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April, 2012

  1. POLICE FILES: Upcoming Rustan’s releases, how to win Lynnderella’s The Bunny Code, Dior Summer and more nail polish news

    April 29, 2012 by pam

    It’s time for bullets again and boy are they sparkly.

    • May will be an exciting month for Rustan’s – so many polish collections will be arriving.

    Chanel’s Levres Scintillantes Roses Ultimes Collection.


    Thakoon for NARS Nail Collection.


    Deborah Lippmann’s Mermaid’s Dream, On The Beach, Forget You and Candy Shop.


    Dior Addict Extreme Color Block Collection.


    Laura Mercier’s Tres Chic Collection.


    and NARS Trouville.


    • SpaRitual and Orly also has new colors arriving in May – SpaRitual’s Pigments Collection and Orly’s Feel the Vibe Collection.



    • And since I have the full set of Dior Addict Extreme (thanks to Tatin who picked up a bottle of Incognito for me), I have my eyes set on this next Dior collection – Dior Summer Mix.


    These four shades – Lagoon (blue), Acapulco (yellow), Calypso (coral) and Cosmo (pink) – will be released in June. I can’t wait. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed – I hope Rustan’s will bring in this collection too.


    • You saw the big dose of polish love Miss Bun sent my way when my friend Giff returned from Hong Kong. Now you can read about what I made Giff bring to Hong Kong for her on her blog.

    Here’s a quick preview:

    Giff showed up with a HUGE bag that was heavy like bricks.


    I peeked inside the bag and I saw what looked like a CABINET. That’s right. One with drawers that you put things in. BUT I was going to a film premiere, and I can’t go through this in the middle of the street!

    Read the whole thing HERE.

    • Last month, Style Weekend did a feature on fashion collectors and Polish Police was included.


    Here’s my page:


    Click here for the bigger file so you can read the interview.

    I had fun answering Liza’s questions and reading about other women’s fashion addictions. It’s always good to know I’m not the only one with a crazy obsession.

    • And last week, my editor asked me to write a piece for the newspaper’s Beauty Section. Nail polish is the new lipstick. Yes, yes it is. Naturally, I dove into the assignment with gusto. I had a lot of fun writing it.

    pam-nail polish

    Here’s a link to the online version.

    • If you’ve been wanting to get a dose of Lynnderella (and you have a U.S. address), here’s one great way. Lynn donated a number of bottles of her Easter creation The Bunny Code to Friends of Rabbits, a non-profit organization that runs a sanctuary for sick, injured and abused rabbits.

    If you donate $10 or more to the organization, you get a chance to win a bottle of The Bunny Code.


    Follow @bunnymasseuse on Twitter to see the winners.

    Having lost two beloved bunnies recently, I think what Lynnderella did is a wonderful thing. And the awesome thing is you can help out too.

    • And finally, Illamasqua is looking for beauty with no limits. It doesn’t matter how old you are, Illamasqua wants you to join their revolutionary casting call. They are preparing for a campaign that will feature people of all ages – and you can be a part of it.


    The competition is open internationally. Nominate yourself or someone else at before May 15. Applicants must be available to attend an open casting mid-May 2012 and be ready for the shoot that will take place in London on May 23. Those who will be featured in the campaign will receive £500, a new Illamasqua make-up kit worth £500 and a framed photo of themselves like they’ve never looked before.

    Ready, set, nominate.

  2. POLICE FILES: A huge dose of Chanel love from my nail polish fairy

    April 28, 2012 by pam

    This is a fairy tale, Polish Police-style.

    You know that one of my biggest regrets about not getting hooked on polish earlier is missing out on some great Chanel releases.

    But I have awesome friends who have been helping fill the voids in my collection. The awesome Miss Bun has surprised me with bottles I never thought I’d find. Thanks to her, I have beauties like Or de Russie and Haute Chocolat sitting happily in my Helmer. Petah My Beloved Polish Elf has also been helping me in my Chanel quest, tracking down newer limited edition bottles (hello Gold Fingers!) and keeping my older Ebay finds safe until they could reach me.

    My Chanel wish list is still a mile long and no matter how hard I try, some older shades just remain elusive.

    Then a couple of weeks ago, my nail polish fairy magically appeared.

    My nail polish fairy, who will remain unnamed, said she would try to help me find Chanel colors I’m still missing. I have a long list, I told her. She didn’t seem fazed.

    My nail polish fairy worked her magic and one day, I arrived home in the middle of the night to find this waiting for me.


    It was three a.m., I had three tequila shots and two glasses of rum-spiked iced tea running through my veins, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.


    Inside the bag was a big Chanel box.


    And the big Chanel box was heavy.


    My head was buzzing and I started talking to myself.


    Am I hallucinating? I haven’t had tequila in a while. Does tequila make you see things? Is this beautiful box really in front of me?


    Yes, it really was.


    I opened it.


    And my jaw dropped.


    There were so many Chanels in the box.


    Seventeen beautiful bottles and pretty colors. It was overwhelming.


    It was a mix of gorgeous classics, shades I’ve been lemming forever and colors I didn’t even know existed.


    It was incredible. I swear, I woke up the next day thinking it was just a dream. But no, the box was still there. And all the pretty bottles were nestled inside.


    I love every single one of them and one shade just took my breath away.


    Kaleidoscope. I never thought I’d find my own bottle of this beauty. But thanks to my polish fairy’s magic, my Kaleidoscope found its way home.


    I immediately wore Kaleidoscope the next day. I love it so much. I love it so much I want to wear it again but I’m trying to resist – I’m scared I’ll use it up too fast.


    Thank you so much, nail polish fairy. Thank you for the magic and the incredible dose of Chanel love.

    I’m still swooning.