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MUG SHOT: Rescue Beauty Lounge BIB4: Starfish Patrick, Insouciant, Piu Mosso, Recycle and Aqua Lily

November 2, 2012 by pam

It’s no secret – I love Rescue Beauty Lounge. And one of the many many things I love about the brand (and its founder Ji Baek) is the BIB.

With the BIB, or Bring It Back, Ji resurrects colors that have sold out and gives new ReBeLs the chance to purchase the polish shades they’ve missed out on. For a long-time ReBeL like me, the BIB can mean becoming one step closer to my big goal – owning every single RBL color that was ever created.

Today, November 2, at noon EST, Ji will open pre-orders for BIB4. Pre-order will last for 48 hours. You should get the alert via e-mail. If you’re not yet on the RBL mailing list, head over to the RBL website, look for the Become a Rebel section and sign up.

And in case you still haven’t made up your mind on which colors you should order, here are swatches of five out of the six shades that will be returning. The sun has been elusive so these were swatched indoors. I don’t have Opaque Nude yet but I am so happy to know that thanks to this BIB, I can cross it off my wish list soon. (Glamourpuss and Om next, Ji, please?)


Let’s start with Starfish Patrick.


Starfish Patrick was first released in 2008 along with two other Spongebob-themed killer jellies – Bikini Bottom and Square Pants.


I have all three and yes, I love them all.


Ji describes Starfish Patrick as a “sheer peachy coral.” That’s exactly what it is.


Starfish Patrick is a buildable jelly. And because the formula is fantastic, applying multiple coats is no problem.


I used three coats.


Up next is Insouciant.


Released in 2011, Insouciant is one of the four fab colors of the Ironic/Iconic spring collection.


Ji describes it as a “toned-down dusty gray lilac.”


Insouciant has a subtle shimmer that gives this polish more depth.


I love this color so much. It’s delicate and edgy. Ji is right – it is more punk than pastel.


I used two coats.




Oh god, Recycle.


This gorgeous gorgeous green, which was first released in 2008, is one of RBL’s most well-loved and most coveted shades. And I’m not surprised.


Because the color is gorgeous. Ji describes it as a “deep blackish emerald green.”


It’s super glossy.


Recycle is a super rich, super pigmented green jelly.


And the formula is fantastic. I used two coats.


This is Piu Mosso.


Launched with the Firebird collection in 2011, Piu Mosso is pure sexiness.


Ji describes it as an “inky, blue-black with a flash of orange.”


Although the crazy flash of orange is more visible in the bottle, I love how you can see the fine sprinkling of subtle shimmer on your nails. The shimmer becomes more obvious when you’re out in the sun.


Piu Mosso is totally my kind of color.


I love wearing it as a pedi too.


The formula is wonderful, as we’ve come to expect from RBL.


It’s super rich and opaque that you can use just one coat. But I went for two.


And finally, Aqua Lily.


Aqua Lily!!!


I don’t think I’ll ever stop being excited about this color. One, because it is the dream color of my pal and fellow polish lover Kay-Di Kat.


And two, because it is just crazy beautiful.




Ji wrote this about Aqua Lily. “A few years ago, I was lucky enough to visit the Kuda Huraa Island of the Maldives. The turquoise water is a crystal-clear sea green and what really had me spellbound was that it reflected a shimmery-pink hue from the shedding scales of the colorful, vivid, and exotic tropical fish. This color is Kay-Di Kat’s homage to her beloved mom, Lily, who swims like an enchanting mermaid. I imagine Lily swimming in this paradise with its mesmerizing water in the Island of the Maldives.”


I’m serious. There’s a good reason this one sold out super quickly. You need this color in your life.


These five shades will be available for pre-order today at noon (EST) at US$20 each. Sign up for the mailing list on to get the alert.


  1. kaydi says:

    Pammy!! Gorgeous swatches as usual. Girl!!! You better be a part kf that Blogger 2.0 grp cuz I know you will have an amazing dream color! I still remember when we were emailing back and forth when we entered for the Original Fan collex! Time flies! ReBeLs Unite!! :)

    • pam says:

      Haha! Kat!!! OMG I love Aqua Lily so much! And yes, I still remember those days too! :) Woohoo, ReBeLs forever! I’m so excited for the blogger collection! <3

  2. Keri says:

    Grabbed Piu Mosso, Aqua Lily, and Recycle. I’ve been dying to get my hands on these.

  3. Maddie Shen says:

    Ahhh! I need all of these and I have no money! Wah! :( But beautiful swatches as always! :)

  4. Becca says:

    Love the swatches! Snatched up aqua lily, insouciant, piu mosso, opaque nude, and starfish patrick. Your blog was my entrance in rebelhood! I always love your pics :)

  5. pam says:

    That is great! I love love love introducing people to RBL :) I have such a deep love for the brand! And so happy you got your BIB dose! :)

  6. charly says:

    oooh…i love aqua lily…gorgeous…

  7. Oh my goodness that Piu Mosso!

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