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MUG SHOT: Chanel Steel and Strong

September 22, 2010 by pam

The Chanel Les Khakis tragedy has ended – and now I’ve ended up with two sets. Thank you, Tatin, Alvin and Karen! They’re still not here, both sets are still in the US, but I can rest easy now because I know I’m going to have them. Woohoo!

Khaki Vert, Khaki Brun, Khaki Rose – you girls are mine.

And I can wait for my Khakis to arrive patiently because the super sweet Smile arrived from Hong Kong and gave me a big Chanel fix. She brought home my bottles of Chanel Steel and Strong.

Chanel Steel and Strong

And that’s not all – she even gave me goodies that I will write about in another post. Smile rocks so much.

But first, Chanel Steel and Strong.

Chanel Steel and Strong

Arrghh, look how pretty.

Chanel Steel and Strong

I know these haven’t gotten as much attention as the Khakis which is a shame because I love them.

These colors have gotten a lot of flak for not being terribly unique but you know what, none of that matters, because I love them.

Say hello to Chanel Steel.

Chanel Steel

Check out that crazy silver shimmer.

Chanel Steel

I just wish the famous Chanel micro-shimmer showed a little more on the nail.

This is without flash.

Chanel Steel

This is with flash.

Chanel Steel

Early announcements described this a grayish blue glitter but clearly this is not a grayish blue glitter.

Chanel Steel

Chanel Steel is a black gray polish with silver gray micro-shimmer.

Chanel Steel


Chanel Steel

I love that Chanel Steel looks kick-ass, that it’s not one of Chanel’s elegant colors, that it’s badass.

Chanel Steel

I’m wearing this as my manicure now. Yeah, because I like being a badass too.

Chanel Steel

And now, Chanel Strong.

Chanel Strong

In the bottle it sometimes looks like a shimmery purple and sometimes a shimmer brownish burgundy.

On the nails, it looks almost black.

Chanel Strong

Almost but not quite.

Chanel Strong

With flash, it looks like the blackberry micro-shimmer that it is.

Chanel Strong

I love it too.

Chanel Strong

I can’t decide which one I love more.

Chanel Strong

Steel or Strong?

Chanel Strong

Then again, I don’t really have to choose.

Chanel Strong

So both! I love them both!

Thank you, Chanel. Thank you, Peter Philips. Thank you, Smile.

You know how to make a sick girl happy.


  1. Miss Bun says:

    THANK YOU PAM. STEEL AND STRONG. THE BEST NAMES IN THE WORLD FOR POLISH. They are totally what I need to be right now!!!!

    I called you TODAY. LOL I HAVE THE BEST STORY TO TELL. xoxoxoxox

  2. Jackie S. says:

    Steel is super hot on your hands :)

  3. pilar says:

    Chanel is love…Hey! Have you seen OPI’s 2010 Burlesque collection? The shades looks awesome!

    • pam says:

      yes! crazy glitter! :D i’m not a glitter girl though.. so i haven’t been dying over this collection.. i know a lot of girls who are going crazy with excitement though :D

  4. pilar says:

    The shades are awesome!

  5. Moi says:

    Hi Chief!
    Not exactly Chanel related but wanted to let you know I picked up Essie Sew Psyched and Merino Cool. Well, maybe it is Chanel related _ I don’t think I can get the Khakis but at least I got me near-hits (not exact dupes).

    P.S. My husband read over my shoulder when I visit your blog. How funny is that?

    • pam says:

      moi! sew psyched and merino cool are both awesome! :D

      haha! your husband is funny! does he go polish shopping with you? so cool!

      • moi says:

        The funny thing is he laughs even louder than I do when he reads your blog. He isn’t a shopper but he buys me a bottle or two. Landmark achievement, hw asked me one time, why is Chanel polish so expensive? lol

        Missed you Chief! Glad you are feeling better!

        • pam says:

          hahaha! a man who understands polish humor! i love it! :D

          hahaha you must educate him on the merits of chanel!

          aww thank you so much! i missed you guys too! :D

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