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MUG SHOT: The gorgeous colors of NARS Andy Warhol – 15 Minutes, TV Party, New York Dolls, Superstar and Back Room (swatches)

November 5, 2012 by pam

A couple of days ago, Jill and I went to Rustan’s to look for Pinky Street dolls and to drop by the Deborah Lippmann display to check out what they had. It’s almost time for our barkada’s annual Secret Santa and we’ve been trying to finalize our wish lists. They did not have any Pinky Street dolls in stock but they do have a number of Deborah Lippmann bottles that I’ve been wanting (including the Run The World neon set!) so I added them to my list. On our way out, we dropped by NARS (we always do) and I stopped in my tracks.

Because I saw this.


Yes, the Andy Warhol Collection is now available in Rustan’s. Woohoo! And, according to the NARS girls at the store, it just arrived that day. Call it pure luck or destiny – it was totally meant to be.


Note that the Photo Booth Mini Nail Polish Gift Set box is missing from the display. That’s because I bought it. Immediately. Remember what I wrote when I posted about Rustan’s fabulous NARS Andy Warhol event? I said, “This mini polish set will be mine as soon as it hits Rustan’s NARS counters.” And yup, that’s exactly what happened. I bought it so fast they didn’t even have the code in their system yet – they had to process the transaction manually.


See that Beautiful Darling set? That’s at the top of my wish list right now.

For the makeup lovers, here’s a peek at some of the other products they have from the collection.


And because the collection is already out, it’s the perfect time to show you the swatches of the five gorgeous limited edition full-sized shades from the collection.


I love them all. And I love how carefully chosen the names were – they’re such a wonderful tribute to Andy Warhol.


Let’s start with 15 Minutes.


François Nars named 15 minutes after Andy Warhol’s unforgettable quote from 1968: “In the future, everybody will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”


NARS describes 15 minutes as “lemon yellow.”


It’s a bit lighter than these photos show.


I love that it’s very different from Amchoor, the brighter egg yolk yellow from the Thakoon for NARS collection which you know I just loved.


Like the rest of the colors in this collection, 15 Minutes is a pure creme.


As expected, because 15 minutes is a yellow, this required multiple coats for full opacity and smoothness.


I used three coats.


Up next is TV Party.


This was named after the experimental public-access TV show which ran from 1978 to 1982. It was hosted by Glenn O’Brien who was regular at Andy Warhol’s Factory and a columnist for Andy Warhol’s magazine.


NARS describes this as “vivid orange.”


Yes, it is a vivid orange but I also see a red tinge in it.


I really like this orange – I think it’s beautiful.


It’s so beautiful that Jill, who doesn’t wear bright polish and usually goes for dark blue or black, decided to wear it after swatching it on her pinky at Rustan’s.


The formula was nice and creamy.


I used two coats.


This is New York Dolls.


New York Dolls was named after the gritty and glamorous pre-punk garage band that thrived in the hip artistic scene led by Andy Warhol.


NARS describes this simply as “purple.”


It’s an intense purple – more intense than these photos show.


And because purple is one of my favorite polish colors, I really like this shade too.


The New York Dolls are still rocking now – maybe they can rock this color at one of their gigs.


Great formula.


I used two coats.


This is Superstar.


In the 60s and early 70s, Andy Warhol promoted a clique of New York personalities and Factory favorites, including them in his artworks and his social circle. These interesting mix of individuals were all called Andy Warhol’s superstars. This gorgeous polish is named after them.


NARS describes this as “teal.”


We need to talk about this polish. We need to.


If you’ve been reading this blog for a long time now, then you know that I love teal polish. I was obsessed with it for a while and have a lot of teals in my collection.


But despite the number of teals in my Helmers, Superstar still really impressed me.


It’s a beautiful beautiful teal.


I love the shade, I love the formula, I love the super rich pigment.


I love how glossy it is.


I used two coats.


Sadly, we’ve reached the last polish. Back Room.


Back Room was named after the legendary room in Max’s Kansas City, the New York City club that was a favorite hangout of Andy Warhol and his superstars.


NARS describes this just as black. And yup, that’s what it is – black.


Now I know some people expressed discontent with having a black creme in the collection. But I think it’s the perfect shade to complete this set of five.


Back Room offers a contrast to the brighter, more colorful shades in the collection.


If my nail art skills weren’t so pathetic, I would totally attempt to create nail art using all five shades. (Maybe I can still try.)


I really love Back Room. I love how glossy it is.


Given my mad passion for black nail polish, it shouldn’t be a surprise.


I used two coats.


I promise to show you swatches of the mini nail polish set soon.



I love this fantastic collection. I’ve never been so tempted to buy an entire collection – makeup and all – before. NARS has really been rocking my 2012 and I just love it. I can’t wait to see what the brand comes up with next.

NARS’ Andy Warhol Color and Gifting Collections are now available at Rustan’s The Beauty Source.


  1. Sarah says:

    have to say I really love that purple..the other colours are lovely but something about that purple just really works for me..

  2. Jess says:

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for your swatches of this collection! These are all really pretty but I just put in a HUGE order during RBL’s BiB4 sale, so I’ve been telling myself I don’t NEED them.:) Looking forward to your mini-collection swatches!

  3. Salongiere says:

    The purple and the orange were STUNNING. I loved all of the colors, but those two caught my eye the most. :) I love your blog so much, thank you for the update!

  4. Maddie Shen says:

    I bought 15 Minutes, but I might have to go back to get Superstar and New York Dolls! :) Mmm, teal…

  5. Bunny says:

    I just cannot understand how Nars used black polish to evoke the back room of Max’s Kansas City. That room was red, colored by the Dan Flavin neon sculpture in the corner that Andy Warhol used to sit under.

  6. Mi Lim says:

    New follower of your blog here, I love your mugshot entries, and I’m simply amazed at the neat & precise way you apply the polish, can you share your secrets?

  7. Camille says:

    love tv party!

  8. Jacelyn says:

    Back to reading your blog again. Enjoying every moment of reading your blog!!

  9. I need a good teal in my life. Superstar could be it!

  10. Salongiere says:

    UPDATE!!! :D

  11. Kitty says:

    That black is so sexy and glossy. LOVE!

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