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MUG SHOT: NARS 413 BLKR (swatches and comparison)

January 7, 2014 by pam

Do you remember how excited I was about the additions to NARS’ limited edition 413 BLKR collection? And how Petah surprised me by helping me get it super fast?


413 BLKR is the only nail polish in a capsule collection created to celebrate NARS’ 413 BLKR flagship boutique on Bleecker St. in New York. This store holds a special place in my heart because that’s where I bought my NARS Pierre Hardy Venemous set. I still remember the friendly sales associate who sold it to me. He asked, “Are you a big fan of NARS?” he asked me.

I said, “Huge! I have practically every polish color you’ve made.”

He invited me to an event at the boutique happening that weekend but sadly, I couldn’t go. I was headed back to Manila. I may have missed out on that event but I now have a little piece of NARS BLKR in my Helmer.







And now I can finally show you swatches.

NARS 413 BLKR is described as “midnight blue.” That’s what it is – a midnight blue jelly. I love how glossy it is. I had no issues with the application. I used two coats.








I was very curious to see how 413 BLKR compares to Midnight Express, the deep navy jelly released with NARS’ Vintage collection in 2010.



On the nails, they look exactly the same – they are both glossy deep blue jellies. But the difference is in the application. Midnight Express is lighter and sheerer than 413 BLKR. To achieve the look of two coats of 413 BLKR, I needed to use three coats of Midnight Express.



413 BLKR is available at


  1. Katie says:

    Is it just the light or is 413 maybe just a tad lighter?

  2. Eugenia says:

    Happy New Year, Pam & a belated Merry Christmas!

    You already know how much I love deep & brooding shades and 413 is just gorgeous! Thanks for comparing it to Midnight Express (which thankfully I do have!) or else I might have needed to start a rampage to get this beauty…which, by the way, is amazing at 2 coats!

  3. Rhea says:

    I love blue and i love jellies! This looks perfect!

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