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POLICE FILES: Polish Police in Cosmopolitan’s April 2011 issue

April 26, 2011 by pam

We interrupt the boat stories and Justin Bieber obsession with another dose of shameless self-promotion.

But in reality, I would tell you to check out this feature even if I wasn’t in it because it is all kinds of awesome.

Check out this month’s issue of Cosmopolitan.


Flip through the pages and resist the urge to stop so you can check out the summer studs and play the naughty “Have You Ever?” game. You can do that later.

Go straight to page 182 and check out this gorgeous summer nails spread.


Preview’s Editor-At-Large Agoo Bengzon and Cosmopolitan’s Assistant Beauty Editor Regina Belmonte did a beautiful job on this feature. There are other pages in the spread but I refuse to post more pictures because I want you to go and grab a copy of the magazine. You have to, if you want to find out what those pretty summer shades are and if you want to arm yourself with trend reports and nail care tips (and okay, play the naughty game and check out the summer studs).

Cosmopolitan is available at magazine stands and bookstores nationwide.


  1. sol says:

    bouhght it! where’s that china glaze na 390 each LOL

  2. charly says:

    congrats! what that blue colored nail polish-shimmering sea blue on the right?…

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