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MUG SHOT: Look ma, no glitter! (Playing with Deborah Lippmann’s jellies and cremes)

November 30, 2011 by pam

It’s been my dream to fill a bathtub with nail polish. It’s a dream I will turn into reality, I keep telling Jill, even though her eyes usually glaze over at the use of the words “nail polish” and “bathtub” in the same sentence.

So imagine the look on my face when I saw this on Deborah Lippmann’s Tumblr.


The bathtub of my dreams! In real life!

This bathtub was at the Lippmann event held recently for beauty editors. Eva Chen of Teen Vogue was there and she posted four pictures on Instagram (1, 2, 3, 4) – four pictures that will make your jaw drop if you are even the tiniest bit crazy about polish.

A glitter party. Where you could mix your own Lippmann shade. Seriously. Someone wipe the drool off the floor.

Now while I didn’t get the chance to mix my own Lippmann polish, I got my Lippmann fix by playing with the bottles Sol helped me haul from Nordstrom.

Deborah Lippmann is famous for her glitter but I decided I needed these glitter-free shades in my life too.


Lara’s Theme, I Know What Boys Like, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Call Me Irresponsible.


They look so pretty all lined up – like candy for your nails.


This is Girls Just Want To Have Fun.



Named after the Cyndi Lauper song (which was remade by Miley Cyrus), Girls Just Want To Have Fun is described as “carefree coral.”


This Spring/Summer 2011 polish has been classified as creme but I really think it’s a jelly.


It’s crazy squishy.


Even after three coats, you can still see my nail line. I don’t mind though, especially since the formula is nice and problem-free.


I’ve seen this shade pull more orange on people with lighter skin. On me, it looks more pink.


I like it, it reminds me of a cold glass of Strawberry Kool-Aid. (And yes, I just had some yesterday.)


This is Lara’s Theme.



Deborah Lippmann created Lara’s Theme with model Lara Stone and released it for Spring/Summer 2011.


Lara is from the Netherlands and as an homage to her heritage, this shade is described as “double Dutch orange.” Orange is the color of the Dutch royal family.


I love how intense this color is.


It’s bold and bright without being a garish neon.


The formula was fantastic. I used two coats.


I love it. I love love love it.


First Dior Aloha and now this – 2011 has been a great year for me and orange polish.


This is Call Me Irresponsible.



This Summer 2009 release was named after a song that was first written in 1962 and has since been sung by Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble, among others.


Call Me Irresponsible is described as “vivacious violet.”


Like Girls Just Want To Have Fun, this was classified as a creme but it really is more of a jelly.


Look at that crazy squishiness.


The bottle color is more intense than what you see on your nails. But it’s lovely, lovely, lovely.


I have nothing like this purple jelly.


Call Me Irresponsible is one of my longtime Lippmann lemmings. I’m so glad I finally pulled the trigger. Now I think I need It’s Raining Men so Call Me Irresponsible wouldn’t be lonely.


And finally, I Know What Boys Like.



Yes, I know what boys like but that’s not what I mean. This polish was named after a song by The Waitresses (and Vitamin C and Katharine McPhee).


This Spring/Summer 2011 shade is described as “playful periwinkle.”


And yes, that’s what it is.


I Know What Boys Like is a creme.


The formula was lovely, it was opaque in two coats.


I like this one too. It’s really pretty.


Deborah Lippmann’s polishes are available at Rustan’s. Most of the shades in this post will be available here early next year along with Lippmann’s Fall and Holiday 2011 shades.


  1. Kitty says:

    Lara’s Theme is soooo pretty! It really pops. I love it and have it too! I haven’t tried Call Me Irresponsible but hay naku! Ganda talaga!

    • pam says:

      It’s really pretty! I was surprised it became my fave out of the four!

      And it’s true! It was more sheer than I expected but I still love it!

  2. Roan says:

    I’m not a purple fan but and ganda ng Call Me Irresponsible! And I looove Lara’s Theme!

  3. kat d. says:

    Call Me Irresponsible was my first non-glitter DL. purple jelly? Yes, please! I also own IKWBL and love it, too. I haven’t clicked those Eva links above, but i bet one of them is the preview of DL’s spring collection. Those look soooo yummy! ;)

    • pam says:

      Kat! What I posted were Eva’s shots while she was making polish! That must have been crazy fun!!!!!

      But OMG I saw those spring shades and yes, I can’t wait to see swatches of them!

  4. Nicole says:

    Oh my god. That polish-filled bathtub made my heart skip a beat. And the non-glitter shades are so pretty too. I’m loving I Know What Boys Like and Lara’s Theme!♥

  5. vylettekaye says:

    hello ms. pammy, can i ask where at rustan’s department store can i buy deborah lippman and o.p.i nail polishes? i’m not familiar at rustan’s, Thanks so much!!!

    • Cathy Reyes says:

      Hi vylettekaye! :) epal lang. hahaha Which rustan’s branch do you plan to visit? In Shang it’s on the ground floor, the one with all the make up, with MAC right at the entrance. If you enter through that, the polishes would be on your left side, before you reach the escalators. In Rustan’s Makati, Lippmann shades are in a separate section, I think in their beauty (?) department. Normally I’d go into the entrance near Glorietta 5 then pass all the make up then out again near the perfumes. Again, it would be just near MAC (beside it actually if I’m not mistaken). If you get lost, ask the guards. They’re very accommodating. :)

      Btw I’m not so sure about the OPI shades. Months ago they were getting rid of current stocks because they won’t be distributing OPI anymore.

      Hope this helps!:)

      • vylettekaye says:

        Thank you! miss cathy, you’ve been a great help. :-)

        • pam says:

          You rock, Cathy :) Thanks for answering vylettekaye’s question!

          And vylettekaye, I hope you’ve had fun shopping at Rustan’s! :)

          Rustan’s no longer sells OPI. You can find Deborah Lippmann at the new Essenses – and yes, it’s beside MAC in Glorietta, just outside Rustan’s Beauty Department :)

  6. Cathy Reyes says:

    Make your own Lippamann shade???? Why don’t they do that here huhuhu. Eva’s shade is gorge! XD

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