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MUG SHOT: Jay Jays Mwah! Neon Green and Thursdays with Nel

April 29, 2011 by pam

It’s perfect that I’m writing this post on a Thursday – because that’s when we close our newspaper pages with Nel.

Nel is our super awesome super efficient editorial production assistant – and she’s more than that. At work, she is the keeper of our sanity. I swear, we feel lost when she’s not there.

She wasn’t there a few Thursdays ago because she had to fly to Brisbane for an assignment. We missed her and were glad to see her back the following week.

She returned from Australia with goodies for us. She gave me this crazy neon green polish from Jay Jays’ Mwah! cosmetics line.


And when I say it’s crazy neon, I’m not kidding.


This neon jelly was a little sheer but I didn’t mind having to use several coats because the formula was easy to use.


It was nice and smooth.


This was three coats.


It’s so bright it almost glows.


I’ve been daring myself to try a neon green pedicure and this might just be the perfect polish to use.

Stef said the polish reminds her of Slimer from Ghostbusters. Which I thought was cool because I like Slimer.


I like Slimer but I love Nel. She rocks – just like this polish does.



  1. sol says:

    and now i’m blind! haha. neon kung neon! astig! have you tried it na with black shatter? ang ganda nyan for sure!

  2. pam says:

    haha! super no? i haven’t tried it with black shatter yet.. but i will soon! :D

  3. Kitty says:

    Holy cow Pam, this is really bright!

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