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MUG SHOT: Polish party with OPI, Katy Perry and Serena Williams

July 30, 2011 by pam

When OPI first released the Katy Perry collection, I passed.


Sure, the colors were pretty but I wasn’t a big Katy Perry fan. Her songs were catchy, I had some of them in my iPod and I liked that she’s into nails but I wasn’t crazy about her.

But that changed when I heard Last Friday Night.

And when I saw the music video, I knew I had to have its polish namesake.

Any polish inspired by this nutty 80s awesomess (yes, I mean awesome mess) is a polish I want to have in my life. And no, not just because I wore braces for years.

Luckily, my favorite online shop Digital Traincase was bringing in the collection. I immediately placed an order with Sol, the ultimate polish pimp.

And a couple of days ago, they arrived.

Teenage Dream.


And Last Friday Night.


Both colors are pretty sheer (with amazing holographic glitter that flashes the colors of the rainbow even when you’re not in the sun) and since I never wear sheer polish, I knew I was going to layer them.


But that didn’t stop me from trying to get Teenage Dream to go opaque.


Clearly, I failed.

So I brought out Steady As She Rose.


I thought this gorgeous pale pink from the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection would look pretty with Teenage Dream.


I was right.


I love how Steady As She Rose gives Teenage Dream a softness, making the crazy glitter subtle.


I wanted to see if it was possible to bling this color out so I added another coat.


And another.


There. That’s blingy.

I brought out Sparrow Me The Drama too, also from the Pirates collection.


And it looks great with Teenage Dream too.


This pink prettiness is driving me crazy.


Two coats of Teenage Dream for a little extra crazy.


I grabbed Zoya Zara from my Helmer.


When I applied it, I thought, “Holy crap! Why did I never wear this before?!” Zara is crazy pretty. Just check out that flash of gold. Madness.


But Teenage Dream made that gold flash disappear.


Hmm, not exactly a great mix.


Zara was already blingtastic without the glitter. I probably shouldn’t have touched it.

I played with Last Friday Night next. I didn’t try getting it to go opaque anymore.

Instead, I picked up Orly Frisky, which is part of Orly’s recently released Happy Go Lucky Collection.


This bright blue is just beautiful.


And with Last Friday Night on top?


It’s magical.


I don’t know why it turned some of the glitter yellow but I don’t care because it’s pretty.


I tried finding polish soulmates for Teenage Dream and Last Friday Night so I can make them look opaque but I only succeeded with Last Friday Night.


Doesn’t China Glaze Frostbite look like Last Friday Night’s more opaque and electrified twin?


I think so. Don’t stare at Frostbite’s bottle too much – he feels shy. He knows he looks like crap, with the letters all rubbed off. He wants you know he’s been through a lot.

A lot. But not enough to turn ugly. Because Frostbite on its own is hot. And Frostbite with Last Friday Night? Insane.


Doesn’t this look like Last Friday Night just decided to stop being sheer?


Yes it does.


I pulled out another polish I haven’t given a lot of love even though it totally deserves it – OPI Ink.


This blurple shimmer is amazing. I feel sorry for neglecting it all this time.


And with Last Friday Night on top, it’s a little too crazy. Almost like I’m trying to compete with Tony Moly’s Galaxy.


There’s so much going on on my nails.


It looks so much like outer space that I am feeling the need to check my nails for alien life forms.


Katy Perry isn’t the only celebrity at this party. Let’s ask Serena Williams to join in.


I also ordered her England OPI Duo from Digital Traincase. The two colors in the collection are Grape… Set… Match and Servin’ Up Sparkle.


Grape… Set… Match reminds me so much of OPI Ink – it’s just more purple.


Servin’ Up Sparkle is the same glittery holographic goodness you can find in Teenage Dream and Last Friday Night – except this comes in a clear base. Perfect for layering.


This is Grape… Set… Match.


I thought this was going to be a two-coater but after two coats there were still bald spots so I went for three.


What makes this purple even more pretty is the iridescent purple sparkle that flashes blue, pink and purple.


Grape… Set… Match is gorgeous on its own.


With Servin’ Up Sparkle on top, it looks like I dusted my nails with sparkly sugar.


This is one coat – as you can see, I didn’t get a lot of the bigger glitter pieces onto my nails.


So I did another coat.


And there you go, glitter craziness.


Like Teenage Dream and Last Friday Night, I love how the holo glitter in Servin’ Up Sparkle turns into all colors of the rainbow without having to be out in the sun.


I love it.


But the party is over – and now I’m kind of drunk on glitter.

If you’re in the Philippines, order these colors from Digital Traincase. Aside from these colors, Digital Traincase has the following bottles of OPI available now: Your Royal Shine-Ness Duo Set, Katy Perry’s Not Like The Movies and The One That Got Away, the Miss Universe Collection (which I think I must own) and Play the Peonies and I Lily Love You from the OPI Nice Stems Collection. Sol also has the China Glaze Crackles, China Glaze Metal Crackles, Misa 9 to 5 Collection, Seche Vite Top Coat and Essie Matte About You in stock. Follow Digital Traincase on Twitter.


  1. Eugenia says:

    Don’t you just love playing with the ooey-gooey consistency of Last Friday Night and Teenage Dream?! They are so much fun! But seriously, Pam…..your layering combo of Last Friday Night over Ink is TO DIE FOR!!!! The milky way has some serious competition there, let me tell you! Gorgeous, girl…..simply gorgeous!! Brilliant review!

    • pam says:

      Thanks so much, Eugenia! :) Yes! I had so much fun playing these! :D And yes, that was a crazy combination, haha! I spent quite a bit of time staring at my nails!

  2. Laura says:

    WOW! I loooove Last Friday Night over Ink. That is spectacular! Now I feel like I need that polish. Ughhh… It’s already out of stores here in the US! I hate you, Pam (but really not).

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