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    April 28, 2013 by pam

    Last week, I flew to LA for a quick work trip.

    It was a very very short trip – practically just one day on solid ground before flying home again. I knew I’d have very little time to shop but even before leaving Manila, I already knew what I wanted to buy: nail polish.

    I had a list in my head and I started my search at the airport. I still remember finding Dior Aloha there and it was such a magical moment. Sadly, this time, they didn’t have anything I wanted.

    I had a feeling I’d have better luck at the Hong Kong airport. But my flight to Hong Kong was delayed and that meant I had less time to spend going around the airport.

    After landing, I realized I had a bigger problem than the lack of time. Because it was around 11 in the evening, most of the stores were closed. I stopped by the ones that were open but there were no signs of the bottles I was looking for.

    I refused to give up, stopping by every open duty free store as I walked towards my boarding gate. I got lucky at the very last store I visited. I spotted Samba, one of the nail duo sets from Dior’s Bird of Paradise collection, on display.

    I was screaming so much in my head that I was amazed I was able to appear calm. “I’ll take it,” I said.

    I took a quick picture as I lined up to pay.


    The cashier opened the box to make sure the right colors were inside. “You must really like green huh? I like green too. My son likes green too.” Then she spotted my nails. I was wearing Deborah Lippmann’s Rockin’ Robin, which I got from Rustan’s.


    “I like that,” she said.

    “I think you can buy it at Lane Crawford,” I said.

    “It’s just one bottle?” (I think she was wondering if I had used a glitter top coat to add those black specks.)

    “Yes, it’s just one bottle.”

    I wanted to keep talking nails with her but I had to run. My flight was already boarding.

    I was so happy about my purchase that I wanted to open the box inside the plane to stare at the bottles. I resisted any urge to immediately paint my nails because remember what happened to the woman who did that? I love Dior but not enough to be locked up for ten hours.

    So I waited. I didn’t open the box until I was in my hotel room fourteen hours later.


    So worth the wait.

    It was midnight when I got to the hotel and room service had closed. I woke up crazy hungry the next morning and because I didn’t feel like shelling out $20 for a boring breakfast, I decided to walk to El Pollo Loco for some baja shrimp tacos.

    I realized with joy that there was a Sally Beauty Supply beside Pollo Loco – and it was already open!


    I walked in and stared at the rows and rows of pretty colors but ended up buying just one bottle of Seche Vite top coat.

    I spent the day working but I had a few hours to kill before dinner so I went to the mall. My first stop? Nordstrom.

    I went around the beauty counters and hit pay dirt in Dior. The other Bird of Paradise duo – Bahia – was there so I grabbed it.


    This really nice salesgirl led me to the Chanel counter my eyes widened when I saw these:


    “I’ll get these two,” I said, pointing to Azure and Bel-Argus.

    Then I spotted Taboo and I said, “I want that too.”


    I left the Chanel counter with Azure, Bel-Argus and Taboo. Don’t be sad for Lilis, I will definitely get a bottle of that too.


    I went around Bloomingdale’s but didn’t buy anything there. I walked down Third Street Promenade, checking out the shops. I was so happy to see Sephora and this is what greeted me when I walked in – NARS X Pierre Hardy Collection.


    I gawked at them for a long time but didn’t buy any… yet.

    I kept walking around Sephora. I noticed the display of Dior bottles and my pulse quickened when I spotted a lilac tester.

    OMG! Lilac Colorvision!

    Earlier this year, Dior came out with a Japan exclusive lilac polish called Frou Frou (It was released with a capsule collection for Isetan Shinjuku. There was also a pink polish called Rosalba). I thought it was pretty but didn’t know how I would get my hands on it.

    Luckily, Dior decided to release the same color as a Sephora exclusive. They changed the name to Lilac Colorvision. Yes, the name Frou Frou is cuter but that wasn’t going to stop me from buying Lilac Colorvision.

    The big question was – did they have stocks?

    I let my eyes wander over the row of Dior boxes and at the very end, I spotted one box of Lilac Colorvision. One last box. Naturally, I grabbed it.



    And that was it, I was done shopping. For now.

    I wanted to paint my nails with Azure and Bel-Argus for the flight home but I was so exhausted that I left my nails bare.

    I finally got to do my two-color mani when I returned to Manila and I am so in love with it. My friends love it too. This photo doesn’t do these two colors justice. They are just beautiful. You need them, you need them both. I promise to post proper swatches soon.


    My great shopping luck didn’t end after my plane landed.

    Went to Shang to watch a movie with friends and stopped by Rustan’s. Dior Nymphea was also high on my list but I didn’t see any signs of it in Hong Kong and the States. And because Rustan’s sold Glacier and Icy Dew last year, I had high hopes they would have it.

    “Do you have that new light blue Dior?” I asked the girls at the counter.

    “Yes,” they said.

    They went into the back and brought out the tester.

    They didn’t have stocks yet, they said, but they’d be arriving soon. Awesome. I left my number and asked them to text me as soon as it came in.

    They also let me take a picture of the tester.


    And more good news for polish fans in the Philippines – Chanel’s Avant-PremiĆ©re Collection, which includes eight fabulous Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks, six new shades of Rouge Coco Shine and four le vernis shades Cinema, Starlet, Paparazzi and Provocation (which was part of last year’s FNO – swatches HERE), is available at Rustan’s The Beauty Source now.

    And that’s not all – Chanel Lilis, Azure, Bel-Argus and Taboo will all be available in Rustan’s soon.

    As for me, my shopping adventure kicks off again in a few days.

  2. CONFESSION: POLISH HEARTBREAK (RIP, Lynnderella Connect the Dots)

    December 1, 2011 by pam

    (Warning: this post contains graphic images.)

    This post is not for the weak of heart.

    I really wish I didn’t have to write this post.

    But I have to. And I’m hoping writing this will ease the pain in my heart.

    Some months back, Linda, a very sweet polish lover from Canada, sent me a message about a possible swap. I said yes immediately and was so happy when she offered to get some Lynnderellas for me the next time she opened her shop.

    I wrote to her: “I’ve been dying to get my hands on Lynnderellas but didn’t know how!”

    Today, I finally got the package from Linda. Tatin’s friend Karen brought them home from the US and Tatin handed them to me at dinner. She sent me a lot of goodies (I promise you’ll see them all once I’ve taken proper pictures) and I was overwhelmed and overjoyed.

    I opened the package at dinner, removed the Lynnderellas from their bubble wrap and marveled at how pretty they were. Linda had gotten Cauldron Drippings, Gotta Love Brains and my favorite, Connect the Dots, for me. I told my friends about Lynnderella, how she’s a glitter goddess, how people have gone crazy over her, how hard it is to buy her shades because they sell out really fast.

    I was really excited about my new bottles. I wanted to swatch Connect the Dots immediately but I had just painted my nails and had glitter on the tips of my nails. I felt that Connect the Dots needed a blank glitter-free canvas so I decided to wait.

    We watched a movie, went out for crepes and went home. All my pretty bottles were safe in their bag.

    But when I got out of the car, the bag’s handle slipped from my fingers. It wasn’t a long drop and the bag landed upright so I thought nothing of it.

    I got ready for bed, grabbed my computer and sent Linda a super hyper thank you e-mail. Then I started poring over Lynnderella’s website and updating my Lynnderella wish list. I had just listed down “Happy Holo-Daze” and “One Nutty Fruitcake” when I reached for the bag of polish to get my pouch that was also in it.

    Weird, I thought, I smell polish.

    My heart started beating faster. Everything else was in slow motion. As I reached for the bag and started removing its contents, my brain was going, “No no no no no no, this isn’t happening, no no no no no.”

    Then I saw it. The pool of black and white. At the bottom of the bag.

    And “no no no” became “NO NO NO NO.”

    Because yes, my bottle of Connect the Dots had broken. My favorite. The bottle I was most excited about. And there was nothing left, nothing I could still save.






    Just looking at this hurts. I didn’t know what to do. I swear, I considered just dipping my nails in the pool of polish just so I could wear Connect the Dots even once. But it would be too messy.

    The bag is still here, right beside me. I couldn’t force myself to throw the bottle out yet, I’m not ready.

    All these “shouldn’t haves” and “could haves” keep running through my head.

    I shouldn’t have removed the bubble wrap. I could have waited until I got home. I could have gotten out of the car before picking up the bag. I shouldn’t have been so damn klutzy. I should have tried it on – even over the glitter. I could have been more careful.

    But it’s too late now.

    I feel really bad about it. And I’m surprised at how painful it is. I know some people would say, “It’s just polish, get a grip!” But I am seriously heartbroken. So heartbroken I actually cried.

    I’m sorry, Linda, for breaking your gift. I really didn’t want it to happen. I’m sorry, Lynnderella, I should have taken better care of your creation. I’m sorry, Connect the Dots, I didn’t even get to wear you.

    But I promise you – Connect the Dots will be mine one day, somehow, some way.

    Now I’m going to go to bed with tiny pieces of black and white glitter all over my fingers and hope I wake up feeling a little better.