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May, 2012

  1. MUG SHOT: The only (Dior) bikini I can wear

    May 28, 2012 by pam

    Let’s start with a picture of the last time I ever wore a bikini.


    No wait, that’s not right. This, this was the last time I wore a bikini.


    Since then, I’ve been strictly a one-piece girl. Sure, I sometimes feel tempted when I spot pretty bikinis while shopping but I never touch them. My body (and the world) isn’t ready for any bikini out there.

    For a long time, finding a bikini I could wear felt like a long shot – like winning the lottery. And then this happened. Bingo!


    Dior released Bikini with the Croisette Collection.


    This pretty coral is one of the two shades in the collection. Petah surprised me with the other shade – St. Tropez – last year on my birthday, back when it was insanely elusive. I love St. Tropez so much that every time I see it, I feel like grabbing a bottle and buying even though I already own it. And I’ve seen it numerous times these past couple of weeks.


    But back to Bikini. Here’s how I know I was meant to wear this Bikini: two awesome people (two, not one) got me bottles of this pretty shade. James and Tatin.


    On the nails, Bikini is a pretty coral.


    The sparse shimmer that has become a Dior trademark is visible in the bottle but not on the nails.


    On the nails it looks like a pure creme.


    Dior Bikini isn’t a bright coral.


    It has a mute quality to it that I just love.


    This would totally rock as a pedi too.


    Great formula – it applied super smoothly.


    I used two problem-free self-leveling coats.



    I’m sure you’re wondering how Bikini compares to other corals we love.


    I was especially curious to see how it compares to the newer coral releases.

    I brought out some of my favorite corals so I could play with them.

    No dupes found. Dior Psychedelic Orange is way more pink; Chanel Distraction also has a tad more pink in it, is a bit more sheer and jelly-like and has that pretty fuchsia shimmer; Orange Fizz is paler and more orange, Riviera is way more intense and orange.


    So many pretty corals, none of them the same. So many bikinis, only one I can wear. (And it freaking rocks.)

  2. MUG SHOT: Rescue Beauty Lounge’s GOMM Collection (Swatches)

    May 25, 2012 by pam

    Today I have the honor of giving you a preview of GOMM, Rescue Beauty Lounge‘s newest collection along with some of my favorite bloggers Kellie Gonzo, Rie of Nails and Noms, Sam of Fashion Polish and Scrangie (thanks, Ji!).

    When the package arrived and I started pulling bottles out of the box one at a time, my first thought was, “I can’t believe Ji was nervous about this.”

    I found every single color beautiful.

    Ji created seven complex shades that look like works of art.

    How can you not love these colors?

    Let’s start with Bella.

    Ji felt compelled to include a white in the collection. She said, “My challenge was to make a porcelain white or to convey bleached bones in all of its glorious opaqueness without making a streaking mess.”

    And she succeeded.

    Bella is a gorgeous soft white.

    I was surprised that it became one of my favorites from this collection. After all, you know that I usually like my polish dark and vampy. But I couldn’t help it – it really is beautiful.

    It’s a wonderful addition to RBL’s neutrals.

    Bella is as beautiful outdoors as it is indoors. I love how clean and elegant it looks.

    Lovely formula, I experienced no streaking.

    I used three coats.

    This is Faraway.

    This is also one of my favorites.

    Ji says this is the color of “the spacious, serene, cloudless desert sky.”

    Faraway is a beautiful sky blue with pretty shimmer.

    I love it.

    Perfect RBL formula too.

    I used two coats.

    The shimmer is more obvious under the sun.

    It’s such a pretty blue.

    This is Abi.

    Ji says this color captures the moment “when that first sunbeam appears and flashes the desert plants with a warm kiss.”

    It’s such a unique green.

    Abi is a leafy green shade with beautiful shimmer.

    Again, lovely formula – but what else would you expect from RBL?

    I used two coats.

    These outdoors swatches show Abi’s color more accurately.

    Like Faraway, the shimmer is more obvious in the sun.

    This is Santa Fe.

    Ji says this polish shade is “an aerial view of her imaginary Santa Fe – the baked earth tones of ocher with the shimmery glisteningly ubiquitous dotted greens.”

    It’s gorgeous.

    I was very excited about this color.

    Like many other RBL fans, I have been dying to see Ji create an orange.

    And finally, we have one.

    And it comes as no surprise that it isn’t your typical orange – Ji managed to create her own sophisticated take on this color.

    I love that the gold shimmer is visible even indoors.

    It sparkles in the sun.

    And it shows a hint of salmon.

    Lovely formula.

    I used two coats.

    Next is Poppy.

    This is Ji’s poetic description of this shade: “Finding yourself amongst a sea of poppy fields, you toss your bike aside to lie down for a rest to swallow and inhale the beauty. Lusciously vibrant petals bob their heads up and down with the flirting wind. As a sign of approval, the glorious, piercing golden sunlight casts a spell and what you see is the electrifying vibrancy of a mysterious red with spots of color aglow with the sun.”

    Poppy is such a happy color.

    It’s a mysterious red – my camera kind of went crazy trying to capture it.

    It’s a gorgeous bright red with pink, red and gold shimmer.

    Pretty pretty pretty.

    The formula was lovely.

    One coat is opaque enough but I used two coats.

    Up next is Ghost.

    This was the first bottle that I pulled out of the box and it made my jaw drop.

    And there were many reasons for that.

    Number one, apart from Cuprum (which I’m still waiting for – the Fan Collection is making the long trip from New York to London to me, courtesy of my beloved polish elf Petah), we haven’t really seen a metallic shade from RBL.

    Number two, it really is a gorgeous color – it’s a glorious chocolate brown.

    Number three, I love the name. Ghost.

    But there’s nothing scary about this color.

    It’s just so beautiful.

    I can’t stop myself – I keep going back to this shade again and again and again.

    And while it is a beautiful beautiful metallic brown indoors, the sun brings out Ghost’s crazy sparkle.

    Here’s a close-up so you can see the crazy multi-colored sparkle.

    Fantastic formula.

    I used two coats.

    This is definitely one of my favorites from the collection.

    And finally, Jack.

    Get ready for a lot of photos of this one.

    I can’t help it, I love it so much.

    This shade was inspired by a series of paintings.

    Ji said, “The way greens, blues and especially that bastardized teal were used, put me in a hypnotic state.”

    Ji obviously had a blast playing with those colors to create this fabulous shade.

    Jack looks like Recycle and Teal’s shimmery baby.

    I really really really love it.

    The iridescent shimmer gives this color a complexity that I just adore.

    I cannot wait to cut my nails short and rock this.

    The formula was perfect too.

    I used two coats.

    If you’ve been dying to get your hands on Recycle and can’t wait for the BIB, this will be a good shade to tide you over.

    I really love it.

    I love that this collection offers a good variety of colors. Ji wasn’t kidding when she said it offers something for everyone.

    This collection will be available for pre-order in June. Visit Rescue Beauty Lounge’s website, like the brand’s Facebook page, follow Ji on Twitter and check out her Tumblr too.

    This post and the polish names were edited. Find out why on Ji’s blog.