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MUG SHOT: Chanel Gondola is fun and sexy

August 28, 2011 by pam

If you’re as crazy about Chanel polish as I am, then you know exactly how I feel when new collections are announced and released.

Excited just doesn’t cut it.

Shortness of breath. Palpitations. Internal screaming. Giddiness.

Check. Check. Check. Check. CHECK.

But here’s the truth — while I love finding out about new shades, I also relish the time between releases. Those couple of months when things get a little quiet, when it’s too early to hunt for swatches, when finding bottles are impossible.

Because that’s when I can devote my time and attention to previous releases, to colors from Chanel’s permanent line, bottles that are easier to find than the limited edition shades.

Colors like Chanel Gondola.


Gondola was part of Chanel’s Venice Collection for Fall 2009.


It was released with Intermezzo, a soft shimmery white.


I have a habit of dropping by the Chanel counter every time I’m in Rustan’s. A visit just doesn’t feel complete without me saying hi to the Chanel pretties on display.


I first saw Gondola during one of these trips. I picked up the tester and did a quick swatch on one of my nails.


I marveled at the shimmer and made a mental note to add it to my wish list.

I finally got my hands on Gondola (months and months later) and I love it.


Gondola is a pretty burgundy that leans pink


and has pinkish red and gold shimmer and sparkle.


Chanel does a lot of deep wines, dark reds and reddish brown shades but the shimmer in Gondola makes it stand out.


It’s fun and sexy.


Subtle enough to wear to work.


Sparkly enough to flash at a party.


Gondola will rock as a pedi color too.


I can’t wait to wear it.


I had zero issues with Gondola’s formula.


It’s nice and smooth and is perfectly opaque in just two coats.


I’m so glad I finally added Gondola to my collection.


And here is Gondola mattified. Check out the now matte sparkle.


Speaking of matte, I can’t wait to try Chanel’s Velvet Top Coat which is set to come out later this year.

You can find Gondola and other Chanel shades at Rustan’s. Each bottle is ₱1350.


  1. Eugenia says:

    Pam, you did it again; you made me want to race out right NOW and pick this up — but I can’t. Because it’s 10:37 pm where I am, and the stores are closed. But tomorrow morning, ahhhhh…..guess where I’ll be headed?! Lol!! No, seriously…I need to pick this up! I agree with you about the “in-between-the collections” times, where we can sit back, breathe a bit & re-aquaint ourselves with beloved past shades. I have a box of “vintage Chanel” polishes that I have been simply dying to start posting about…you’ve inspired me to do just that! Hugs! :)

  2. pam says:

    Eugenia! Gondola will look gorgeous on you!!!

    Me too! It’s my dream to be able to swatch all the Chanels in my collection :D We’ll get there one day, haha :)


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