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September, 2012

  1. PETAH FILES: FNO 2012: When her Madgesty got dethroned

    September 27, 2012 by pam

    It’s been over a week and things are still incredibly crazy for me at work. I feel terrible about neglecting this blog, especially when I think of the big pile of polish bottles that are waiting to be swatched. I will get to them soon, I promise you. In the meantime, I need to keep meeting my deadlines and slaying story after story. Luckily, Petah is here to breathe life into this very quiet blog. In this new episode of Petah Files, he shares with you his Fashion’s Night Out adventure. I really wish I had been there. Hit it, Petah.


    There is this crazy (and sometimes ridiculous) yearly phenomenon that happens every summer in New York City – Fashion’s Night Out (FNO). For one evening, the FNO ribbon cuts through Fashion Week. Fashionistas catwalk to their favorite fashion houses, shopping ‘til it stops. A bevy of soirees display celebrity collaborations and, most recently, rock concerts pump up the scene. It’s also a scavenger hunt for the one-offs and one-night-only merch, which are really the draw of this circus.

    Pammy and I have been going back and forth with news and events that would be happening around town and plans were seemingly in motion. Little did I expect that Fashion’s Night Out would land on the same night as the MDNA concert, which had been on my calendar since forever. How silly was I to think that nothing would be bigger than last year’s Kim K encounter? I was wrong. The heightened excitement (scrapped), the shopping route (yes, scrapped) and a PP project launch (you guessed it, scrapped) were all in limbo.

    I was told by the chief not to worry about her babies but elves can be stubborn. I considered giving up my Madonna tickets for cutex – I was willing to sacrifice the queen. Even though I got a bit stressed (just a little) with the timing, I had a game plan. I set-up Plans A, B & C and did a CHANEL walk-through the day before (it took fifteen minutes from subway to boutique so I knew I can make this work). I even solicited a body double, our friend Ver, in case NARS had a secret polish stash for the night.

    Game day came and my war paint was on – failure was not an option. I left five minutes early to catch the early train connection to be in SoHo by 6 p.m. and I had perfect timing. A wall of shoppers blocked Broadway so I had to snake my way to Chanel. Dilemma quickly evaporated as there was barely a queue at the store.


    A shoe compliment later, I was handed Pammy’s babies in a jiffy.


    I was out of the store by 6:08 and I didn’t even have to use my body-double.

    We got to the concert with plenty of time. I have to admit, Fashion’s Night Out was more fun than her Madgesty – I will spare you the details on this one. To add insult, the concert was two and a half hours delayed. I could have stayed with FNO longer, if only.






    Other than that, all’s well that ends well. Another mission accomplished and swatches to share.

  2. MUG SHOT: T. LeClerc Taupe, Stellaire, Etoile, Fusion and Platine

    September 18, 2012 by pam

    This week is going to be incredibly crazy – with early-morning interviews and late-night meetings, concerts, press cons, shoots and deadlines – and I just had to sneak in one post before I took the plunge into the craziness. I’m also pretty sure I wouldn’t have time to swatch this week and that makes me really sad because I do have some great things to show you. Soon, soon, I promise you.

    Today I am showing you five shades from a brand I haven’t reviewed before – T. LeClerc.

    French pharmacist Theophile Le Clerc established the brand in Paris in 1881. I have such great memories of this brand – I remember using the blush and lip gloss back when I thought I knew how to apply makeup.

    I was happy to discover that the brand offers nail polish too.


    These colors are from the brand’s Fall 2012 and Pleine Lune Collections.


    They’re an interesting mix of feminine and edgy shades.


    Let’s start with Taupe, one of the four shades from the Fall 2012 collection.


    Taupe is exactly that – taupe.


    Chanel Particuliere was the polish that made me fall in love with taupe (I’m actually wearing it now as I type this) and because of that, I have high standards for taupe. And T. LeClerc’s Taupe impressed me.


    It’s a beautiful taupe.


    The formula was thick without being streaky.


    The pigment was rich.


    It was opaque in one coat but I used two.


    This is Stellaire, from T. LeClerc’s Pleine Lune Collection which was inspired by “the beauty of the full moon, stardust, glistening clouds and golden light” and created to “celebrate the end-of-year festivities.”


    T. LeClerc describes Stellaire as “a pearly gold rosewood.”


    It’s a pinkish beige with silver sparkle.


    It’s a pretty, feminine color that you can rock at the office.


    The formula is a little thinner than Taupe’s.


    But it was still opaque in two coats.


    This is Etoile.


    Etoile is also part of the Pleine Lune Collection.


    It’s a pretty pink with silver shimmer.


    I like Etoile – it’s a bright and happy pink.


    The formula was lovely.


    I used two coats.


    Up next is Fusion.


    Also part of Pleine Lune, T. LeCler describes Fusion as “a pearly silver brown.”


    I have a lot of browns in my collection but I don’t think I have anything that looks like Fusion.


    It’s a red-tinged dark brown and the sparkly silver particles in it are bigger than the glitter in Etoile and Stellaire.


    I like it.


    Great formula.


    I used two coats.


    And finally, Platine, which is from the Fall 2012 Collection.


    Of the five shades, this is my favorite (Taupe is a close second).


    Given my love for black polish, I’m sure this isn’t a surprise.


    Platine is a metallic black polish with silver shimmer.


    There is so much silver shimmer in it that on the nails, it looks like a deep gunmetal gray.


    I love it.


    Great formula – I used two coats.


    These five shades gave me a great first impression of T. LeClerc’s nail polish. I love that they’re all two-coaters, that the wand was long and the brush was thick, making them easy to use. Now I want to pick up Feuille D’or and Royal. And I am already looking forward to the brand’s next collections.

    T. LeClerc is available at Rustan’s Makati, Shangri-La Plaza and Alabang. Each bottle is ₱545.