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  1. Katrina Kinnas says:

    Hi! I really need to find Lynnderella colors! Can you help?

    Thank you,

  2. sue says:

    sky line has arrived in the USA as of August 31,2010 abd the fashion nightout color ar online at

  3. sue says:

    dior blaxing pink, I found it. If you have access or a friemd in the US. It is on the web site the price 21 and change

  4. sue says:

    The are two two other colrs alsp.

  5. judy stern says:

    I see you have Midnight Red by Chanal. I live in Boston, Mass. Can you tell me where I can buy it?


  6. Lisa says:

    Hey! What are your favorite edgy neutral nail polish colors? Like colors you can wear to work but are still unique and interesting. :)

  7. Dilynn says:

    Hi, I looked through your website. Very curious about your wanted page.
    What do mean by that? Are you meaning that you wants to get the items stated there?


  8. Alice Alar says:

    want to know if butter london has a distributor here in phillippines?

  9. Dario says:

    Welcome. Where can I buy your product “Snow Angel”??? THX

  10. Dario says:

    Welcome. Where can I buy your product “Snow Angel” in Poland

  11. Hi, we are a new Spa and Salon located in San Juan. I am Raquel Dolz Ventura, Operations Manager of Polished by Sam. I was able to browse your blog site and find it very perfect for you to check out our new Spa. Please do check us out on Facebook too. We would like to invite you to check out our new Spa and Salon. Please let me know how we will do this as we really love for you to see and experience the services we’re offering. Plus, with your writings, we would really love to hear feedback and remarks about us. Please call me for further details of my offer.

  12. I’m sorry I forgot to include our contact numbers. Here you go: 02.624.13.91 or 0917.301.05.88

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  13. Judee says:

    Hi, I’m interested in sparitual nail polish…. How do I contact cytherea’s office? :)

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