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March, 2012

  1. POLICE FILES: Thakoon for NARS Nail Collection

    March 30, 2012 by pam

    As a huge fan of NARS, I am excited to show you this exciting collection which is set to hit stores in May.

    NARS founder and creative director Francois Nars and fashion designer Thakoon Panichgul have been longtime collaborators, with their work seen on the runways of New York Fashion Week.

    This time, Francois partnered with Thakoon to create a limited edition nail collection.

    Thakoon, who was born in Thailand, raised in Omaha and is now based in New York, has carved a niche for himself in the ever evolving world of fashion. Spending four years as a writer and editor for Harper’s Bazaar, keeping up with the trends and churning out stories about fashion, Thakoon decided to go beyond chronicling style by creating his own designs. After studying at Parsons School of Design, presenting his first ready-to-wear collection and becoming one of the three recipients of the Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund, Thakoon has developed a cult following of women who could not get enough of his feminine, modern and romantic designs.


    For NARS, Thakoon channeled his creative genius into producing six limited edition nail polish shades inspired by the vibrant colors found in Indian spice markets.


    The same vibrant colors seen in his Spring/Summer 2012 Collection.




    All polish shades are named after Indian spices or medicinal plants.

    This is Anardana, named after the pomegranate seed which is used as an acidifying agent for curries and chutneys. It’s an azalea pink.


    This is Ratin Jot which was inspired by the alkanet root that has been used as a dye since the earliest recorded history.


    Ratin Jot is an orchid purple.


    This is Amchoor, inspired by the sour mango powder that gives fish curries tartness.


    Amchoor is a bright yellow.


    This next shade is Kutki. It was named after the Himalayan Gentian, an endangered plant of the Himalayas. Its flowers are deep blue.


    Kutki is described as a powder blue.


    This next shade is Thakoon’s favorite from the collection. Koliary was named after Ceylon Hydrolea, a plant whose leaves have cleansing and healing effects when beaten to a pulp and applied as a poultice.


    It’s a cyan blue.


    Also included in the collection is a shade that will only be made available at the NARS Boutique on Bleecker Street. Lal Mirchi is a gorgeous shade inspired by the red chili, the hottest flavor on earth.


    It’s a mandarin red, a color that was seen numerous times on the runway during Thakoon’s S/S 2012 show.





    I need this color in my life. Actually, I need all six colors in my life.


    In this interview with Thakoon, he talks about his inspirations, this collaboration and why he loves NARS.


    You’ve collaborated with NARS on many of your Fashion Week shows. What do you enjoy about working with the brand in creating the looks each season?

    Each season, they are more open for us to play and experiment with ideas. It’s such a great collaboration because of the artistic freedom we have to express. NARS thrives on this and that’s why it’s been an amazing partnership.

    How did the collaboration come about? Why was NARS the right brand to do this with?

    They’ve always understood the sense of color here at Thakoon. And every season when we sat down to talk about inspiration, it became clearer and clearer that we should be doing a special product utilizing the color play. And once they saw the color board for Spring, it just made so much sense that we could be doing a nail project together.

    What was your inspiration for the nail polish collection?

    The colors were inspired by the amazing palette in India: the spices, the holy festival colors. It was the palette I was working on for the ready to wear collection. And we saw it as an amazing palette for nails because they’re so bold, fun and rich.

    How does the nail polish collection tie into your SS12 collection?

    The palette came right from the colors we did for my ready to wear collection.

    Why did you choose the shades in the collection?

    It was the inspiration of India, a place that is so visually colorful.

    What’s your must-have shade from this collection?

    I love the turquoise shade Koliary. It’s so fresh and unexpected.

    How important to a woman’s look is her nail polish? What do you think a woman’s nail polish says about her?

    It’s such a great form of expression of personality because it’s so simple, yet really visually powerful. Nails can be seductive, feminine, playful, edgy…all with a single change in color.

    Besides the Nail Polish collection, what is your favorite NARS product?

    The skincare is amazing. I religiously use the NARS Aqua Gel Hydrator.

    Thakoon for NARS will be available at Rustan’s The Beauty Source in May. The colors will be up on beginning May 1 for $18 each.

  2. POLICE FILES: Another dose of package porn (and why Tatin should be Marvel’s next superhero)

    March 28, 2012 by pam

    Dear Justice League. Or Marvel. Or D.C. Or whoever decides who can become a superhero:

    I would like to nominate my friend Tatin to become your next superhero.

    I am not exaggerating when I say she possesses super powers. Her special ability? Shopping.

    Seriously. You can call her Super Shopper or The Incredible Shopper or Wonder Shopper or Fantastic Shopper and it would be completely justified.

    I can already see her costume. A pink cape and really comfy boots. You can arm her with killer weapons – a pink credit card with no limit (yes, it has to be pink) and a shopping bag that never gets full. That shopping bag can be her superhero emblem.


    Tatin the Wonder Shopper will need a sidekick. Forget Demolition Man, let Batman keep Robin. Tatin will have the Amazing Dog Duo – Super Gucci and Mr. FantasTank.

    I can already see her action figure flying off shelves. Her comic books will sell like crazy.

    But you’re probably thinking – why is this person going on and on about costumes and emblems and sidekicks and action figures when she hasn’t even convinced us that Tatin should become a superhero?

    Well maybe this will work.

    Tatin recently went to Korea and asked if there were any nail polish shades she should look out for. Yes!, I said. Dior Riviera, Lucky and Plaza and Chanel Distraction, Attraction and Tentation.

    She didn’t find them. Those shades aren’t available in Korea yet. But she found something better.


    Yes, Dior Les Violets Hypnotiques. The trio of purples that I thought had only been released in Europe.

    And that’s not all.


    Yes, Glacier. And Icy Dew. From Dior’s Icy Halos Collection which I was prepared to wait months and months for.

    And… that’s not all.

    When Tatin arrived from Korea, she handed me a shopping bag. She handed it to me minutes before we were set to watch The Hunger Games and even though she wanted me to, I refused to open the bag. I was already hyperventilating because I was about to watch the film I’ve been waiting for forever. I was worried if I opened the bag and saw the goodies, my head would explode from too much excitement. I just couldn’t handle the sensory overload.

    And so I waited. I waited until I got home that night, after crying in the cinema and a post-Hunger Games pizza. And then I peeked inside the bag.




    These are wet nail protectors. Tatin said they’re to be used for typing when your nails are still wet. We couldn’t figure out how they’re used – but this video answered all our questions.


    And then this made my head explode.


    I love lunch boxes and tin boxes and own a number of them. This nail polish tin box – and how it put together two of my big loves – just blew my mind. And I’m pretty sure those bottles are Chanel.


    But we’re nowhere near done because I haven’t even shown you what’s in the box yet.


    Face masks! I love face masks and I’m amazed that Tatin knew this considering how our previous conversations about skin care went.

    Tatin: “What soap do you use?”
    Me: “Whatever’s there.”
    Tatin: “Di nga? What do you use to wash your face?”
    Me: “The shampoo that’s running from my hair.”

    I know it’s strange, considering my very guerilla approach to skin care but I do love face masks. They’re fun and relaxing and – the best part – make me look like Hannibal Lecter.


    Another tin box, this time featuring another one of my loves – chicks (and ducks).


    There’s more.


    This is a polish remover dispenser. And because she knows my trauma from accidental polish remover leaks, Tatin said this one has a lock to avoid spillage.


    Teal glitter from Tony Moly. So pretty.


    And oh my god, look at this. Shooting Star, also from Tony Moly.


    So beautiful. The milky pink base and the colorful glitter remind me of guinomis, one of my favorite Filipino desserts. I can’t wait to see this on my nails.


    I gasped when I pulled these out. I didn’t know Etude House made magnetic polish!


    I’m excited to swatch these too! (And I promise to keep you posted about the arrival of Mag Play in the Philippines.)


    Nope, not yet done.


    Another love – lip and cheek tint! Can’t wait to try this too.


    And finally, the beautiful new Diors. Yes, my fingerprints are all over the caps because I couldn’t stop touching them. That’s how pretty they are.


    The purples.


    Orchid, Poison, Shadow.


    And Icy Dew and Glacier.


    I love them all.

    Tatin attacks shopping missions with all her might. She has a knack for finding things that shouldn’t be there, the ability to read minds and find out exactly what you want before you even know it and her shopping instincts are unbeatable. She can rock your world with one shopping bag.

    And that is why I think Tatin should become your next superhero.