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MUG SHOT: Like James Bond, only better. The tale of my polish elf and his (Chanel) Gold Fingers

February 25, 2012 by pam

You remember how Petah my beloved Polish Elf snagged Gold Finger for me from the Bellagio in Las Vegas with the help of his awesome friend?

Chanel Gold Fingers landed in Manila last week.


And it arrived with a lot of friends.


And on the same day Gold Fingers arrived in Manila, a lovely lovely e-mail arrived from Petah with the subject “Midas Touch.”


The tale of how he got his hands on Gold Fingers.


Let me post it in its entirety.

I’m an avid elf of Pammy. The moment I met her, she became an instant friend. Pretty aside, she’s a bundle of joy. From our fondness of The Big Apple and bargain hunting, to our food trips and sneer fetes, we quickly bonded. We both have an obsession. I won’t tell you mine but we all know about her fondness for cutex.

I never would have imagined being immersed in this lacquered (or crackled or sometimes glittered) world of nail polish. It’s pretty and awesome at the same time. It’s like candy but slightly more indulgent. It can be scary but we are all entitled to one expensive vice.

I can be an enabler and I love spoiling people dear to me. It’s her fault, really… From time to time, I get requests from her to acquire the ‘exclusives’ and the ‘elusives’. I must say, I try not to disappoint and in return, I get handsomely rewarded with love and Boy Bawang.

So fast forward to Pammy’s 2012 must-have list. I occasionally spy on her blog and saw this Vegas ‘exclusive’ from Chanel. I could have sworn, after my previous hunting expeditions, that I would never subject myself to another bitchy Chanel sales rep (I was this close to a slapping). BUT, I was adamant and brainstormed how I can get her the bottle. Fortunately, a happy-to-oblidge minion resides in Vegas. So I sent Pammy a quick email to inform her about the quest. After weeks of anticipation for its release, a flat tire and a trip to the Bellagio, we snagged Gold Fingers. Happy nails are here again!!!

Vegas yielded a minion, an exclusive and a gateway to MDNA tickets but that’s another story. I’m proud of my network, I’m grateful to my friends and I’m excited for Pammy – and thats all that matters!

:- Petah

Sigh, I love Petah. I seriously seriously do.

The next day, I played with Gold Fingers.


It’s a really pretty yellow gold shimmer.


Gold Fingers has a lot of micro-shimmer.


It also has sparse dark flecks that add depth to the polish.


The finish is almost like Graphite’s.


Almost but not quite.


I’m not a huge fan of gold – not in terms of polish and anything else, even jewelry. But in the past months, I’ve found myself longing to find a beautiful gold polish.


And I’ve found it.


I don’t have a lot of gold shades and Chanel Gold Fingers became a fast fave.


It’s such a rich and festive color.


The formula was lovely.


I like that it was opaque in two coats. But I used three because that’s how I roll.


I brought out my other golds for comparison.


I love how different they all look. Beige D’Or is crazy sheer, Gold Fiction is a true gold metallic and Dior Or Divin is a much softer gold.


The other colors don’t have Gold Fingers’ sexy sparkle.


Here’s a closer look.


And another.


Gold overload.


I played with Gold Fingers and Gold Fiction by adding a layer of Illusion D’Or and I liked how it turned out too.


I might wear Gold Fingers that way.

Huge golden thanks to Petah for helping me hit the jackpot again. Forget James Bond and his Goldfinger. You’re much better.


  1. Silvermouse says:

    Ooh, total love! Gold Fingers is such a pretty gold! It’s so sparkly and hedonistically glowy! Very Vagas! And it looks amazing on you! I totally want a polish elf of my own

  2. tatiny says:

    I love it! I love Petah, panalo yun account niya!

    You know what other gold you have to get to compare? The Kabuki! I can’t believe it, but it’s v different from Gold Fingers in a good way :)

  3. Carol says:

    oh, wow!
    I’m also not a gold girl, but I’d def wear – and love – this one!

    anyway, I was still recovering from your news flash the other day and ran into this:
    had you heard about them? I hadn’t, but now think I might need Glacier Blue in my life asap!


  4. Eugenia says:

    Oooooooooh Pammy!!! You made my day with this post! And that Petah (I swear; one of these days I will kidnap him!)….I don’t know who’s luckier – you for having such a talented polish elf, or him for having your friendship! Both equally, I’m guessing! About 2 weeks ago, my sister-in-law was in Vegas, and I managed to convince her to track this collection down for me…and because of my backlog, Is till haven’t swatched anything yet — but now, look out! I can’t wait to wear this shade…..hope it looks as good on me as it does on you!

    • pam says:

      Eugenia! Hahaha Petah is precious! I am super lucky! I am so happy you got Gold Fingers! I can’t wait to see you wear it! I just know it will look fab on you! :D

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