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POLICE FILES: Zoya Touch – a collection of Limited Edition nudes

May 26, 2011 by pam

We are still in the middle of our crazy road trip and I am writing this while sitting on a hotel room floor in Bryce Valley in Utah.

It’s been a great trip so far and while I haven’t gone crazy shopping for polish like I have on my previous trips, I still have a lot of polish-related stories to share. But they will have to wait. Because that’s not what this post is for.

Today I’m taking a break from my break to bring you news from Zoya.

I’m a Zoya fan – I love that their shades are long-lasting and that they’re free of harmful chemicals including toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).

Zoya will be releasing three limited edition shades very soon. The three colors, which make up Zoya’s Touch Collection, were inspired by the custom looks Zoya developed for the runways of New York Fashion Week. The three are all full coverage nudes.

I think the collection is coming out at the perfect time. I know I’ve spent my entire life loving vampy colors on my nails but my taste has changed these past couple of months. It’s weird how I’ve been obsessing over nudes, corals, pinks and reds lately but I have no plans of fighting it. If my nails want sexy nudes – I will give them sexy nudes. And this is why I’m so psyched for Zoya’s new collection.

This is Minka (latte beige cream with a metallic kiss).


This is Shay (desert rose sand beige cream with a metallic kiss).


And this is Pandora (mauve beige cream with a metallic kiss).


They are all so pretty, I can’t pick a favorite. And I know my nude-obsessed friend Tatin will agree with me.


Swatches will be posted soon, once I leave the mountains and return to the city.

Zoya is accepting pre-orders until May 31. The Touch Collection will be available on starting June 1. If you’re in the US, order from, if you’re in the UK or other parts of Europe, go to, if you’re in Italy, visit If you’re in the Philippines, you can order them through OrganicRituals Spa. Each one costs $8.


  1. TwistedHalo says:

    Awww, pang-US lang to order. :( I like Shay!

  2. Quel says:

    Honestly, I couldnt tell the difference – they all look sexy to me. To think that I’m not into nail polish. Whyyyyy so sexy???

  3. Cathy says:

    Hey Pam! I’ve been checking your blog almost everyday for the past month! I miss you talking/updating/ranting bout polish! I wish you’re enjoying your trip! Hope to hear from you soon! :)

    • pam says:

      Hey Cathy!! So sorry! But I’m back! I took a ton of swatch pics and I will be posting them soon! (hopefully i get at least one post up by tomorrow)

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