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CONFESSION: POLISH HEARTBREAK (RIP, Lynnderella Connect the Dots)

December 1, 2011 by pam

(Warning: this post contains graphic images.)

This post is not for the weak of heart.

I really wish I didn’t have to write this post.

But I have to. And I’m hoping writing this will ease the pain in my heart.

Some months back, Linda, a very sweet polish lover from Canada, sent me a message about a possible swap. I said yes immediately and was so happy when she offered to get some Lynnderellas for me the next time she opened her shop.

I wrote to her: “I’ve been dying to get my hands on Lynnderellas but didn’t know how!”

Today, I finally got the package from Linda. Tatin’s friend Karen brought them home from the US and Tatin handed them to me at dinner. She sent me a lot of goodies (I promise you’ll see them all once I’ve taken proper pictures) and I was overwhelmed and overjoyed.

I opened the package at dinner, removed the Lynnderellas from their bubble wrap and marveled at how pretty they were. Linda had gotten Cauldron Drippings, Gotta Love Brains and my favorite, Connect the Dots, for me. I told my friends about Lynnderella, how she’s a glitter goddess, how people have gone crazy over her, how hard it is to buy her shades because they sell out really fast.

I was really excited about my new bottles. I wanted to swatch Connect the Dots immediately but I had just painted my nails and had glitter on the tips of my nails. I felt that Connect the Dots needed a blank glitter-free canvas so I decided to wait.

We watched a movie, went out for crepes and went home. All my pretty bottles were safe in their bag.

But when I got out of the car, the bag’s handle slipped from my fingers. It wasn’t a long drop and the bag landed upright so I thought nothing of it.

I got ready for bed, grabbed my computer and sent Linda a super hyper thank you e-mail. Then I started poring over Lynnderella’s website and updating my Lynnderella wish list. I had just listed down “Happy Holo-Daze” and “One Nutty Fruitcake” when I reached for the bag of polish to get my pouch that was also in it.

Weird, I thought, I smell polish.

My heart started beating faster. Everything else was in slow motion. As I reached for the bag and started removing its contents, my brain was going, “No no no no no no, this isn’t happening, no no no no no.”

Then I saw it. The pool of black and white. At the bottom of the bag.

And “no no no” became “NO NO NO NO.”

Because yes, my bottle of Connect the Dots had broken. My favorite. The bottle I was most excited about. And there was nothing left, nothing I could still save.






Just looking at this hurts. I didn’t know what to do. I swear, I considered just dipping my nails in the pool of polish just so I could wear Connect the Dots even once. But it would be too messy.

The bag is still here, right beside me. I couldn’t force myself to throw the bottle out yet, I’m not ready.

All these “shouldn’t haves” and “could haves” keep running through my head.

I shouldn’t have removed the bubble wrap. I could have waited until I got home. I could have gotten out of the car before picking up the bag. I shouldn’t have been so damn klutzy. I should have tried it on – even over the glitter. I could have been more careful.

But it’s too late now.

I feel really bad about it. And I’m surprised at how painful it is. I know some people would say, “It’s just polish, get a grip!” But I am seriously heartbroken. So heartbroken I actually cried.

I’m sorry, Linda, for breaking your gift. I really didn’t want it to happen. I’m sorry, Lynnderella, I should have taken better care of your creation. I’m sorry, Connect the Dots, I didn’t even get to wear you.

But I promise you – Connect the Dots will be mine one day, somehow, some way.

Now I’m going to go to bed with tiny pieces of black and white glitter all over my fingers and hope I wake up feeling a little better.


  1. Kitty says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :( I do believe it will be yours one day still Pam. We have our ways!

  2. kat d. says:

    Tragedy!!! I want to cry :’( CtD is my favorite Lynnderella and possibly fave glitter EVER!!! I *know* it will be yours again, hopefully sooner than later. My condolences, Pammy.

  3. Cat says:

    What a bummer! Mine is from that batch too, with the thinner bottles. I hope it survives! Don’t you fret, dear – another one will make its way to you!

  4. jera says:

    awww. :( ( my condolences pammy!

  5. Awww, I’m sorry! That sucks!

  6. Eugenia says:

    I’m so, so, so, sorry for this having happened to you, of all people. I know how much you value your polishes, and how special this must have been to you, and I’m crying right there with you, my friend…and I’m not even the biggest glitter fan! Don’t worry Pam: something tells me that you WILL be reunited with this little gem…you’ll see (and I’m NEVER wrong about these things)!!

    • pam says:

      Thanks so much Eugenia! I usually don’t go crazy over glitter too (although I’ve been liking it more and more these past few months) but Connect the Dots is really special! And you are so right! And it happened faster than I could have imagined!

  7. greenpease says:

    My heart stopped at the sight of the broken connect the dot bottle!

    I feel your pain Pammy! =(

  8. Rie says:

    Oh no Pam!! I totally feel your pain on this one. I had a similar incident happen this past summer with Deborah Lippmann’s Lara’s Theme. Bought it, brought it with me on a road trip to Ohio with plans to wear it. Left it in my polish bag in the car for 15 minutes, I too smelled that horrible nail polish smell. Lara’s Theme had overheated and EXPLODED all over all of my other polishes. I never even had the chance to try it once. And all of my polishes that I’d brought with me were now a bright orange color. :( I cried. I cried hard, my poor boyfriend had no idea what to do.

    Luckily we were able to clean the polish off of my other bottles and they were salvaged. I eventually ended up buying Lara’s Theme again.

    Also! If you have access to Llarowe’s shop she will start carrying Lynnderella polishes this month and she ships international. So perhaps Connect The Dots will be yours again soon!

    • pam says:

      OMG! Poor Lara’s Theme! :( (I love Lara’s Theme!) I can totally relate. It really is heartbreaking! It’s so sweet of your boyfriend to help you clean the other bottles. And I’m glad you got Lara’s Theme again!

      Thank you so much, yes Connect the Dots will be mine again soon! I can’t wait to wear it!

  9. MoMo says:

    I recently fell in love with Lynderella.Her creations from what I have seen are simply amazing. I have been obseesing over her creations ALL day in my head ever since I stumbled upon her site! I read your sad story & actually felt sad for you. UGH I hope you get your “connect the dots” some day! I’m sure you will!!

  10. Jessica says:

    Wow this is not for the faint-hearted. Keep your eyes peeled for when Llarowe gets this back in stock, maybe?

  11. Ouuuuch :( I’m sorry that happened. I would have cried too.

  12. Cathy Reyes says:

    Pam as I read this I have tears welling up in my eyes. I’m sure you’ve been waiting for this for so long and finally having it couldn’t feel any better. I’m sorry Pam.

    One day, one way, you will have CtD again. And we’ll all be happy for you too :)

  13. Sam says:

    I had this virtually identical DISASTER with my first bottle of OPI mad as a hatter! =s that same hmm i can smell polish? =s same heart racing and no no no n o n oooooo !! =( sad times! =( but now have replacement! =) good things come to those who wait! =D

    • pam says:

      Oh no!!! Not Mad As A Hatter! :( I swear, I can relate. Now the strong smell of polish makes me super paranoid, it makes me jump up and check if I have any more casualties…

  14. Cas W says:

    Oh no! I am so sorry for your loss! It’s always sad when a polish is lost, especially one so precious and beautiful.

    • pam says:

      It really is.. My heart still breaks when I see this picture.. But I do have a bottle of Connect the Dots now and I have so much fun playing with it :)

  15. Claudia says:

    so sad!!!
    i’m in love for Lynnderellas, but a can’t acess the blog
    can you invite me??

  16. Adriana says:

    I just came across your blog through Pinterest because of my recent obsession with Lynnderella’s polishes! Do you know the best place to buy them from her (when she’s in stock, that is). All of her polishes are amazing and I love all the examples you have on here!

    • pam says:

      Reposting this comment Cristina wrote in reply to another Lynn post on my site:

      “You can find out more info from on ordering Lynnderella’s! The shop owner Leah Anne (seller for Lynns) is currently NOT taking wishlist orders until she completes what she has pending. These polishes are VERY popular and everybody wants them! You can also look Llarowe up on facebook which is where she posts all her updates. Lynn’s blog is currently closed and they are being sold through Llarowe. Once Llarowe starts accepting wishlists again you can submit an email to: requesting a wishlist form and take it from there.”

      Hope that helps :)

  17. Ramina says:

    Check out this one as an alternative, its remarkably similar!
    White noise by Starrily,

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