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MUG SHOT: Orly Velvet Rope

September 21, 2010 by pam

Oh yes, I’m on a purple kick.

I was in the middle of a crazy day when I spotted a bottle of purple goodness in Watsons.

There were rows and rows of Orly bottles and this was the first one that jumped out at me.

Orly Velvet Rope

I held the bottle in my hand and I’m pretty sure I gasped.

Orly Velvet Rope

Look at the pretty sparkle! You know I’m not a big fan of glitter but I loved the silver glitter in this one.

I turned it over to check the polish name.

Orly Velvet Rope

Velvet Rope. How have I never heard of this before?! Why haven’t people given this polish more attention?

It’s so pretty.

Orly Velvet Rope

I love that it’s purple.

Orly Velvet Rope

I love that the silver glitter is understated.

Orly Velvet Rope

Here’s Velvet Rope with flash.

Orly Velvet Rope

I haven’t worn purple in ages and I’m glad I’ve worn it two weeks in a row.

Orly Velvet Rope

Here’s Orly Velvet Rope with my bird ring and my crazy baking scar.

Orly Velvet Rope

I know I should be more vigilant about applying Vitamin E to my scar but I’ve learned to love it a little more than I used to. Now it kinda looks like Halley’s Comet to me.

Which is cool because Velvet Rope looks like a purple night sky to me.

So yeah, I think my scar matches my nail polish. How weird am I?

No, don’t answer that.


  1. Cat says:

    I love this color and the subtlety of the glitter as well. When I first saw it I thought I had discovered something special, and it is! Maybe it doesn’t get mentioned a lot because it has been around for a while? I am rediscovering purple too. For the last six weeks I’ve worn nothing but green and blue, but tonight’s mani will be Butter London Marrow.

    • pam says:

      Aaah, so jealous. I love Butter London Marrow! But I haven’t been lucky enough to spot bottles in the local salons that carry Butter London. Pictures please!

      You’re right, Velvet Rope is something special :)

  2. camille says:

    i have the same bottle too! i wore it for 4 weeks and im still not over this color yet. i used it again a week after. Skinfood also has that kind of polish, there’s black, blue, red and purple=)

    • pam says:

      Awesome! I love that there’s so much love for Velvet Rope!

      I should check out Skin Food too – but when I’m in Rustan’s, I’m totally magnetized by the OPI, Essie, Nars and Chanel areas that I haven’t given this brand the chance it deserves..

  3. Miss Bun says:


    I start shooting today so I have NO time to blog…and keeping my nails super short and trimmed for being on set, and doing them red, my lucky color!!

    Sooo your posts are going to be my fix. AND I have seen Velvet Rope in person and thought the sparkle might disappears when on the nail, but LORD that turns out gorgeous!!!


    • pam says:


      I’ve been refreshing and refreshing your site, crazy girl! I will miss your posts but that movie needs to be done. I will be waiting here til you’re ready to post again :D

      And I promise some interesting posts in the coming days… And OMG I’m still dying to get my Khakis.. Tatin fixed my problem though.. because she’s awesome like you :D


      And yes, some of our Watsons have Orly… But not all..

      Good luck with the movie…ROCK THOSE RED NAILS! You will be getting a VERY SPECIAL red soon. Do you want me to tell you? NO NO NO. :P

  4. sheila says:

    Velvet Rope!!!! Love eeett! waaah.

    Pam have you seen this?

    Car Keys vs. Les Khakis. LOL

  5. Sara says:

    Just gotta say that I LOVE this blog. It’s saved to my favourites and I pretty much check it every day I go online. I love how entertaining your posts are and all the excitement that goes with finding some ridiculously sweet nail colour. Probably a stupid question but HAVE YOU SEEN THE NAIL POLISH IN THE MAC VENOMOUS VILLIANS COLLECTION? Literally. Holycrap.

    • pam says:

      Aww thanks so much! Hahaha yes I do get crazy get excited over new nail colors!

      And yes, HOLY CRAP is right. I can’t wait to get the Venomous Villains polishes!

      And I saw that you posted a Polly Pocket toy on your Tumblr. I LOVE Polly Pocket – the teeny ones from our childhood – not the atrociously big ones they come out with now..

  6. Karissa says:

    This was the first Orly color I tried on and it’s still my favorite to date!

  7. kittykoo says:

    where did you buy your ring? it’s very nice.

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