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  1. UPDATED: Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Je T’aime! Je T’aime! Collection (Swatches and Comparisons)

    April 25, 2015 by pam

    When I found out that Rescue Beauty Lounge founder had started living in Paris part-time and when I realized how enamored she was with the city, I knew it was only a matter of time before we saw a Paris-inspired RBL collection.

    And it’s finally here (66.6% here anyway—there are two colors that will soon follow).

    RBL’s Je t’aime! Je t’aime! collection celebrates Ji’s love affair with Parisian farmer’s markets. (Click on the link to read about her inspiration.)





    I know this is super late, I was traveling for work and then I had to let my nails recover. Forgive the nubbins, travel always wreaks havoc on my nails, I arrived home with half of them broken! (Must be all the suitcase-lifting.) But when I finally had the chance to sit down and play with these colors, I had so much that I was inspired to dig up photos of my first Paris experience which I chronicled with multiple film cameras.


    I was thrilled to find photographs in my archives that reminded me of each shade.


    Ji says: “Have a good day is how we should all take leave of anyone—this is a happy rose pink with blue undertones and a hint of copper. The shimmery satin finish will put a smile on your face and spread happiness because it works with all sorts of skin colors. This formula just glides on. Pink has never been this good.”






    Bonne Journee is a metallic pink with a hint of copper. The finish reminded me of Elvis In The Cloud from RBL’s Refinery 29 collaboration. This pink has an old-school glam that brings me back to the days of wistfully watching the ladies in my house get their nails done. I used three coats.

    I don’t have comparison swatches for Bonne Journee because trust me, there’s nothing like it in the RBL rainbow. But I did bring out Lotus Elise, Candice’s dream color from RBL’s Fan Collection 2.0 and was pleasantly surprised by how well these two shades play together.

    I used one coat of Lotus Elise over Bonne Journee to create this crazy hot pink mani.



    I love it.

    AH, OUI

    Ji says: ““Ah, yes?!” Just keep saying this if you don’t understand a thing anyone is saying—I’ve fooled so many peeps saying this while exhaling, “Pfttt!” This color epitomizes Parisian chic. It’s not blue, not purple, not gray; just picture a perfect, cloudless Parisian powdery periwinkle sky. This polish is a glasslike periwinkle cream-jelly (I’ve only a few to go to complete my rainbow of crème jellies), transparent in one coat with an exceptionally smooth application; you can even add another coat on the tips of your nails for an easy gradient effect.“








    Ah, Oui, my absolute favorite from this collection. One look at it and I went, “Periwinkle! That’s the shade that’s been missing from my RBL library!” It’s like blue and purple made the perfect baby. I’m in love. You need this times ten. Application was super duper easy. I love RBL’s cream-jelly hybrid formulation. This color cements my desire to have RBL crellies in every imaginable color possible.

    I brought out a bunch of blue RBLs to compare. As you can see, no dupes here, not even close.




    Ji says: “This color is a rivalry between gunmetal and green, for sometimes it appears to be a dark gray with blue undertones and in another moment, you will see a green with micro shimmers of pink, blue, and gold. If you are ever asked, “Avec Ça?” You should answer with a resounding, “That’s all!”






    I love it when Ji’s killer mixing abilities produces a color that leaves me utterly confused. C’est Tout is one of these shades. Is it green? Is it gray? Is it silver? Is it sage? Is it gunmetal? Is it all of the above? I don’t know. All I know is that it’s a sexy metallic shade that I like seeing on my nails. I used two coats.

    I compared it with a bunch of metallic and silvery and greenish RBLs. No dupes either.




    Ji says: “This phrase somehow sounds more chic than “excuse me” when you’re bumping into people in the market. This color is a satin finish of an exceptional indigo, blue overcast with iris purple. Flashes of a beautifully generous shimmer gleams with stunning sparkles.”







    Pardonne Moi is a beautiful metallic blue that’s super easy to apply. I can’t wait to wear this as a pedi too. I used three coats.

    One look at Pardonne Moi and I thought, “Cuprum! Monologu!” I needed to see how these shades compared. I brought them out and was pleased to see that they’re all very different. I compared other blues too and as you can see, there are no dupes here. Cuprum is brighter and has a coppery sparkle, Monologue is darker and more of a shimmer than a metallic polish and Catherine H. is more a creme.



    I also brought out Melanzane from RBL’s Italian Summer collection because I thought Pardonne Moi and this glitter party would go well nicely. I was right.



    The last two colors from Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Je T’aime! Je T’aime! Collection have landed.


    Ji says: Possibly the most important French word to ask when you shop—it means: “How Much?!” Elegant and neutral, this beige gold with a slight rose cast is not too shy to ask how much. This color is jammed-packed with sugary shimmer, but dries down to a matte for a tasteful bling-ness. Add a swipe of topcoat to amp up the bling factor. Ani 2.0 anyone?


    Combien? is a sparkly beige-gold that can be worn matte or glossy. Application was easy. I used three coats.






    I brought out Ani and a few sparkly RBLs to compare.

    Obviously, no dupes here. Ani isn’t as sparkly, is more of a cream and is more of a beige than a gold while Scrangie 2.0 and Ghost are both a lot darker than Combien?.



    Ji says: “This was the first French phrase I strung together. Like the inside of red onions, this color is a cross between magenta and a toned-down fuchsia that dries to a chic matte. This application is so easy that you might want to try all of our other crème jellies. For ultra shine, use our legendary topcoat.”


    Whenever I ask Jill to help me choose a polish color, she tries to stump me by saying, “Magenta.” She knows that despite having two Helmers packed with bottles, I don’t have a perfect magenta polish. And this is why I love Trois Oignons Rouges. It’s the magenta that completes not just my RBL library but my nail polish library. It’s a creme-jelly hybrid with a lot more jelly, making it great for gradient manicures. You can even see a bit of a gradient going on in my swatches. It was easy to apply, it flowed like a dream. I used three coats.

    Forgive the multiple photos, I just like this color too much.










    Because Trois Oignons Rouges is the lone magenta in my collection, I brought out some RBL purples to compare. These pretty colors look awesome when worn together, I think I might just turn this into a full purple/magenta skittles mani.


    Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Je T’aime! Je T’aime! collection will be exclusively available at starting April 28. Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are created with resin and high molecular polymers to improve flexibility, durability, and high shine. They contain no harmful Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, and Formaldehyde Resin. They do not test on animals.

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  2. You’re invited! A date with Rustan’s and OPI’s Fifty Shades of Grey collection

    January 22, 2015 by pam

    On Saturday, Rustan’s will unveil OPI’s latest movie collaboration: the Fifty Shades of Grey collection.


    I’ve always been a fan of OPI’s film-inspired colors. The Pirates of the Caribbean, Shrek and Alice in Wonderland collections gave me some of my all-time favorite OPI shades.

    I’m excited about the Fifty Shades of Gray collection for two reasons.

    One: it includes three pretty grays. And if you’ve been reading Polish Police for a long time then you probably know that I’m obsessed with gray nail polish. I cannot get enough of it.


    And two: I will be at Rustan’s Shangri-La on Saturday from 4 to 6 p.m. for a fun polish-filled afternoon and you’re all invited. Let’s explore these sexy shades as I show you the many different nail looks you can create with this graytastic collection. Two hours of nail polish fun? Yes please!


    I hope to see you there. But for now, let me give you a quick preview of the colors that we will be playing with on Saturday.







    RSVP by sending an email to or contacting Keem Quevedo at 09175556984. Or just show up. Everyone’s welcome. I would love to see you there.