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MUG SHOT: My Katy Perry concert mani

January 31, 2012 by pam

I was going to the Katy Perry concert and you know what that meant – I needed a special Katy Perry manicure.

Katy has a lot of fun with her own nails so I wanted to do her proud. It was easy, really, because I have two bottles from her OPI Collection.

Last Friday Night and Teenage Dream.


I’ve played with them before and I didn’t want to repeat my layering combos.

So this time, I decided I was going to use black as a base. I picked up Illamasqua Boosh because it hasn’t been getting the love it deserves.

All I had to do was choose between Teenage Dream and Last Friday Night.


I found that even with one coat, Teenage Dream was way too glittery for my mood so I went for Last Friday Night. It makes sense. After all, Last Friday Night was the song that made me really like Katy.


I considered putting Last Friday Night on accent nails.


Then I decided to just go all the way.


Why not, right?


I’ve always liked Last Friday Night but over black it’s insane.




The glitter flashes all kinds of crazy colors and I love it.


And I love how the black polish brings out the blue sparkle – you don’t see that when you layer it over blue.


So pretty.


My nails were ready for Katy.


Out in the sun, you can see the colors even more.


We arrived at the concert venue early and had a quick dinner.


The concert started super late – and when I say late, I mean two hours late. But once it did, holy crap, I forgot about all the time we had to wait.


Photo by Jill Lejano

It was awesome. It was a great show – the set was elaborate, the outfits were crazy (she changed seven times while singing the song Hot N Cold), it was so much fun.


Photo by Jill Lejano

Seriously. I walked into the concert liking Katy Perry, I walked out completely in love with her. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

And because we had spent over an hour looking at giant cupcakes, huge lollipops, candy-inspired dresses, cotton candy screens and dancing gingerbread men, we left the concert craving for ice cream. So we headed to Manila Pen.


And there we met Katy’s dancers and band members.


But sadly, not Katy herself.

I would have loved to show her my concert mani.


  1. B says:

    Hi Pam, I am a HUGE fan of your blog. I try to read it as much as I can and am always excited for new posts. I love nail polish as well. I’m only in college though so I don’t have much money to buy brands like Chanel or YSL (but oh, how I wish I could), so I settle for China Glaze, O.P.I. and Orly (but those are awesome, too). I hope to build a collection like yours someday! Anyway, despite my love for nailpolish, I have a problem. I am a nailbiter. Have you had any experiences with nailbiting, whether it be you or one of your friends’ experiences? Do you recommend any products that can help, or at least really, REALLY strong nailpolish that wont chip easily when I get the urge to gnaw at my fingers? Please help! Thanks and more power to this awesome blog of yours!

    • pam says:

      hi! So glad you’ve been enjoying the blog. I was a chronic nail biter for many many years and only kicked the habit in college. Read my story here:

      I didn’t use any special products to quit, just polish. Keeping my nails polished saved them from my urge to bite.

      And hey, polish doesn’t have to be hgh-end to be good. There are so many brands with reasonable prices that rock :)

      I wish you luck! If I was able to stop, I know you can too!

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