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January, 2012

  1. MUG SHOT: My Katy Perry concert mani

    January 31, 2012 by pam

    I was going to the Katy Perry concert and you know what that meant – I needed a special Katy Perry manicure.

    Katy has a lot of fun with her own nails so I wanted to do her proud. It was easy, really, because I have two bottles from her OPI Collection.

    Last Friday Night and Teenage Dream.


    I’ve played with them before and I didn’t want to repeat my layering combos.

    So this time, I decided I was going to use black as a base. I picked up Illamasqua Boosh because it hasn’t been getting the love it deserves.

    All I had to do was choose between Teenage Dream and Last Friday Night.


    I found that even with one coat, Teenage Dream was way too glittery for my mood so I went for Last Friday Night. It makes sense. After all, Last Friday Night was the song that made me really like Katy.


    I considered putting Last Friday Night on accent nails.


    Then I decided to just go all the way.


    Why not, right?


    I’ve always liked Last Friday Night but over black it’s insane.




    The glitter flashes all kinds of crazy colors and I love it.


    And I love how the black polish brings out the blue sparkle – you don’t see that when you layer it over blue.


    So pretty.


    My nails were ready for Katy.


    Out in the sun, you can see the colors even more.


    We arrived at the concert venue early and had a quick dinner.


    The concert started super late – and when I say late, I mean two hours late. But once it did, holy crap, I forgot about all the time we had to wait.


    Photo by Jill Lejano

    It was awesome. It was a great show – the set was elaborate, the outfits were crazy (she changed seven times while singing the song Hot N Cold), it was so much fun.


    Photo by Jill Lejano

    Seriously. I walked into the concert liking Katy Perry, I walked out completely in love with her. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    And because we had spent over an hour looking at giant cupcakes, huge lollipops, candy-inspired dresses, cotton candy screens and dancing gingerbread men, we left the concert craving for ice cream. So we headed to Manila Pen.


    And there we met Katy’s dancers and band members.


    But sadly, not Katy herself.

    I would have loved to show her my concert mani.

  2. MUG SHOT: Hey, Candy Face! Check out YSL’s Manicure Duo No. 8

    January 31, 2012 by pam

    Here’s a fact: Every single YSL polish in my collection was given to me by Jill.

    YSL isn’t readily available in the Philippines but she’s done an excellent job tracking these bottles down. She surprised me with YSL’s Beautiful Day Manicure Duo when we were in New York in 2010. It was a late birthday present and she had ordered it from a seller in the UK. Then, when she was on vacation in Europe last year, she found the Noirs Couleurs trio in Greece. She found them before I even knew they existed. Crazy. Then, for my birthday last year, she gave me YSL’s Manicure Duo No. 5 on top of my big dose of Hello Kitty. She bought that set in Greece too but kept it as a surprise for my birthday. Two months later, YSL’s Terriblement Noir Duo was part of her Christmas gift for me. She ordered that duo from Nordstrom and here’s the awesome part – she ordered her own set of Noirs Couleurs from there too.

    So yeah, YSL has become a part of our lives. On her birthday, we both wore YSL on our nails – I wore Black Lapis, she wore Black Indigo.

    Now here’s the thing – just days after she surprised me with YSL’s Terriblement Noir Duo, I saw photos of the duos from the brand’s Candy Face Collection for Spring 2012.

    First, the name. I LOVE IT. Candy Face. How cute is that?

    And second, the colors. They’re so pretty.

    Manicure Duo No. 7.


    Mint Green + Chocolate Brown.


    Manicure Duo No. 8.


    Tangerine + Bubblegum Pink


    How can you resist them? I couldn’t.

    I knew I wanted to order them. But I had to tell Jill first. Because yeah, I felt bad about breaking our YSL tradition.

    The YSLs were supposed to be part of that Saks order Tatin and I were placing – yes, the very same one that failed because Saks screwed up. Tatin ended up finding the YSLs for me while she was in Taipei (yes, along with Garden Party and the Dior reds – how awesome is Taiwan?). She’d buy them, bring them home and I’d pay her in Manila – that was the plan. But because Tatin went straight to the hospital after landing, the plan changed. She bought the YSLs, she brought them home, she sent them over to our office and because she was still recovering and couldn’t go out, I couldn’t pay her yet.


    Days later, Tatin was finally better. And I could finally pay her. But guess what? Guess.

    Jill beat me to it.

    She had already paid Tatin for the YSLs. Which is crazy. And I’ve tried paying Jill but she refused.

    So yes, our YSL tradition continues.

    And yes, I know, I’m spoiled. Incredibly spoiled, incredibly lucky and incredibly grateful.


    Speaking of changed plans, the plan was for me to show swatches of both duos. But my swatches of Duo No. 7 suck. Seriously. I need to reswatch. So for now, let’s play with Duo No. 8.


    I love YSL’s packaging.


    And I love what’s inside even more.


    This duo reminds me of the Rive Gauche Duo from YSL’s Rock and Baroque Collection which I’m still trying to track down. It’s a darker version of this set.


    These colors really do remind me of candy.


    This is Tangerine.


    I had some issues with the formula of Tangerine.


    I had problems with streaking – and I’m not sure if it’s because the polish was thick or because I had a hard time with the brush. This time, I found the multi-use brush much easier to use for creating the tips than for painting the entire nail. I found that weird since I didn’t have the same problem with the Terriblement Noir Duo. It might be my technique though. Like the Dior brush, maybe I just have to figure it out. We’ll see.


    Despite the streaking issue, I love this color. Love it.


    This is Tangerine with Bubblegum Pink tips.


    I like it.


    It’s such a bright and happy manicure.


    I love how the brush shape makes applying the tips easy.


    This is pre-top coat.


    And this is Tangerine + Bubblegum Pink with top coat.


    Streaking or no streaking, this is a really fun mani.


    And now, this is Bubblegum Pink. Same streaking issues but I have a feeling I just need to master that brush. And I will.

    YSL Duo No. 8

    This is Bubblegum Pink with Tangerine tips.

    YSL Duo No. 8

    Another fun mani.

    YSL Duo No. 8

    These next pictures show Bubblegum Pink + Tangerine with top coat.

    YSL Duo No. 8

    So pretty.

    YSL Duo No. 8

    I couldn’t decide which mani I like more.

    YSL Duo No. 8

    I love them both.

    YSL Duo No. 8

    Tatin likes this one more but I’m not surprised. She’s a big fan of pink.

    YSL Duo No. 8

    Jill likes this one more and I was surprised. She hates pink and loves orange.

    YSL Duo No. 8

    But yeah, maybe the pink looks better on me. The orange clashes a little with my skin tone. But that hasn’t stopped me from wearing what I feel like.

    YSL Duo No. 8

    So that won’t stop me from wearing this duo both ways.

    YSL Duo No. 8

    Sigh, Duo No. 8. If only Duo No. 7 behaved like you did.

    YSL Duo No. 8

    I will post swatches of Duo No. 7 soon.

    And yes, our YSL tradition lives on. Thank you Jill and Tatin.