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PETAH FILES: Marc the day (also known as playing strip polish with the Polish Chief)

August 11, 2013 by pam

I was going to include this in my previous entry but then I realized that this deserves its own post. Polish Police New York correspondent and beloved polish elf Petah didn’t just pull off a huge surprise while I was asleep, he sent me a lovely e-mail telling me exactly how he did it. And here’s the story in his own words:

08.09.13 marked the day when Marc Jacobs Beauty arrived. I was strolling in SoHo while Instagramming when a Sephora bag-toting Marc Jacobs popped up on my phone.


It’s finally here!

My next steps led me to their SoHo flagship, the very Sephora store where the photo was taken. They had a nice spread of these pretties. I scanned the aisle and spotted them babies. I grabbed my personal three for Pammy. But then I remembered walking by the soon-to-be opened Marc Jacobs Beauty boutique on Bleecker a week ago. I left the bottles in SoHo and trekked to the West Village. I figured the boutique run would be much more gratifying than the crowded cosmetic distributor. My instinct didn’t fail me and Eve, the lovely salesgirl, made shopping more pleasurable.

After the acquisition, I sent Pammy this teaser.


I was asleep on the other side of the world when Petah sent that teaser with these messages:


I opened my eyes unusually early that morning and was still half-asleep when I read Petah’s message. I thanked him for reminding me, telling him I will start Googling swatches. I love how he’s so on top of things – sometimes he hears exciting polish news before I do.

But Petah was only getting started.


Then he told me how he went to the Marc Jacobs Boutique on Bleecker and he sent me this beautiful photo.


Suddenly I was wide awake at 7:30 on a Saturday morning.


But he still wasn’t done.


And then he sent me more photos.


My eyes widened – not just at the bottles but at the name on one of the bottles.


Petra is another one of our nicknames for Petah. Crazy.


And what’s even crazier is that Petra really was one of the colors that grabbed my attention when I first looked at all the bottles in the collection. And Desire and Blue Velvet? Also high on my list. Remember, this happened before I posted about Marc Jacobs Beauty, before I listed my favorites from his polish line. Petah is not only magical, he might be a mind reader.

It was such an awesome way to kick off my Saturday but the fun had to be cut short because Petah was about to watch Rachel Dratch in Shakespeare in the Park’s Love’s Labour’s Lost.


After the show, Petah sent me a photo of my first Marc Jacobs bottles. I am so excited to wear them!


I’m still not sure what these are but I know I will find out soon.


This is the second time Petah has surprised me in just a week. Last week, I thought really hard about NARS BLKR 413 and decided that I really wanted it. So I sent him an e-mail, asking him to please help me order it from the NARS website (NARS doesn’t accept non-US credit cards) and I will send him the payment through Paypal.

An hour later, he sent me this e-mail:


My jaw dropped. What?! How?! Where?! So fast!

Then Petah explained. Even before I asked him to help me, he was already planning to get NARS BLKR 413. He had planned to go to the NARS boutique on August 1, the day the collection launched, but it rained hard. “I didn’t want to buy it online coz that’s boring,” he said. The next day, he and our friends went to Umami Burger, which just opened in New York. They had to wait an hour before they could be seated so he dragged them to NARS where, he says, “Bleecker 413 magically hopped onto my palms.”

Yes, he really is the sweetest. And yes, I kinda ruined his surprise.

I am still reeling from these awesome surprises. Thanks to Petah, I feel like the luckiest girl in polish world.


  1. Jennifer A. says:

    I can’t wait to see the Marc Jacobs polishes swatched! Blue Velvet and Desire are some of the next on my list. I am wearing Petra now and it is stunning stunning stunning!

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