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MUG SHOT: Seeing (leopard) spots with Camel and Ebony from Dior’s Mitzah Collection

September 20, 2011 by pam

One of my favorite things in the world is getting mail – nail mail.


And yesterday, a fantastic FedEx package arrived from Petah, my awesome polish elf.


You know how he got me my Les Jeans De Chanel at this year’s Fashion Night Out. But that’s not all Petah sent.


He also sent this lovely bag from Sephora.


And the bag contained two very special polish bottles.


Two bottles I’ve been lemming for months.


Two bottles I’ve been drooling over.


Two bottles I had almost given up on.


And they’re finally here.


Dior Camel and Ebony.


The two shades from Dior’s Mitzah Collection.


The collection was inspired by Mitzah Bricard, Christian Dior’s muse.


Mitzah Bricard was a leopard print-loving hat designer.


And Dior honored her with a leopard print-inspired makeup collection that I just love.

This is Ebony.


Ebony is a gorgeous gray brown.


The formula was lovely, like most of the Diors in my collection.


Super smooth, glossy and opaque in two coats.


Ebony is a bit lighter than Underground and doesn’t have Underground’s purple tones.


This one is dusky and has a lot of gray in it.


I love it.


I think it’s gorgeous.


Naturally, even though I suck at nail art, I had to try leopard print nails using Ebony as the base.


It’s messy, yes.


But I was surprised at how much I liked it.


I used Dior Camel to make the spots before outlining them with Etude House’s black nail art pen.


My mistake was using Dior’s gigantic brush to make the spots.


It was easier to do with an orange stick – but I discovered that later.


Still, I like it.


And now, Dior Camel.


Now I had really high hopes for this polish.


But oh my god, it was so thick and streaky I almost cried.


I’m pretty sure I got a bad bottle because everyone else had nothing but great things to say about Camel’s formula.


And I’ve never seen a streaky Dior polish and I have quite a few. I’m so tempted to write to Dior about this.


I’m normally really careful about watering down my polish with thinner (I’ve only done it once – and to a Seche Vite top coat and not an actual polish) but this time I had no choice. And even though Sparitual recommended that I only use two drops of their thinner, I ended up using ten to make this work.


Sigh, Camel. Why did you have to break my heart?


Of course, even though Camel was stubborn, I knew I had to do leopard print nails using her as the base.


This time I used an orange stick to make the Ebony spots.


It was way easier because I had more control.


I have so much respect for nail artists. What they do is so not easy. (You rock, Sophy Robson. You’re awesome, Rina Alcantara.)


Originally I wanted to use Konad.


Now I’m glad I couldn’t find my plate with the leopard print design.


It forced me to do this freehand.


I am not good at it but I still had fun.


And while you will not see any leopard prints in my wardrobe,


this is a look I can totally rock – at least on my nails.


I liked how this turned out so much that I can almost forgive Camel for being streak city.


I love you, Petah.

You can find Dior’s Mitzah Collection at Sephora now.


  1. Eugenia says:

    This is too weird, Pam….I’m just putting the finishing touches to my my review on these two as well! Not too long ago, we were both griping about how much we were dying for these shades and…voila! I picked them up at my local Sephora just last Friday, lol!! First things first, they both look totally killer on you and while I probably am the absolute suckiest at nail art, I am in total all of your attempt…love the Ebony on Camel version as it just seems to pop! As to your crap bottle of Camel, you’re right…it must have been a dud because mine had no isses whatsoever. You should write to Dior; who know what that might just bring about?! Gorgeous swatches, as usual!!!

    • pam says:

      Hey Eugenia!! I love how in sync we are! :) And I hope we can both say we finally got our hands on St. Tropez soon! :)

      I can’t believe you’d be sucky at nail art! You have the steadiest hands!

      I’ve tried googling and so far, I think I’m the only one with an insanely streaky bottle of Camel. :( I tried sending an email to the customer service e-mail address up on Dior USA but it bounced. I sent a message through the contact form on their website but their 350-character limit made it hard for me to explain everything… Wish me luck please.. I really love Camel and I want to keep using it but thinking about the formula is stopping me from bringing it out again…. and I still want to do comparison swatches!

      On to more positive things… I can’t wait to see these on your gorgeous nails! :)

  2. noooo, I really don’t think you suck at nail art, they’re pretty swell in my opinion! you always have great taste in nail polish, always :)

  3. greenpease says:

    Ang nyarp ng photos!!! Love the giraffe nail art sister. =)

  4. Marvi says:

    Good job! For someone who claims to suck at nail art, you did quite great! Love it. :)

  5. Kitty says:

    What do you mean you didn’t do a good job?! Ang ganda! I love it!

    P.S. May listahan ka ba? I can’t keep getting you random ones!

  6. Cathy says:

    I totally wouldn’t notice that you had a bad bottle, Pam. Your nails were done perfectly, as usual. And you got skills girl! I tried doing the ladybug version on my own and I’m just having a hard time using the nail art pen. Polka dots is way easier to do with those though. Will keep practicing! :)

    • pam says:

      Hey Cathy! Thanks so much! Sparitual’s polish thinner helped a lot in making the polish manageable… And I swear, if I can do leopard spots, you totally can too!

  7. Kasiah says:

    I love the designes you did!! I might try to do them myself!

  8. Cheanne says:

    beautiful….I love camel without the leopard design on you and ebony with leopard design is amazing…..ganda ganda talaga…..

  9. Nina says:

    So sad that your bottle of Camel is a dud. :-( If only you had a nearby Sephora, they would gladly exchange your defective bottle for a new one. Even without a receipt, you would only need an id. However you did as awesome job with both designs nonetheless. Now seeing these pics, I now want to buy Ebony to go along with my Camel. Eeeps! Darn those glossy pretty nails, enabling my beauty addiction.

    • pam says:

      Hey Nina! It is sad but the Dior people have been awesome, they replied to me immediately and asked me to return the bottle :)

      And yesssss you need Ebony, you don’t want your Camel to be lonely! :) Dior is LOVE :)

  10. Carol says:

    Hey, Pammy! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now (in love!), and I thought that maybe you could help me with something…
    I just got a bottle of Ebony, but the packaging is the classic dark blue one, not the pretty black and gold… do you think it could be the asian version? Or maybe something else? The color is sooo pretty I will die if I find out it’s fake! :(

    Thanks in advance!


    • pam says:

      Hi Carol! What number is on your bottle of Ebony? And where did you buy it?

      I did a little research – Dior released a color in 2008 but it’s called Red Ebony and yes, it came in the blue box. Its number is 813… Is the color you got 912?

      I haven’t heard of Ebony being rereleased in the blue box but Aloha, which came in a silver box with a top coat has recently appeared in Hong Kong in a blue box and clear bottle (the bottle I got was orange). I will do a little more research… I’ll let you know what I find out…

      • Carol says:

        Hi, thanks for the quick response!
        Yes, it’s the 912, and it says Mitzah on the front, under the number…
        It’s exactly like this one:
        I bought mine from a brazilian online store, and since many places here still carry both colors, I’m thinking maybe Dior made a national re-release or something… I’m sending them an e-mail and as soon as I get the answer I’ll come here to tell you!
        Thanks a lot!


        • pam says:

          That’s really possible! They’ve been known to rerelease limited edition shades :) I’d love to know if you find out (btw they’re rereleasing st tropez too which is excellent!)

          • Carol says:

            omg omg omg
            I can’t believe i’ll (probably) be getting my hands on Saint Tropez! owwwwww thanks so much for the news!!!
            anyway, I just got the answer from the brazilian LVMH customer care and they weren’t very helpful… they said “all Dior lacquers come in the blue box, even the limited editions” and that they “don’t have any information on shades being released with different color boxes outside Brazil”
            well, I guess they don’t know much, lol
            at least they said that the store I bought it from is a direct buyer, therefore an authorized reseller
            so I guess I can relax about it being fake, even though I’ll keep wondering about the box, lol
            anyway thanks for the help, you truly are the sweetest! :)


            • pam says:

              So happy too that Saint Tropez is coming back!

              If the store you bought your bottle from is an authorized reseller, I’m pretty sure you have nothing to worry about! :)

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