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POLICE FILES: A very quick post

October 22, 2010 by pam

I’m in the middle of a photo shoot, I’m wearing clothes with tags on them, I have a tulle bib, I’m fully made up and my normally inanely messy hair has been transformed into a glorious halo of curls, I’m waiting for the photographer to tell me he’s ready for me and there’s a giant pizza in front of me but first things first.

I needed to post this very quick post.

Because I need to show you something.




I know!

Can you believe it?

There’s a very long story behind this photo, a long story that involves the incredible incredible amazing Miss Bun.

I will be back very soon to tell you that story.

I promise to make time even though I only have two days left before my big trip and I still have an overwhelming list of things to do.

I still have to write a few zillion stories, e-mail a few thousands e-mails, buy two hundred things and pack.

Madness. Madness, I tell you.

But none of that matters, because I have Chanel Jade in my hands.


  1. sol says:

    OMG!!!!!! how!!!!!!!! miss bun is really awesome!!!! i only have a dupe!

    • pam says:

      i wasn’t able to write about it before i left :( but i will soon!!

      miss bun is super awesome – like you and smile are :) thanks again for the birthday surprise! :D

      • sol says:

        it’s nothing compared to this awesomeness! haha. it’s ok re not posting. but hope you can compare the dupe and the orig na! at least this time on an asian skintone, yey!

        can i borrow? sshhh don’t tell miss bun hahahaha! just kidding!

  2. Zara says:

    Wow! Miss Bun really is amazing and wonderful – she sent me Mint Candy Apple. :)

  3. Cat says:

    OMG, what a LUCKY girl you are to have a generous friend like Miss Bun. :D

    I wish I didn’t, but I am seriously coveting that precious bottle of Jade. I had two of those in my cart last summer, but at the last minute I thought hmmm, these pastel greens give me lobster hands…so I passed on them.. only to later learn that this particular shade is heavenly and flattering. I cherish my bottle of Catrice Sold Out Forever though.. and it is totally back up worthy, that color.. Out of my collection of 700+ colors, that is one that I will never tire of wearing. It’s divine. I look forward to your upcoming post!

  4. ashna says:

    I am here in Malaysia for a vacation, and couldn’t help to drop by CHANEL counter in those luxurious malls because of YOU =) naiintindihan na ko na feeling mo sa CHANEL. pag try ko sa testers (lahat na ata nung nakahelera), wow… ibang iba ang dating sa kuko. sabi ko nga sa facebook ko, natatakot akong maging CHANEL LES VERNIS convert. but sa experience ko kanina, ayaw kong umuwi ng pilipinas nang hindi nakakabili ng isa o dalawang bote. ang nakakalula lang, maraming ayaw sa addiction ko dahil muslim ako. may paniwala kasi na pag naka nail polish ka, hindi makapenetrate ang tubig sa kuko habang nag a-ablution (yung washing before prayer).

  5. nikkitah says:

    I like Green nail polishes din, I’m collecting different shades.hehehe… for me its a refreshing color to look at.Pam,is there a brand that has a very similar shade?a more affordable brand.hehehe…i’m still saving for my first bottle of CHANEL LES VERNIS but I want that shade of green,so pretty!hehehe…

    ashna- how often is your ablution?can’t you just take off your nail polish before your ablution?hehehe…

    • Ashna says:

      @Pam, bumili na talaga ako ng PULSION. di na talaga napigilan ng superego ko id ko =)

      @nikkitah: sa islam, 5x a day ang prayer. invalid ang prayer pag walang ablution. hindi ko pwedeng gawin yun hehehehe… ang ibang school of thought sa islam, pinagbabawal talagang may nail polish pag nagpa pray. sa ibang school, pwede naman dahil walang sinabi sa quran na bawal ito, at wala ring sunnah (saying ng prophet muhammad). sa latter ako sumusunod =)

    • pam says:

      Milani Dressmaker is the closest: :)

      (Thank you, Sol, for my bottle:D)

  6. Jackie S. says:

    Im speechless! :) :)

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