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CONFESSION: The tragic tale of my Chanel Khaki Brun box :(

February 27, 2011 by pam

Remember that wonderful day when I did my camo mani?


Something awful happened that day, something I wasn’t ready to blog about… until today.

You see, I did that camo mani while I was at Jill’s shop.

I brought everything I needed with me – my polish remover, my Orly Bonder, my Seche Vite, my Orly Spritz Dry, my beautiful bottles of Khaki Brun, Khaki Rose and Khaki Vert.

But I made two mistakes.

One, I packed my polish remover and polishes together.

Two, I brought the polish boxes. I really should have just brought the bottles.

Because a horrible thing happened. On the way to Jill’s shop, my remover spilled in my bag.

I thought things were fine, that my bag just got a little wet but I was wrong.

Because when I saw my Khaki Brun box, it looked like this.


Are you ready?


My heart sank when I saw it. I thought I could save it but my attempt just made it worse.


I swear, I thought I was going to cry. My heart still hurts when I look at this picture.

I can’t believe the box used to look like this.


Most people will think I’m overreacting. My friends do. They find the whole “crying over a box” thing funny.

But I really treasure my polishes. And I always try to keep them in the pretty boxes they came in. My Chanels, my RBLs, my MACs, my Diors, my Lippmanns – if they came in a box when I bought them or when they were given to me, they are still in their boxes now.

But not Khaki Brun.

Because the remover melted the box and after it dried, it sealed shut. I can’t even open it now.

And I feel bad because Khaki Brun’s sisters – Khaki Vert and Khaki Rose – are safe in their boxes. And now Khaki Brun is naked.


Goomba from Super Mario Bros. tried to help.


So did the adorable fur balls the awesome Miss Bun sent with my birthday surprise.


And so did this tiny duck and this tiny sheep.


They are awesome but they’re not the ideal box substitute.


So for now, my beloved Khaki Brun will stay naked.

Think of this as a cautionary tale. Keep your precious polish boxes away from your polish remover.


  1. Deniz says:

    aww, at least nothing happened to the polish! =)

  2. Kate says:

    You made me panic. I thought the bottle broke and it was a part two of that sad, sad story about the Nerds Grape polish! Grabe! Hahaha..

  3. Kitty says:

    I thought the bottle broke too But I feel your pain. All my Deborah Lippmanns are stored in they box they came in (if they did). Same with Nubar and my China Glazes.

    • pam says:

      I love keeping my bottles in their pretty boxes.. It’s just nice to see them all lined up, safe and sound..

      It’s crazy how heartbroken I am over the box, I know.. But I feel annoyed at myself because it could have been prevented, you know?

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