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April 12, 2013 by pam


Now that my swatches of the Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Emoting Me collection are finally up and my heartbeat has returned to normal, I can write this post.

For a second Ji and I were worried that I wouldn’t get the package in time for the unveiling. I can honestly say that was my most intense swatching experience ever. Crazy crazy FedEx. I actually had to send someone to track down Mr. FedEx where he was having lunch – that’s how I finally got the package!

But I spent a blissful day playing with the seven gorgeous shades of the collection. Each time I pulled out a new bottle from its box, I found myself wondering where it fit in the spectrum of RBL colors. I found myself thinking, “Ooh, how does this compare to Diddy Mow?” and “Is this similar to Coral?” and “Is the base more like Recycle or Orbis Non Sufficit?” And that’s how I knew, that even though I was pressed for time, I couldn’t not do comparison swatches.


I’m showing them to you now to help you figure out which ones to pre-order. (Or I’ll make it easy – all of them! They’re gorgeous!)

I took all my RBL bottles out of my Helmer, placing similar colors side by side to figure out which colors should be swatched together.

Let’s start with Thank You (you can find all the swatches in my other post – this post is for comparisons).


I chose my other soft pinks and Be Humble because I thought it would be interesting to see them side by side.


Be Humble is a lot more lavender and taupe; Pizzicato doesn’t have Thank You’s beige tinge and it has those glass flecks that I’m crazy about; and Poco a Poco is a much darker shade and has a golden flash.


Here’s another look at the comparison.


Next is Be Humble.


Forgiveness and Insouciant are a lot more lavender, with Insouciant being darker and having quite a bit of shimmer; Grunge is way more beige.


I was actually planning to swatch this with my grey and greige RBLs too – Concrete Jungle, Stormy and Jane – but I realized they weren’t similar at all. Be Humble may look pretty grey in the bottle but on the nails, it’s really more of a taupe-y lavender.


One more look.


Let’s look at Forgiveness.


Be Humble has more taupe and grey in it; Insouciant is darker and has that pretty shimmer; Purple Haze is a creme too but it’s a lot more intense than Forgiveness.


One more look.


Up next is Smile.


I know Ji classifies it as a red but I also included Coral in the lineup because Smile is actually a pinkish red. Ji’s other reds are way too different from Smile. Killa Red, Chinoise – they’re not similar to Smile at all.

It must be said that the difference in these colors look way more obvious in person. The bright colors drove my camera crazy.

Coral is lighter and more pink; Poppy has pink, red and gold shimmer; and Bangin’ is a fiery orange red and doesn’t have Smile’s pink tinge.


Pause, oh Pause.


What an insanely gorgeous purple. Naturally, I had to swatch it with RBL’s other gorgeous purples.


Purple Haze is a lot lighter; Mismas is intense too but it’s a creme and Scrangie has that crazy iridescent shimmer.


I love this set of comparison swatches. I feel like I can actually wear this out – a crazy mixed-up purple mani. Clearly, if you love purple, you need all these colors in your life.


Up next is Become One.


This was actually the first one I opened and my immediate thought was, “How similar is it to Abi?” Not that similar, it turns out.


Abi is lighter and has that pretty silver shimmer; Recycle and Orbis Non Sufficit are both a lot darker, with Orbis also having grey tones.


I love them all.


And now, my favorite, Turn It Around.


Crazy. This color is so crazy I felt I had to do two sets of comparisons.

I love how reddish and coppery Turn It Around looks in this picture – it almost makes me look stupid for wanting to compare it with greens. But like I said, that’s the magic of this color – it really transforms into different shades depending on the light.


But okay, Halcyon is a lot lighter and has gray in it and that crazy pink flecks of glittery goodness; Orbis Non Sufficit is a lot darker and Diddy Mow, one of my first and biggest RBL loves, is lighter too.


And I might wear this mani out too. All I need is Recycle on my thumb and I’ll be set.


One more set, here we go.


No More War, also one of my first RBL loves, is a lot more olive; Recycle is a lot darker and is a straight-up creme; and Jack is a gorgeous teal and is a lot more blue.


And I don’t think I need to mention that none of these shades have Turn It Around’s crazy crazy in-your-face shimmer.

I felt like kicking myself for not swatching Turn It Around beside Anne too. It’s safe to say though that Anne is darker and doesn’t have Turn It Around’s coppery madness.


That’s it for now. Let me go back to staring at my Turn It Around mani. It’s over 24 hours later and I’m still swooning.

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are exclusively available at for $20 per bottle. 48 hour pre-order starts on April 12. The collection will be available to the public by the end of April.

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are created with resin and high molecular polymers to improve flexibility, durability, and high shine. They contain no harmful toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and formaldehyde resin. They do not test on animals.


  1. tangerine dream says:

    Love the comparisons!!! Thanks. :)

    Do you happen to have Cherry Love? Wondering how it compares to Smile, since Cherry is one of my lemmings.

  2. Kristina says:

    Thank you so so much for posting the comparisons so quickly!!! These swatches are awesome :)

  3. Cait says:

    Beautiful comparisons, thank you for doing this! Your swatches are great, and I can’t wait for the pre-order tomorrow!

  4. greenpease05 says:

    Smile, smile, everybody smile!

    Jeez! Love them all.

    Specially the ones with MY NAME on it. =))

  5. Love the softness of Thank you, Be humble, and Forgiveness!

  6. Christy says:

    Thank you for posting these comparisons! I plan to get 6 out of the 7 in the pre-order and am comfortable with that. I love your swatches and running commentary between the pictures!

  7. Alaina says:

    Im sorry but these comps aren’t very helpful. The polishes you compared look nothing alike. Why not compare, say, Thank You with RBL Opaque Nude and Jane. Or Turn It Around with RBL Anne.

  8. ledz says:

    Pam, how does SMILE compare to DIOR Lucky?

  9. Jarelle says:

    How does Jane compare to Be Humble, and between Insouciant and Be Humble which would you choose to buy? :) I’m planning on buying a few RBL polishes but if I buy everything I want I will be broke! HAHAHA! Hope you respond. Thank you!

  10. Alyson says:

    Awesome job!! Now I’m thinking I may have to go back and buy the ones I didn’t get!!

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