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Our Mission

To help protect and defend you from the most dangerous threats facing our nails (from bad nail polish to harsh polish removers, from reckless manicurists to crummy spas); to uphold lacquer law and to provide information to nail polish junkies and manicure addicts – especially those in the Philippines.

We also feature hot brands, beautiful shades, exciting colors and nail polish news.

Polish Police is run by Pam, a writer, newspaper editor, cupcake baker, ex-singer and nail polish addict.


  1. Cecilia Michel says:

    You have a very interesting blog, I never imagined to come across a Polish Police, but I am thankful I found it! Keep up the good work, and may I suggest to write about polishes that are a waste of our money?? I want to blast LA Colors…..that is the cheapest nail polish ever!!!! ugh… I know there are some more out there, and I think you would do an amazing job in finding out which ones are there :)

  2. Hi Pam,
    Your email came thru our PR line but I could not see your actual email address. You can add me as your contact for Art of Beauty (makers Zoya and Qtica).
    Erin Giddings

  3. Daniela Marques says:

    You should try Risqué nailpolish if you have a chance. They’re foolproof and fade with time, instead of chipping off.

  4. pilar says:

    Hi Pam! Read your interview in Metro Magazine (July 2010). It’s like delving into your world of nail polish. Galing! :)

    • pam says:

      hi pilar! oh cool! thanks for telling me! i didn’t know the story was out na! will buy a copy of metro tomorrow :D

  5. Lyka says:

    i totes love this blog. a breath of fresh air from all of the fashion blogs. yey for you! :)

  6. Therese says:

    Lady, you’re crazy. But I love that you’re crazy. I can never paint my own nails – friends would point out that my self-painted nails look hideous.
    I’m in love with fire engine red nails. Current favourite in that category is Sally Hansen’s Diamonds & Rubies. But I can’t paint to save my life. so, =\.

    P.S: I love green nail polish too. Actually, the skittles are fantastic looking too.

    • pam says:

      Hahaha! Yes I am crazy!

      I used to be bad at painting my nails but I swear, practice makes a huge difference! In just weeks, you will see a major change in your polish skillz. Lol, why do I sound like an infomercial?!

      Red used to be my number one shade. But green has just stolen my heart.

      And you’re right, skittles rock! :D

  7. Marvi says:

    Kudos to you for this blog! Honestly I didn’t know there were so many nail polish junkies, I thought I was alone and nobody understood (cue in emo music here). My family hates me everytime i change my nail color because they hate the smell! I only got to know about your blog when I read your article on nail polish in the PDI. Good job! (this is now my new favorite blog)

    • pam says:

      haha! you are not alone, not at all. and i totally get what you mean about the smell – i have to resort to swatching in the bathroom because i end up stinking up whole rooms!

      you have a support group right here.. nail polish junkies unite :)

  8. nikkitah says:

    hi pam.i read your article about nail polish in The Inquirer about 2weeks ago?not sure.I’ve just had my nail extensions attached a few days before that and your article got me craving to buy nail polish.So after my shift,I went straight to SM Makati’s department store and Landmark.I bought several nail polishes.hahaha…thanks to you I’m also now inspired to be a nail polish junkie and start loving my nails hahaha… BTW,would you know if the Sally Hansen nail grower is effective?I’ve got really really short finger nails and i wanna grow them a little bit more to normal size.any tips/tricks?I’d have to wear nail extensions too if I wanna wear nail polish :(

    • pam says:

      hi nikkitah!

      cool, sm makati and landmark are great places for polish shopping :) i think it’s great that you want to take care of your nails more..

      i’ve never tried nail extensions before. i haven’t tried sally hansen’s nail grower either.

      but trust me, as a former nail biter who has really short nail beds too, when it comes to your nails, a little love and care goes a long way. start getting your nails done regularly (or do them yourself if you know how. if you want to learn, try to pick up a copy of ji baek’s rescue your nails – i hope national bookstore gets more copies soon). moisturize your cuticles (my favorite is lemony flutter from lush), pamper your nails, keep them painted (a lot of girls agree that polish acts like a shield and protects their nails – i feel the same way). seeing how pretty your nails can be will kill your urge to pick and bite. soon your nails will grow long enough and you’ll realize you don’t need nail extensions to have pretty nails.

      enjoy your newfound addiction :D

  9. nikkitah says:

    hi pam!i soooo love your job, you get to have nail polish freebies and you have a great bunch of friends,too!they’re so sweet and generous hahaha… :) I’m glad to tell you that I’ve decided to ditch my nail extensions and started painting my own nails *grin* My nail beds on my ring finger (on both my hands) are still really short but I don’t care anymore. I just want my real fingernails painted and see the real beauty of them :) within a month’s time, I’ve bought 23 bottles of nail polish (2 of them are matte ) and I’m still on the look out for more pretty colors. I just wish there are more local e-tailers/retailers of imported brands. Thanks again for your influence, I have not picked nor bitten my nails for 3 weeks now.So proud of myself!hahaha…hope to meet you in person,thanks again! :)

    • pam says:

      Hey Nikkitah!

      So awesome that you’ve been painting your own nails and have been enjoying shopping for polish :) We’re actually pretty lucky with our local e-tailers and I have a feeling more brands will be coming in :)

      So glad to that you’ve stopped biting your nails!

      It would be great to meet you too!

  10. Nicole says:

    Hey Miss Pam! I am in love with your blog. I found out about this polish haven from one of my friends who interviewed you a year ago (her name’s Cheyenne, I’m not sure if you remember her). I hope I don’t sound like a creep but I check Polish Police almost everyday for new updates. :) I get so excited whenever I see new entries, especially when you show us your newly-acquired bottles :) I got hooked on nail polish just recently and I have to say, it’s mostly because of you :-D I used to suck at applying them on my nails but now I’m learning and I’ve been practicing. Also, I make sure I pass by Rustan’s and some other stores every time I get the chance to check out their new polish shades. Your “Where to Buy” section is also very helpful. Thanks so much and keep on blogging about your awesome nail polish addiction. You’re my polish inspiration! :-)

    • pam says:

      Hi NIcole! Thank you so much! That’s so sweet! I remember Cheyenne, of course!

      So glad you’ve gotten hooked on polish – it’s such a colorful passion to have. I wish I can update the blog more often. I’m working on it.

      Rustan’s is my favorite polish haunt here in Manila :D

      Which brands and colors are your favorite?

  11. Nicole says:

    I wish I have more funds to buy the brands I really like but I’m still living on my parents’ allowance :> I usually buy from The Face Shop, wet N wild, Elianto, and from this Korean brand which has some really pretty shades. My current favorites are the Jade green (GR503) from Face Shop and the Pink Matte I got from OPI. I also really love glitters especially the ones that look really fine and almost like 4Dimensional haha! :> I’m always on the lookout for nice brands that aren’t too expensive. I’m currently eyeing some bottles from Essie :-D

    I promise to get myself all the polishes I want when I finally graduate and get a job. You really inspire me. :-)

    • pam says:

      Hey Nicole! :)

      One of the awesome things about nail polish is that expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better.

      There are a lot of affordable brands that come out with great colors (and good formula!). So keep rocking your colors from The Face Shop, Wet N Wild, Elianto and OPI :) And no rush, you have your entire life ahead of you to buy the brands you want :)

  12. Catface says:

    Hi Pam, I just came across your blog after googling China Glaze Flying Dragon after buying it and not realising it was matte! Not that I’m complaining, I’ve been after a matte polish for months and after just ordering 5 from a new range Avon have brought out, I’ve accidentally bought one!
    I am addicted to nail polish, I used to work with food and wasn’t allowed to have my nails painted but now I work on a reception desk, I like to paint them a different colour every day.
    I love Barry M and now I’ve discovered China Glaze, I’m in love with that too! But I’m hoping to save up some pennies and treat myself to some Chanel beauties soon in the new year:)

    I love love love this blog!

    • pam says:

      Hi Catface! :)

      Haha! I didn’t think Flying Dragon would be matte too.. But I love it anyway.

      I think it’s awesome that you now have a job that allows polish. I’d probably go crazy if I wasn’t allowed to paint my nails..

      I love Barry M and China Glaze too! And yes, you will love Chanel too!

      Thanks so much for checking out the blog.. Let me know if you ever decide to start one. I’d love to visit! :)

  13. Catface says:

    Pam, I’m so disappointed… I bought OPI Matte Nail Envy because I read that as well as a nail strengthener, it can be used as a top coat to make any nail varnish matte… Well I’m sad because it cost me £16 and it doesn’t seem to work:(

  14. Catface says:

    I’m not sure, I threw away the receipt but if it doesn’t work, maybe I can get my money back anyway…

    I’ve never seen Essie anywhere here but I’ve just found Matte About You online for £8.50 so I might get that. If you’re recommending it, it must work :) There’s so many I’ve discovered since reading your blog, I can’t wait until I get paid at the end of the month so I can treat myself to them all!

  15. kaydikat says:

    Hi Pam!

    I’ve been following your blog ever since Ji posted your blog on facebook ;) I have the entire blog from start to current, and LOVE every bit of it! Thank you so much for giving this nail polish blog your own unique spin on things… from the bottle pics to the back-to-back “p0rn” shots… I eat it all up! Looking forward to more adventures in nail polish!

    Kat D. in San Francisco, CA

    • pam says:

      hey kat!

      thanks so much, that’s so sweet! i’m crazy about polish and i love knowing that other people share my passion!

      i promise you more adventures in polish



      i’ve been wanting to go back to san francisco to eat clam chowder, fish tacos and crabs! :D

  16. Janica says:

    Hi, Pam! I did a little blog for you in my site. Thank you again for your help! :)

    • pam says:

      Hey Janica!

      Aww that’s so sweet! <3

      Thanks so much! :D

      And yay! Happy polish shopping!

      If you need help finding brands, just let me know :)

  17. Jin says:


    I just discovered your blog like 2 days ago and totally fell inlove with it! I looove nail polish! and your where to buy page saved me! I’ve been looking for some of those brands for a while. you’ve also let me appreciate those glittery nail polishes!

    totally jealous of all your nail polish!

  18. Neri says:

    I love nail polishes!!! I don’t know why I just found out about your blog! I read your article on Ji Baek when it got published and have been wanting to get her book. How much did it cost in NBS? Planning to call them to ask if they still have the book (since it doesn’t have an ebook version) thanks! I’m off to backread your posts ;D

  19. alice says:

    You should do a review on Jacava I wanna see it

  20. Lacy Nylons says:

    Hi Pam!

    I just commented on one of your most recent blog entries.

    Loooove your blog! And the fact that you’re pinay since I am too. And that you got a loving friend in Petah who lives in New York (I am a New Yorker too). Sometimes I wonder if I do know you or your friend Petah. :)

    I’d love to connect with you since we share a common obsession these days.

    Hope all is well.


    email: lacquerandnylons @ gmail period com :)

  21. Jenina Olivares says:

    Hi, polishpolice! I have been reading your blog for a year now, i love your take on different brands and polishes its very refreshing and detailed :) , since you’re the polish expert, I would like to ask if you know where I could get hold of ruby wing polishes??? cheers xxxx

  22. Hilda says:

    Hi Pam! Absolutely thrilled to have found your blog! It’s really great. Keep up the amazing work! I blogged on and off for 3 years but decided to be more serious with it just recently and I’d love to make THE list too! xx

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  24. Linda says:

    Hi Pam, I’ve been reading and admiring your blog for a while now and I realize you’re in the Phillipines. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’m concerned for you and your loved ones and am anxious to know if you’re okay. I would also like to know how I can help with the relief effort. Your polish-addicted friend in NYC, Linda.

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