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October, 2011

  1. POLICE FILES: Live from New York, it’s Petah the polish elf

    October 24, 2011 by pam

    After flying for what felt like eternity, Jill and I finally landed in New York.

    I was glad to finally be on solid ground and so happy to be back in my second favorite city in the world (my favorite, of course, is Manila, my home).

    And I think New York was happy to see me too – it gave me a crazy warm welcome.

    First there was the friendliest immigration officer in the world.

    “Where are you from?”
    “The Philippines.”
    “Ahh, good people.”

    “How old are you?”
    “No! You look 18.”

    Why thank you, immigrations officer. Please let me enter your country.

    He said he was planning a trip to the Philippines next year, asked for tips and actually took notes. So yeah, I was there for a long time.

    When we were done, Jill and The World’s Friendliest Immigration Officer talked about their Ray-Bans. Then we hit the baggage carousel. Then we grabbed a cab outside the airport.

    The long flight had given me a headache and the cab driver’s penchant for hitting the brakes really hard made me so dizzy I felt like curling up into a ball in the back seat.

    But something made me feel better.



    Yes, the Chanel Shade Parade video was playing on the little TV screen inside the cab.


    I was tickled.

    We arrived at Peter and Kyle’s lovely orange and blue Brooklyn apartment.

    You know how awesome Petah is?

    Even his popcorn matches his apartment’s interiors.


    Blue popcorn sprinkled with parmesan.


    It was goooood.

    Seriously, Martha Stewart needs him on her team.

    It was Petah’s birthday when we arrived so we gave him our present. His party won’t be until Saturday though and I love the theme – Cowboys and Spice Girls.

    That afternoon, we took a lovely walk around their neighborhood, stopping to buy pistachio cream puffs at Moutarde, where a scene from Julie and Julia was shot. We went to the library and Prospect Park and checked out the pumpkins on people’s front steps.


    Then we went to Ikea for our beloved meatballs. But that’s not all we ended up eating.


    Yes, all that food for three people. I loved the garlic toast. I’d go back for more meatballs and garlic toast.

    Back in the apartment after our Ikea feast, Peter handed me this pretty bag. It was his late birthday present, he said.


    I knew something was up because Jill immediately trained her camera on me and she looked really excited.


    But not as excited as me.

    First there was this lovely card.




    I love how Petah knows exactly what I like.


    And after reading the card, I knew exactly what he got me.

    Oh my god.


    Dior Saint Tropez.


    There’s a long story behind this gift – and this story will show you why Petah’s gift touched me so deeply.

    I fell in love with Saint Tropez the first time I saw photos of it online. I tried figuring out where I could buy it but since it was a limited edition shade that was created for the Dior boutique opening in Saint Tropez, I knew it was a long shot. Some Dior fans said they only saw it on the website for an hour before it disappeared, some girls said they saw it in Las Vegas. Then I saw that it would be available in a few boutiques around the world and that the list included New York.

    I knew who could help me.

    Petah the Polish Elf.

    He started looking for this polish for me in June. June. I am not kidding. He didn’t find it in New York (the Dior boy even gave him attitude) and when he went to Paris and London, he checked the stores there too. No Saint Tropez. Jill checked for bottles in Paris, Greece and Italy. No sign of Saint Tropez anywhere. I checked stores in Singapore. Again, no luck. So I was ready to give up. Three people searching in three continents. That was a great effort for one bottle of polish. It was time to throw in the towel.

    But unlike me, Peter refused to give up.


    And he found Saint Tropez.

    He wouldn’t tell me where but he found it.


    I couldn’t believe it was finally right in front of me.


    If there weren’t so many of them watching me, I would have cried.

    “If I tell you I’ll find it, it means I’ll find it,” Petah said.

    Naturally, I had to paint my nails immediately.

    I love Saint Tropez. It’s so pretty.

    I wore Saint Tropez on the subway.


    And to the Brooklyn Flea Market where I ate a lobster roll.


    It was good, I wanna eat it again next week.


    I love Saint Tropez. I love it so much I wanted to buy every ring and bracelet that matched it at the Brooklyn Flea. And there were a lot of them.


    I love you, Dior. I love you, Saint Tropez.

    Petah found Wonder Woman for me. And got me my Chanel Les Jeans right in the middle of FNO craziness. And found my Dior Mitzahs. And now Dior Saint Tropez. He has an amazing knack for finding my most coveted shades.

    It’s crazy.

    He’s not just a polish elf, he’s a polish genie.

    Either way he’s completely magical.

    I love you, Petah. You are awesome. And your amazing polish-finding ability is just a teeny fraction of that awesomeness.

    I’m so happy I might just ride the mechanical bull at your birthday party.

  2. POLICE FILES: Chanel + Lippmann = more birthday surprises

    October 24, 2011 by pam

    (Warning: if you hate feet, skip this post. There’s a feet shot in this entry – just one.)

    My birthday has been over for over a week now but the love hasn’t stopped.

    A few days ago, I received a text message from Air21 telling me that a package was on its way to me. I thought it was odd since I wasn’t expecting any packages. I wondered if I had been Ebaying in my sleep again. A few hours later, the package arrived.

    It was a gift.

    I tore into it and found these inside:


    Insantly, I knew who it was from. Smile, who is super awesome and super thoughtful and super kind and super funny and who will always be one of my most favorite people in the world.


    Smile gave me two of her room and linen sprays – White Tea and Day At The Spa. When I say they’re hers, they’re really hers. Smile is the woman behind Amber Lights Laguna, a Filipino brand that produces homemade scented soya candles and room sprays. I love love love Smile’s scented candles (some of my favorites are Banana Nut Bread, Scotch Pine, White Tea and Day At The Spa) and I’ve been excited to try her room sprays. If you want to order, click click click.


    She also sent me Chanel Coromandel which has been on my wish list forever and ever. I cannot wait to try it.

    Thank you, Smile. Your card made me laugh.

    A few days later, EJ and other friends from Globe dropped by my office. They gave me this pretty package.


    I was touched by how excited they were about my birthday gift. They said it involved a bit of research.

    And yes, they really did their research.


    Not only did they get me Deborah Lippmann’s Yellow Brick Road and Purple Rain, both of which I’ve been lemming forever, they also got me Makin’ Whoopee, a fabulous pink which I couldn’t believe has slipped my radar. I love it.


    I am touched by the effort they put into my gift. So sweet.


    I have been obsessing over Deborah Lippmann’s polish so much lately. Aside from the glittery shades my brother gave me and the three from Globe, I also bought Superstar, Razzle Dazzle and Believe at Rustan’s.

    And because Jill and I were leaving for New York on Saturday, we hit Nail Spa in Shang with our friends on Friday evening. There I got to use another birthday surprise – the Nail Spa gift certificates Mark and Donna and everyone at Stratworks sent me.

    I brought a bunch of polish with me and ended up choosing Believe for my hands. Believe is a gorgeous silver gold that Deborah Lippmann created with Cher.


    For my feet, I went for something a little crazier.

    I originally just wanted Lippmann’s Lady Sings The Blues on my toes but the Nail Spa girls told me that the woman doing my pedi was excellent at nail art. “Why don’t you ask her to do skulls on your big toes?” they said.

    And since Halloween is coming up, I said, “Why not?”

    Brace yourself for the feet shot….

    Here we go…


    Pretty cool huh?

    Thank you for the awesome birthday surprises and the overwhelming polish love.

    My crazy skulls and I are very happy.