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POLICE FILES: How the fabulous Adina Bodana stole my heart

July 11, 2011 by pam

It takes more than just great colors for a brand to capture my heart. There has to be a story. The brand has to have soul.

And that’s exactly what Adina Bodana brings to a-england. More than just the gorgeous colors and the fantastic formula, Adina has managed to create a brand that speaks to polish fans. It is rich – in color, in story and soul. And that is why, even though it’s practically a baby in the already saturated nail polish scene, a-england did not have problems with getting noticed. And it hasn’t just gotten attention, it has won hearts all over the world.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Adina was destined to bring beautiful nail lacquer to the world.


Even as a little girl, the Milan-born designer was fascinated with painting her nails. She calls it “a lifelong passion.” She worked with Gianni Versace and did a lot of work in fashion, ballet and opera before moving to London in 1989. She continued to immerse herself in the world of fashion, designing dresses and accessories for a Dubai-based haute couture house.

Earlier this year, she introduced a-england, bringing her colors and stories to fingertips in all corners of the world.






Holy Grail


King Arthur

And she’s just getting started. In fact, Adina is in the process of adding new shades to her collection.

Polish Police recently talked with Adina about her love for polish, her passion for England and her own a-england picks.

What made you decide to create your own nail polish brand?

During my experience in fashion I designed almost everything. I realized the cycle was complete, there was nothing more to say by me. Painting my nails instead has been a constant expression, enjoyment and a way to connect with people. Eventually the right time came when I felt I was ready to join my two passions – for England and nail colours. I am a grounded person on one side but follow deeply the way of the heart too. 

Have you always loved nail polish?

Like many other people passionate about nail polish the discovery, interest and enthusiasm started when I was a little child. I would notice with awe all the painted nails I would come across, then would experiment with watercolours and even sticking geranium petals to my little nails. Later I realized the immediate gratification and the therapy hidden in the process: the joy of wearing different nail polishes as part of yourself and being able to watch at the colours all the time.

Tell us the concept behind a-england. Why did you choose Arthurian legend as your theme?

First of all I have a special and unique relationship with England. Something I define as “a call from the heart”. Unexplainable and very real. The spirit of England is intrinsically bonded with my life. That’s why the letter “a” (my initial) is linked to England in the logo. I like to communicate, even in fragment, my passion for this country. I want to tell stories about it, give something which is not only a product, but something to think, talk and maybe fantasize about.

Also it’s very important for me that the element of beauty is always linked to quality. I endeavour to offer the best quality in what I do.

The final element is the human one. Communication, interaction with the world of followers out there is important to me.

In what ways does your background in fashion help you with running a-england?

My experience in giving some order and method to the creative impulse definitely helps but I am very instinctive too. 

What sets a-england apart from other brands?

a-england offers stories. And I am able to feel increasingly connected with the community of customers and friends who appreciate the brand. My aim is to continue offering quality products, stories and my love for England.

How do you feel about the great feedback your brand and shades have gotten from polish fans?

The interest and the affection I’ve been receiveing since I started is overwhelming. It’s been a continuous exchange of love, a heavenly source of encouragement and precious feedback from bloggers and fans. I feel very grateful!

Which colors have been the best-sellers?

Definitely the two soft holos: Tristam and Lady of The Lake. In my first collection I offered different kinds of finish to taste the market but I will concentrate more on what bloggers and fans all want from me. 




Lady of the Lake

Which of the a-england colors are your favorites and why?

They go with my mood, inspiration, whim… What I use mostly are King Arthur, Merlin and Camelot. I like grey/silver tones and black. These are also the colours I am always dressed in, the tones of my jewelry and of my kitten Tristam.


If someone was trying a-england for the first time, which shade would you recommend?

Probably Tristam

If you can only wear one a-england shade for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?



You offer free shipping until July 15 right? Does that include shipping to the Philippines?

Yes free shipping worldwide. It is an invitation to know my brand.

Do you have plans of adding more colors to your collection? How often do you intend to do this?

More holos, yes. I will endeavour to create appealing and fascinating shades. 

You can find my swatches of Perceval, Avalon, Tristam and Lady of the Lake here.

To check out a-england’s complete collection, visit a-england’s website. You can also find a-england on Facebook and follow the brand on Twitter. Order from a-england until July 15 to enjoy free shipping worldwide.


  1. sol says:

    it had me at free shipping! argh! must resist. NOT. haha!

    • pam says:

      sol, you MUST NOT resist. you have to try this brand, you really really really have to. you won’t regret it.

      i can’t wait to see these on your nails! <3

  2. sol says:

    how long waiting time if direct to phils?

    • pam says:

      i’m still waiting for mine – but the girls on MUA have been talking about how fast the shipping is :D will let you know when mine arrives

  3. Kitty says:

    YES! Spread the madness Pam! Go, go, go!

  4. jackeelim says:

    yay! it had me at free shipping worldwide too!

    <3 perceval and tristam! <3

  5. Eugenia says:

    Pam, you out-did yourself with this interview……FABULOSITY!!! Adina is truly interview-worthy as she is such a phenomenal human being, and you are hands down the best person to perform this task! Kudos, my friend! PS: isn’t Tristam the absolute cutest? I love him!!

    • pam says:

      Eugenia! Thanks so much! One look at a-england and I knew I just had to interview Adina – the brand has such a story to tell and I’m so glad she said yes :)

      And yes, Tristam is adorable!!! Now I want a kitty too!!

  6. Cat says:

    Hi Pam,

    This is Cat/faerieberry writing to you from London, where I had the honor and privilege of meeting Adina earlier today. She is fantastic! What a unique and beautiful person she is..

    I just applied Tristam, and my, it is amazing. I think the formula of a england rivals the very best. seriously. It was lush in one coat! I got a sneak peek of the new colors, and let me just say the polish world will be incredibly stoked. I am so glad to see this profile of Adina. She is a true gem of the polish industry.

    • pam says:

      Hey Cat! Oh wow, that’s awesome! So lucky! It is one of my dreams to meet Adina and Tristam :) Did you take lots of pictures?? I want to see them!!!

  7. Mi says:

    I’m thinking of ordering fr a-England’s website, were you charged with customs fee when you had yours shipped here?

    Hoping for your reply, many thanks!

  8. site says:

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    helpful facts to us, keep it up.

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