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  1. You’re invited! A date with Rustan’s and OPI’s Fifty Shades of Grey collection

    January 22, 2015 by pam

    On Saturday, Rustan’s will unveil OPI’s latest movie collaboration: the Fifty Shades of Grey collection.


    I’ve always been a fan of OPI’s film-inspired colors. The Pirates of the Caribbean, Shrek and Alice in Wonderland collections gave me some of my all-time favorite OPI shades.

    I’m excited about the Fifty Shades of Gray collection for two reasons.

    One: it includes three pretty grays. And if you’ve been reading Polish Police for a long time then you probably know that I’m obsessed with gray nail polish. I cannot get enough of it.


    And two: I will be at Rustan’s Shangri-La on Saturday from 4 to 6 p.m. for a fun polish-filled afternoon and you’re all invited. Let’s explore these sexy shades as I show you the many different nail looks you can create with this graytastic collection. Two hours of nail polish fun? Yes please!


    I hope to see you there. But for now, let me give you a quick preview of the colors that we will be playing with on Saturday.







    RSVP by sending an email to or contacting Keem Quevedo at 09175556984. Or just show up. Everyone’s welcome. I would love to see you there.


  2. COOL COLLAB: R29 + RESCUE BEAUTY LOUNGE (swatches and comparisons)

    November 10, 2014 by pam

    I am a big fan of collaborations. Often, when two brands come together, magic happens. This is one of those moments.

    Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Ji Baek is no stranger to collaborations, having released two blogger collections and two fan collections in the past. (Fan Collection 3.0 is currently in the works!)

    This time, Ji worked with seven teams from the website Refinery29, which Ji calls her daily obsession, to create a collection of seven new nail polish shades that they christened R29 + Rescue Beauty Lounge. (Read what Ji and R29 have to say about the collaboration.)

    R29 + Rescue Beauty Lounge landed at Polish Police early and I had so much fun playing with all seven shades.


    Bubblegum Punk, the dream color of R29′s news team, is a shimmery silvery white polish with flashes of pink, blue, green and gold. It goes on sheer but can become opaque after several coats. Application is a breeze. I used three coats.

    Although this polish can be worn on its own, I prefer to use it as a glitzy top coat. One coat is enough to give your base polish a sparkly makeover. I swatched it over the three creams from this collection.

    Bubblegum Punk over All About Yves:

    Bubblegum Punk over Better Than Boyfriend Jeans:

    Bubblegum Punk over Sunny Skies:

    And because I thought it would also look great over a soft white, here is Bubblegum Punk over Bella.

    Love this polish. Love the name, love that I can use it with practically every cream (and jelly) polish I own.

    No need for comparisons here, there is nothing like Bubblegum Punk in the existing RBL library.


    One look at Better Than Boyfriend Jeans, R29′s shopping team’s dream color, and I knew I was going to fall in love with it. One, I am crazy about gray polish. Two, I am crazy about blue polish. Three, I am crazy about RBL’s creams. So yep, totally in love with this one. It’s such a beautiful light blue with a hint of gray. Application was of course easy-peasy. I used two coats.

    I knew instantly that I had to swatch Better Than Boyfriend Jeans with Concrete Jungle. I wanted to see how the two colors compared so I brought out the lightest gray in the RBL spectrum along with a few pale blues.

    Concrete Jungle is darker and is more gray than blue; Bikini Bottom is a lot lighter, has no hint of gray and is a jelly, not a cream; Reveillon is darker, has shimmer and has a hint of silver that Better Than Boyfriend Jeans does not have.


    Here’s another color that’s totally up my alley. Sunny Skies is a seafoam green that Ji created with R29′s wellness team. I’m obsessed with this color. It’s glossy and so so so pretty. In fact, I’m tempted to stop writing so I could put it on now. Great formula. One coat could have been enough but I went for two.

    There were a number of RBL colors that I wanted to compare with Sunny Skies. (I was especially curious to see how it would look next to Aqua Lily.)

    Aqua Lily, as expected, is the most similar RBL shade to Sunny Skies but they’re still not dupes. Aqua Lily is darker and a tad more blue and, unlike Sunny Skies, isn’t a pure cream and has pink shimmer. Motorini is darker and is more blue; 360 is darker and dustier, with a lot of gray; Faraway is more blue and doesn’t have Sunny Skies’ green tones.


    I know. Insane. Another color I love. One look at All About Yves and I wanted to wear it immediately. The dream color of R29′s fashion team, All About Yves is bold, bright, blue and it will go with anything. It’s a jelly-cream hybrid and it’s super glossy. I heart it. Forever. I used two coats.

    If you’ve been a longtime fan of RBL then I’m sure you know that there is only one color we need to compare with All About Yves: the now sold-out IKB: 2012 from the first Fan Collection.

    As you can see, All About Yves is brighter and slightly lighter than IKB: 2012. Love both shades (please don’t make me choose).


    RBL isn’t just famous for its killer creams, it’s also known for producing complex shimmery shades that look fabulous on the nails. Pretty Gritty is one of them. This dusty purple-mauve with gold shimmer is the dream color of R29′s beauty team. Love this shade too, I think it would look great with just about every skin tone. Lovely formula, easy application. I used two coats.

    Brused is a mauve plum and is a cream, not a shimmer; although it also has gold shimmer, Catherine is a lot darker; Will They Won’t They is a lot lighter and has iridescent flakes instead of a golden flash; Lucciole is a lot more shimmery than Pretty Gritty and doesn’t have its mauve undertones.


    Stare at this beauty because Ji said this copper polish was the hardest one to mix out of the seven colors in this collection (it set a record for most rounds of color mixing in RBL’s history). R29′s tech team gave her a real challenge and she worked meticulously on trying to turn their dream shade into reality. The result of her hard work is this metallic copper polish that reminds us of pennies—and now the phrase “a pretty penny” has taken on a whole new meaning. Like the rest of the shades in this collection, the formula was a breeze to work with. I used two coats.

    Elvis In The Cloud has no twin in my Helmer but I still thought I’d do a comparison so you can figure out where it fits in the RBL spectrum. Noisette is darker and is not metallic and Santa Fe is a shimmer that’s more orange.


    I was stunned when I first saw Galaxy Glue. And I was stunned again when I applied it. I had no words so I just wrote a big <3 in my swatching notes. And then I sent Ji this email:

    “Galaxy Glue is insaaaaaaaane.”

    Yes, with eight As. (And Galaxy Glue deserves every single one of them.)

    I still have no idea how I’m going to describe the dream color of team R29 in a way that will do it justice. It’s sage, it’s blue, it has a hint of gray, it’s metallic, it’s soft, it’s pretty, it’s bold. It’s a real beauty. I love love love it. I used two coats.

    I also took a photo with flash to show you how metallic the color can appear under certain lights.

    Galaxy Glue is a unique RBL shade. Here it is beside some greens—no dupes, obviously.

    So instead, I used Galaxy Glue as a top coat over the creams in this collection.

    Here it is over Better Than Boyfriend Jeans:

    And over All About Yves:

    And over Sunny Skies:

    That last combo is my favorite.

    R29 + Rescue Beauty Lounge is exclusively available at Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are created with resin and high molecular polymers to improve flexibility, durability, and high shine. They contain no harmful Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, and Formaldehyde Resin. They do not test on animals.

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