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MUG SHOT: The only (Dior) bikini I can wear

May 28, 2012 by pam

Let’s start with a picture of the last time I ever wore a bikini.


No wait, that’s not right. This, this was the last time I wore a bikini.


Since then, I’ve been strictly a one-piece girl. Sure, I sometimes feel tempted when I spot pretty bikinis while shopping but I never touch them. My body (and the world) isn’t ready for any bikini out there.

For a long time, finding a bikini I could wear felt like a long shot – like winning the lottery. And then this happened. Bingo!


Dior released Bikini with the Croisette Collection.


This pretty coral is one of the two shades in the collection. Petah surprised me with the other shade – St. Tropez – last year on my birthday, back when it was insanely elusive. I love St. Tropez so much that every time I see it, I feel like grabbing a bottle and buying even though I already own it. And I’ve seen it numerous times these past couple of weeks.


But back to Bikini. Here’s how I know I was meant to wear this Bikini: two awesome people (two, not one) got me bottles of this pretty shade. James and Tatin.


On the nails, Bikini is a pretty coral.


The sparse shimmer that has become a Dior trademark is visible in the bottle but not on the nails.


On the nails it looks like a pure creme.


Dior Bikini isn’t a bright coral.


It has a mute quality to it that I just love.


This would totally rock as a pedi too.


Great formula – it applied super smoothly.


I used two problem-free self-leveling coats.



I’m sure you’re wondering how Bikini compares to other corals we love.


I was especially curious to see how it compares to the newer coral releases.

I brought out some of my favorite corals so I could play with them.

No dupes found. Dior Psychedelic Orange is way more pink; Chanel Distraction also has a tad more pink in it, is a bit more sheer and jelly-like and has that pretty fuchsia shimmer; Orange Fizz is paler and more orange, Riviera is way more intense and orange.


So many pretty corals, none of them the same. So many bikinis, only one I can wear. (And it freaking rocks.)


  1. Silvermouse says:

    Eeep! That is such a cute photo of you!!! Awwwwww!!!

    Like you I steer way clear of bikinis but this one looks like the exception! Ive always been too chicken to try orange/coral but I love the softness of this colour – it doesn’t look like it wants to jump out st you and slap you about the eyeballs!


  2. Maribeth says:

    OMG, your baby bikini pics are so ADORABLE! I can’t take it! I love Dior Bikini on you as well. Such a fantastic color!

  3. Super love with the creamy color from Dior!!!!

  4. Which is your favorite coral? :)

  5. Eugenia says:

    You, my friend, were the cutest toddler! Lol!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

    Love Dior’s Bikini on you and you’re right: it does make a fab pedi shade! So glad you could give Saint-Tropez its proper mate!!

  6. Rie says:

    Gorgeous color Pam! I’m a sucker for these types of corals. ♥

  7. Kristina says:

    This color looks totally awesome on you! It’s the only bikini I wear as well. :)

  8. jera says:

    hihi! cute pics! :D gorgeous swatches :)

  9. greenpease05 says:

    Angdami kong tawa sa bikini photo. You are definitely hilariously cute!!!

    You nailed that bikini shade too. =)

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