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  1. POLICE FILES: RBL wants to make your dream color

    July 23, 2014 by pam

    One of the things I love the most about Rescue Beauty Lounge is how collaborative its founder Ji is with nail bloggers and fans of the brand.

    In the past years, she has released two blogger collections and two fan collections, turning people’s dream colors into beautiful reality. I love these collections so much, they have given me some of my favorite RBL shades.

    I have great news for Rescue Beauty Lounge fans: Ji will soon be accepting submissions for Fan Collection 3.0.

    There are different ways to submit your dream color:

    1. Create a Pinterest board that includes images inspired by the color you want Ji to create for you.

    2. Make a collage.

    3. Put together a slideshow.

    Submit your entries (the link, the screenshot, the word document) to

    You have 48 hours to submit your dream color starting on Friday, July 25 12 noon EST until Sunday, July 27, 12 noon EST.

    14 finalists will be chosen and the six that will get the most number of votes will become part of RBL’s Fan Collection 3.0.

    Good luck!

    And to inspire you, here are photos of the gorgeous shades from RBL’s Fan Collection 2.0.


    This is Sarah’s super pretty Coquette.


    This is Naked Without Polish, the dream color of Becky, who runs the blog Naked Without Polish.


    One of my favorites – Jaime’s Fire Queen.


    This is the icy goodness of Cara‘s Réveillon.


    This is Mindy ’s Lucciole, a real beauty.


    This is Lotus Elise, Candice’s beautiful bold pink jelly.


    For more details, visit Ji’s blog.

    Follow Rescue Beauty on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@rescuebeauty).

  2. POLICE FILES: Deborah Lippmann at the Oscars

    March 3, 2014 by pam

    Today, I got up earlier than usual to watch the Oscars telecast (yep, in my part of the world, the Academy Awards happen just around breakfast). I’m excited to see if my picks would win (some of them already have – yay, Jared Leto and double yay, Frozen) and although I know it might not happen, I want to see if my sixth grade crush Leonardio DiCaprio will finally get his first Oscar.

    I was also excited to see the stars’ red carpet looks and to find out who turned to Deborah Lippmann to make sure their nails were photo-ready.

    I was happy to see an incredible addition to Deborah’s awesome awards season duo of Best Supporting Actress nominees Jennifer Lawrence and Lupita Nyong’o. I will always adore Jennifer but man oh man, Lupita has really been rocking the red carpet with her incredible fashion picks. The Oscars was no different – I love her gorgeous dress. This time, aside from Jennifer and Lupita, Deborah also worked on the nails of Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres. I love love love Ellen (so far my favorite parts of the Oscars were here epic selfie and pizza delivery) and I got a kick out of imagining Deborah prepping her nails for the show. That must have been really fun.

    During her acceptance speech (which was beautiful, by the way), Lupita had a great mani moment. Oh yes, La Vie En Rose looks great with an Oscar in your hand.

    Here are the details of three Oscar-worthy manis, in case you want to try them at home.


    The look: To complement Lupita’s gorgeous baby blue Prada gown, Deborah gave her pastel pink shimmer nails.



    The polish: Deborah Lippmann La Vie En Rose, $18,

    The steps:

    1. Apply a layer of Gel Lab Base Coat to make the polish last twice as long as traditional polish, without the harsh gel lights.


    2. Apply two coats of the pale pink shimmer La Vie En Rose, a new polish from Spring Reveries, Deborah’s Spring 2014 collection.


    3. Finish with a layer of Gel Lab Top Coat ($45 in set wtih Base Coat,



    The look: Deborah custom-created polish that would match Jennifer’s beautiful Dior gown by layering two of her classic shades.


    The polish:

    Deborah Lippmann Sarah Smile: the city’s sexiest sheer pink, $18,
    Deborah Lippmann Tiny Dancer: sweet spot pink sheer lacquer, $18,

    The steps:

    1. Apply a layer of Gel Lab Base Coat.


    2. Apply a single layer of Sarah Smile, a sexy, sheer pink.


    3. Apply one coat of the sweet sheer pink, Tiny Dancer.


    4. Finish with a layer of Gel Lab Top Coat.



    The look: For her hosting gig, Ellen rocked a super glittery mix of Va Va Voom and Shake Your Money Maker. Of course I’m kidding. Deborah gave Ellen a natural look.

    The steps:

    1. Deborah buffed Ellen’s nails, but not to a shine. She used Smooth Operator, a 4-way nail buffer ($12,, shaping Ellen’s nails with side 1 and 2.

    2. Finish by buffing the entire nail with side 3 for a casual, matte finish.