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  1. MUG SHOT: Chanel Spring 2013 – Emprise, Fracas and Accessoire

    February 21, 2013 by pam

    Before we proceed with the swatches, here’s a quick Polish Police update: I’ve started using a new camera and because the new camera’s lens is much bigger than my previous one, it isn’t compatible with the ring light I’ve been using for years. And that means I need to figure out a new lighting setup. I consider this a blessing since I wans’t 100% happy with the ring light anyway. I will keep swatching as I figure things out. That’s the only way to ride out this transition – with pretty painted nails.

    And speaking of pretty painted nails. Chanel’s Spring 2013 is out at counters and stores now, including Rustan’s, my beloved polish mecca. Chanel’s Printemps Precieux collection includes three new nail polish shades.





    Am I one of the many Chanel fans who have been dreaming of more unusual releases? Yes. But did I end up loving these three colors anyway? Hell yes.

    I will admit that out of the three, I thought I was going to like Emprise the least. Longtime readers of Polish Police know that I rarely wear nude shades but holy crap, Emprise is pretty.


    Seriously pretty.


    Emprise is a rosy beige.


    In the bottle you see very subtle shimmer but it doesn’t translate on the nails.


    No problems with the formula, it was nice and creamy.


    I used three coats.


    Fracas is a bright pink.


    It’s a nice happy color that will be perfect for the upcoming beach months.


    I really like it.


    Like Emprise, Fracas has subtle shimmer that you can see in the bottle.


    Lovely formula.


    Application was problem-free.


    I used two coats.


    And finally, Accessoire.


    Accessoire is a deep red brown.


    Super dark, super vampy, super sexy.


    My photos don’t show just how dark this shade is. It’s even darker in real life.


    Chanel does release a lot of vampy shades but how I can I blame them? They do it so well.


    Accessoire has instantly added itself to my list of vampy favorites.


    In fact, I love it so much I’m still wearing it now.


    Formula was fantastic too.


    It applied like a dream.


    I used two coats.


    Chanel’s Spring 2013 Collection is now available at Rustan’s The Beauty Source.

  2. POLICE FILES: A huge dose of Chanel love from my nail polish fairy

    April 28, 2012 by pam

    This is a fairy tale, Polish Police-style.

    You know that one of my biggest regrets about not getting hooked on polish earlier is missing out on some great Chanel releases.

    But I have awesome friends who have been helping fill the voids in my collection. The awesome Miss Bun has surprised me with bottles I never thought I’d find. Thanks to her, I have beauties like Or de Russie and Haute Chocolat sitting happily in my Helmer. Petah My Beloved Polish Elf has also been helping me in my Chanel quest, tracking down newer limited edition bottles (hello Gold Fingers!) and keeping my older Ebay finds safe until they could reach me.

    My Chanel wish list is still a mile long and no matter how hard I try, some older shades just remain elusive.

    Then a couple of weeks ago, my nail polish fairy magically appeared.

    My nail polish fairy, who will remain unnamed, said she would try to help me find Chanel colors I’m still missing. I have a long list, I told her. She didn’t seem fazed.

    My nail polish fairy worked her magic and one day, I arrived home in the middle of the night to find this waiting for me.


    It was three a.m., I had three tequila shots and two glasses of rum-spiked iced tea running through my veins, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.


    Inside the bag was a big Chanel box.


    And the big Chanel box was heavy.


    My head was buzzing and I started talking to myself.


    Am I hallucinating? I haven’t had tequila in a while. Does tequila make you see things? Is this beautiful box really in front of me?


    Yes, it really was.


    I opened it.


    And my jaw dropped.


    There were so many Chanels in the box.


    Seventeen beautiful bottles and pretty colors. It was overwhelming.


    It was a mix of gorgeous classics, shades I’ve been lemming forever and colors I didn’t even know existed.


    It was incredible. I swear, I woke up the next day thinking it was just a dream. But no, the box was still there. And all the pretty bottles were nestled inside.


    I love every single one of them and one shade just took my breath away.


    Kaleidoscope. I never thought I’d find my own bottle of this beauty. But thanks to my polish fairy’s magic, my Kaleidoscope found its way home.


    I immediately wore Kaleidoscope the next day. I love it so much. I love it so much I want to wear it again but I’m trying to resist – I’m scared I’ll use it up too fast.


    Thank you so much, nail polish fairy. Thank you for the magic and the incredible dose of Chanel love.

    I’m still swooning.