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MUG SHOT: Mon Shu, I love you. Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura

November 23, 2012 by pam

I’m a Shu Uemura fan. I have been since 2005, when my stupidity led to sunburn that made me look like Freddy Krueger. It was Shu Uemura’s White Recovery Ex line that came to the rescue of my painful, itchy, peeling, swollen face. It worked like magic.

I used to have a bunch of Shu Uemura polish until someone swiped them from my house. But I’ve been wanting to add bottles of Shu to my collection again and this fantastic collaboration is the perfect way to start.

Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld is a longtime fan of Shu Uemura. In fact, for the last twenty years, he’s been sketching his fashion illustrations with the Japanese brand’s rich eye colors.

Working closely with Shu Uemura artistic director Kakuyasu Uchide, Karl created a 17-piece holiday collection for the brand. The collaboration between Karl Lagerfeld and Shu Uemura did not just result in fantastic wish list-worthy makeup, it also led to the birth of Mon Shu Girl, Karl’s adorable sketch that inspired the collection. (Watch the birth of Mon Shu in this video.)

I am seriously obsessing about Mon Shu Girl. I feel like buying this entire collection because she’s so cute.


But let’s start with the polish.


There are three nail colors in the collection.


Royal Beige, Shu Shu Red and Karl Black.


Tatin surprised me with Shu Shu Red and, thanks to her magical connections, helped me purchase Royal Beige and Karl Black days later.


She even got me this pin.


Each polish comes with a set of nail stickers.


I’m sure you understand why I didn’t play with them in these swatches. I really want to hold on to them. They’re too cute.


I love that you can see each polish color in Mon Shu.


I had so much fun playing with these shades.


Let’s start with Royal Beige.


Royal Beige is described as a “neutral shade that goes with any outfit and makes fingers look long and luxurious.”


It’s a pretty beige with super subtle super fine gold shimmer that is more visible in the bottle than it is on the nails.


You know I normally don’t go crazy for neutrals but I liked this one.


This is the closest I’ve gotten to having mannequin hands.


I used three coats.


This is Karl Black.


It’s described as a “black enamel with a festive multi-shining micro silver flecks.”


But it’s not just silver – Karl Black has a mix of silver and gold glitter flecks.


This is totally my kind of color – you know about my inability to resist black polish in any form.


Because it is packed with glitter, the finish is a little gritty – but a nice top coat should take care of that easily.


Nice formula.


I used two coats.


I wish I had more Karl x Shu goodness to show you but this is the last one. Shu Shu Red.


This is described as “a modern twist on classic red that will add a vivid, cheerful, glamorous look to your fingertips so you can usher in the holidays the Shu and Karl Lagerfeld way.”


I know, I know, we’ve all seen a million and one reds.


But Shu Shu Red is just so pretty.


It’s such a bold, sexy, playful shade of red and I couldn’t help but love it.


It’s one of my favorites from the collection – and not just because it’s the color of Mon Shu’s eyes.


Lovely formula, it flowed smoothly onto my nails.


I used two coats.


Now that the swatches are done, I can continue to obsess about Mon Shu Girl and start plotting how I’m going to get my hands on the red Mon Shu Girl tote bag. (It’s so cute you’d want one too.)

The Karl Lagerfeld x Shu Uemura Holiday 2012 collection is now available at Shu Uemura in Trinoma, Shangri-La Mall, Power Plant Mall and Rustan’s Makati.


  1. Maddie Shen says:

    Awww, Mon Shu Girl is so adorable! I love the eyelash curler and false eyelashes from the collection- I might have to pick them up along with these polishes!

  2. Danny says:

    Karl Black ist super pretty. remindes me of china glaze – cast a spell.

  3. Miss Bun says:

    SAME HERE…. I love Mon Shu girl!! I only picked up Shu Shu Red and ill tell you why: you know about me and red, but I bet you didn’t know my Chinese name has ‘Shu’ in it! Ha! It’s toooo perfect!

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