given the amount of time and energy (and yes, money), I spend on the site, I can’t deny that it would be nice to earn a little back. My friends actually think I’m nuts for running the site for three years now without accepting ads. If I do take the complete plunge, let me promise you now that it won’t be a bad thing. No ugly ads, nothing that would ruin your reading and viewing experience and I promise that they won’t affect my reviews and change the way I feel about crappy products. I will not be a slave to advertisers. Polish Police will always be the Polish Police you know. And think of it this way – more cash will mean more polish for swatching. Right?

    • I did something awesome earlier this week. I finally assembled my new Helmer. It’s white, unlike my old one which is red, and I love it. I also love that I put the whole thing together myself (although Jill did help with a couple of screws – those screws drove me crazy!). I had a blast moving stuff from the old Helmer to the new and I ended up taking fun stash pics which I posted on Instagram (I’m obsessed with Instagram. If you’re on Instagram, find me – pajammy).


    • I’ve been trying to make a dent in my long list of untrieds. Just the past week, I was able to wear MAC Imperial Flower and Dior Dahlia Rouge. I’m wearing Chanel June now. It’s my goal to be able to wear every single Chanel and Dior in my collection before June. I will make it happen.

  2. POLICE FILES: Friday surprise from Sol and Digital Traincase

    November 19, 2011 by pam

    Sol was the very first person I met through this blog and I am happy she ended up becoming my real life friend. We went to a Sally Hansen event together and started talking like crazy. From that moment on, our friendship was cemented.

    Back then, things were kicking off for her online store Digital Traincase and over the next months I got to witness her business grow. I love seeing how successful she’s become. Her loyal customers have multiplied, she’s bringing in more and more brands, she’s a regular at the country’s biggest bazaars and she now has a brick and mortar store where you can drool at all the cosmetics on display. (I should know, Tatin and I spent a fun night there playing with makeup).

    Digital Traincase is one of my favorite shops and Digital Traincase hauling has become part of the Polish Police life.

    Which leads us to Friday afternoon.

    I knew a package was arriving from Sol. Earlier this year, she facilitated a massive Rescue Beauty group order and we also did a sweet little Nordstrom haul. She had posted on Facebook days before that our babies had arrived.

    I also ordered a few Models Own shades which her awesome shop has started selling and a few bottles from Depend, another new brand she now carries.

    So yes, I was expecting a package. But I wasn’t expecting a big package. I wasn’t expecting a bigger package attached to a smaller package, a crazy nail mail hybrid that had me hyperventilating.

    I tore into the smaller package.

    Well hello, Models Own.


    Raspberry Crush, Utopia and Champagne. These are my first bottles of Models Own. I was surprised by how big the bottles were. Models Own is a cruelty-free cosmetics brand from the UK. They don’t test on animals and offer a wide range of colors that are craaaazy.

    And there were the bottles of Depend.


    That’s when the surprises started. There were four bottles, I only ordered three.

    And it wasn’t just one extra bottle.


    There were a lot of extra bottles. Really pretty bottles.

    Depend is a brand from Sweden. Digital Traincase has a lot of colors in stock. I’m not kidding when I say A LOT. Check out this pic she posted while she was at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar in Rockwell. (She’ll be there tomorrow too – check it out!)


    And the awesome thing is the bottles are so adorably tiny that you won’t feel bad about stocking up on a lot of shades. And they’re just P200 each!

    Now I knew my Rescue Beauty order and Lippmanns were in the bigger package. But those were just eight bottles. This pretty box seemed too big.


    It was too big because it was packed with goodies.


    Holy crap.


    I was so happy to see that package of Poshe. Because here’s the thing – I’ve been having problems with my bottles of Seche Vite. I have several bottles that I’ve been using and they’re all freaking gloopy. I thinned one bottle with Restore and I feel like I thinned it too much because now it makes every single polish I wear really chippy. Nothing has been lasting on me more than two days – even shades and brands that normally wear like iron.

    I don’t think I’ve told anyone about my Seche Vite problems except Jill and Tatin. How did Sol know I needed a good top coat? Can she read my mind?

    And the best part is I’ve been wanting to try Poshe. I’ve heard such great things about it, I’ve heard some people love it as much or even more than Seche Vite. I can’t wait to try it.

    Then there was the bottle of Rainbow Connection from OPI’s Muppets Collection.


    This crazy glitter explosion was the bottle that jumped out at me when I was looking at promo pics and now, thanks to Sol, I don’t have to run around looking for it. And you don’t have to either. I hear Digital Traincase will have more stocks of the Muppets Collection coming soon.

    Then I zoomed in on the Illamasqua box. Insanity is insanity. I cannot wait to wear this bright orange.


    Sol is my Illamasqua fairy. She also gifted me with Illamasqua Raindrops recently and I love it so much.

    I was also really happy to see my new Lippmanns.


    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Lara’s Theme, I Know What Boys Like and Call Me Irresponsible. They’re so pretty – like candy for my nails.

    And finally, my perfectly packaged Rescue Beauty order.


    I swear, I wasn’t breathing as I opened this.


    And when I saw the boxes, I started giggling like a little school girl.


    I had asked my rock star Ji to autograph my order and what she wrote cracked me up and made me giddy.


    The gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous Firebird collection.


    Shimmer, sparkle and sexiness. Love.


    Check out that fiery flash on Piu Mosso.


    Pizzicato and Fortissimo.


    Poco a Poco and Piu Mosso.


    I’m biased, I love all the Ps in these polish names.

    Thank you, Sol. I can’t wait to swatch and wear all these shades. Thank you for the solid polish fix and for making it feel like Christmas five weeks early.

    Check out Digital Traincase and get your own polish fix. Like Digital Traincase on Facebook. Follow Digital Traincase on Twitter. You can check out the Models Own shades Sol has available here. You can order Depend through this link too. Visit Digital Traincase at Eton Corinthian Cyberpod, across Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas.