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  1. POLICE FILES: The curious case of the Chanel Khakis

    September 18, 2010 by pam

    Or how Chanel almost made me cry.

    Or the night I realized how big a nail polish addict I am.

    Or the night I considered carting myself off for therapy.

    But let’s start at the beginning.

    When I interviewed Sophy Robson in July, she hinted at a fabulous A/W collection from Chanel.


    In August, I spotted bottle pictures that supposedly appeared in magazines in Russia and I wanted them. Yes, all three of them.

    And then Sophy posted very early swatches on her blog. And I still wanted them.

    And then I found out that they were made for Vogue’s Fashion Night Out event which was to be held on September 10. And of course, I still wanted them.

    So when Alvin, a friend who recently moved to New York, offered to get bottles for me, I said yes. And why not? I wasn’t sure they would be sold elsewhere.

    Soon, I found out that Chanel’s Les Khakis Collection was going to be available on, in Chanel boutiques and selected department stores.

    But I was no longer panicking. Because Alvin was going to get me my bottles.

    In fact, he called the Soho store early so he can reserve bottles for me. The guy who spoke to him said it was better for him to have it shipped because they can’t hold reservations during FNO. The Chanel guy told Alvin he will receive the polishes on September 13 – three days after FNO.

    Awesome, I thought. Woohoo!

    And then we found out James was going to be in New York from September 11 to 18.

    Even more awesome, I thought. James can bring home my Khakis. Woohoo!

    I showered Alvin and James with thank yous and love for being so awesome and helping feed my crazy addiction.

    On the day of FNO, I was amazed by the photos of the queue outside Chanel’s Soho store that Alvin took. And I took comfort in knowing my bottles were secure.

    Later that day, when crashed from the traffic of all the people trying to order the Khakis, I started panicking like a lot of other ladies on MUA. And then I kicked myself for panicking, because my bottles were secure.

    I drooled over many swatches of the Khakis and I thought, soon these babies will be on my nails. Because my bottles were secure.

    My bottles were secure and I was so freaking excited.

    Alvin and James made plans to meet on September 15. But on September 15, the Khakis still had not arrived.

    So Alvin and James moved their schedule to Friday instead. Because surely, the Khakis would have arrived by then. In fact, someone from Chanel called Alvin to tell him the Khakis will arrive at 2 p.m.

    Friday came – still no sign of the Khakis. Why? Because Chanel sent them to the wrong address.

    Yes, Chanel sent them to the wrong address.

    The package had been delayed and because James was leaving early on Saturday morning, he wouldn’t be able to bring home the package for me. Which is sad because unlike the last time he was in New York, I didn’t give him a list of polishes I wanted him to buy. All I wanted were the Khakis.

    Alvin sent us a quick e-mail and I knew he felt bad about the delay. I told him, no problem, I can wait.

    Then, one second later, I thought, why wait?

    Maybe James can just buy another set for me.

    This was 5 in the morning in Manila and you know what I did? I started calling Chanel stores and counters in New York. And I started live chatting with different stores. At the same time. Seriously. At 5 in the morning.

    I live chatted with Nordstrom and Saks. I called Spring Street, I called East 57th, I called Saks, and because the girl who answered at the East 57th boutique said Bloomingdale’s had it, I called Bloomingdale’s too.

    They all had the same answer: SOLD OUT. SOLD OUT. SOLD OUT. SOLD OUT.

    They were awfully nice – even apologetic – but they had no bottles left to sell to me.

    At about 6 in the morning, I finally tried to quiet my mind by reading Eat Pray Love so I could fall asleep. And I should feel ashamed about freaking out so much over three bottles of polish while there are women out there who only want one thing – to find God by meditating. But I feel no shame. The heart wants what it wants. And my heart wants those freaking khakis.

    Naturally, my dreams were filled of bottles of Khaki polish. In my dreams, James found bottles for me and I was filled with joy.

    But it was a different story when I woke up.

    James spent his last night in New York in the Lower West Side area and he checked three stores – Jeffrey, Macy’s and Bergdorf. They never had the bottles in Jeffery and Macy’s and the collection at Bergdorf was sold out on the day it arrived. “The ladies in Bergdorf said the only place to turn to is online,” James said.

    I love James for trying, I really do.

    There is another place to turn to though – and that is the Chanel counter in Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Tatin is going there in about six days. I’m hoping there will be bottles available when she goes. I tried calling minutes ago but no one picked up. I’ll try calling again later.

    Khaki Brun, Khaki Rose and dear Khaki Vert, why won’t you come home to me? Why must you break my heart?

    On the brighter side of things, I just won L.A. Sunset on Ebay for a very good price.

    The Ebay Loser is no more. Now I’m just the Crazy Unhappy Chanel Counter-Stalking Psycho.