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December, 2010

  1. MUG SHOT: Chanel Jade and a love letter to Miss Bun

    December 30, 2010 by pam

    My love for nail polish turned into a full-blown obsession in November 2009.

    It was a good time to become an addict – there were so many interesting releases, fantastic brands to discover and a whole community of polish lovers to connect with.

    But it was also too late – because there were colors I had missed out on, colors that were being sold for crazy amounts of money on Ebay, colors I would most likely never get my hands on. On top of this list was Chanel Jade.

    I met the great Miss Bun through this blog and over the course of a few months we developed a friendship beyond just polish. Sure, we would send each other bottles of lovelies (and every single time she would blow me away with her generosity and thoughtfulness) but it was more than just that. She was in Hong Kong and I was in Manila but that didn’t stop us. We exchanged e-mails and text messages, chatted and even talked on the phone. She even met a few of my friends who were visiting Hong Kong.

    One time, while having yet another conversation about polish, Miss Bun said, “We should have a polish that we would play with. I’d play with it and send it to you, then you’ll play with it and send it to me.”

    It was like The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants – with polish instead of jeans.

    And Miss Bun said that this polish, which we would send back and forth, should be Chanel Jade.

    “No way! It’s too precious!” I said.

    The thought of Chanel Jade tumbling through customs and different couriers had my stomach in knots.

    Miss Bun laughed. “It’s just polish, Pam!” she said.

    Fast forward to a few months later. My friend Paolo went to Hong Kong and left a bubble envelope full of polish for Miss Bun. And then, just days later, my friend JJ went to Hong Kong and I asked him to bring something for Miss Bun too – Chanel Cherry, which she’s had on her wishlist for ages, which she thought she’d never get, which I got from a local Ebay seller.

    JJ arrived days later and handed me a package from Miss Bun.


    I tore into it and saw rolls of masking tape which I love.


    Look at those pretty patterns.


    And because it was a package from Miss Bun, there was polish. A lot of polish.

    OPI’s Go Goth collection.


    China Glaze Outta Bounds.



    Bottles from Jessica and YMCK.



    Essie Sew Psyched and Orly Out of This World.




    And these.


    Oh god these.


    And just like that, Miss Bun erased three items from my Chanel wish list.


    Yes she’s awesome. And crazy. And super sweet.

    And she wasn’t done yet.

    I found this in the package and was confused.


    Waiiit. Did JJ forget to give it to her? Did Miss Bun return it?! Why??

    “Open it,” JJ said.

    I did. And my jaw dropped.


    Holy crap.


    Holy holy holy crap.


    The sudden appearance of Chanel Jade was so surprising even my office chick fainted.


    Chanel Jade came with a note.


    I did exactly that, I played with Chanel Jade.


    I already had her on my nails but I still couldn’t believe she was really there.


    I already had her in my hand but I still couldn’t believe she was really there.


    Chanel Jade is softer than I imagined.


    And so freaking pretty.


    Just looking at these pictures now makes me want to remove my current mani so I can wear Jade again.


    I love the secret shimmer.


    I love her creaminess.


    I love Chanel Jade, period.


    But as much as I love Chanel Jade, I have no plans of taking her from Miss Bun. Chanel Jade is just waiting for her, along with the other polishes I got for her in the US.

    Miss Bun is going through a rough time now. She’s taking a break from polish and she’s keeping her nails bare. But I know she will be okay again. And I know she will be her happy self again. And I know she will want color in her life again.

    And when she is and when she does, Chanel Jade and I will be there to celebrate with her.

    Because here’s the truth – the world (and not just the world of polish) is not the same without her.

  2. CONFESSION: My first break :(

    December 30, 2010 by pam

    I’ve read a lot of stories about polish breakage on MakeupAlley. Broken bottles that arrived in the mail, bottles accidentally dropped, bottles knocked over by pets and kids. While I could sympathize, I didn’t really know what it felt like.

    Because you see, as klutzy and as clumsy as I am, I’ve never broken any of my nail polish bottles.

    Until two weeks ago.

    I was shooting the bottles of polish I bought in the US so I could finally post about them.

    I was taking pictures of the set of Nerds polishes on the bottom step of Jill’s stairs when tragedy struck.


    The bottle of grape polish rolled to the edge of the step, fell to the floor and broke.

    I stared at it in disbelief.

    It was a very short drop, maybe six inches. Why did it break?

    I resisted the urge to cry (although I really did want to) and quickly picked up the bottle and disposed of it the way the girls on MakeupAlley taught me – pour the entire contents of the bottle onto a paper plate (I had none so I used the cover of a cardboard box), let dry and discard.


    It was heartbreaking. Because the purple one was my favorite of the bunch. Because I didn’t get the chance to wear it – not on a single nail, not even once. Because it was only after the break that I realized how pigmented it was. And because it smelled so freaking good. Like grape candy.


    Throwing it away was painful.

    When I think about it now, I still feel like crying.

    It hurts, it really does.

    I’m sorry, Grape Nerds, I really am. I hope you are now in nail polish heaven.