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August, 2010

  1. MUG SHOT: China Glaze Custom Kicks and Secret Peri-winkle

    August 31, 2010 by pam

    I just realized that I haven’t been showing China Glaze too much love here which is strange.

    When my polish obsession started, China Glaze is one of the first brands I stocked up on. And it still is one of my favorite brands today.

    China Glaze may have its share of neutrals and light pinks but it also has a lot of fun and unique colors, colors you would never refer to as boring.

    Like Custom Kicks.


    Custom Kicks is a bright teal with a gold shimmer.


    The shimmer is more obvious in the bottle than on the nail.


    But I still think it’s pretty.


    I love it. It’s such a bright happy color.



Another China Glaze polish I love is Secret Peri-winkle.


    This was two coats.


    I should have done three but didn’t realize it until I saw these photos.


    Yeah, three would have been perfect.

    I used Claire’s Matte Top Coat on Secret Peri-winkle.


    Yeah, it rocks as a matte too.


    But damn it, I really should have gone for three coats.

  2. MUG SHOT: Claire’s Matte Purple and Matte Black

    August 30, 2010 by pam

    I’ve known Sheila for years now, ever since our addiction to Havaianas brought us together.

    These days, we’ve been bonding over our love for nail polish.

    But here’s the crazy thing – we’ve never had the chance to hang out ever.

    But that changed a few weeks ago and I’m glad.

    Sheila was visiting from Dubai and I met up with her and other friends who are also addicted to nail polish at OrganicRituals Spa for an afternoon of pampering.
    I had so much fun with the girls and my nails loved being super spoiled.

    Sheila who is as thoughtful as she is funny had some goodies for me from Dubai.

    Claire's Matte

    Claire’s Matte Purple, Matte Top Coat and Matte Black.

    Claire's Matte

    I had so much fun playing with these polishes.

    Claire's Matte Purple

    I especially love the purple. It’s so vivid and smooth.

    Claire's Matte Purple

    This was two coats.

    Claire's Matte Purple

    It rocks as a matte…

    Claire's Matte Purple

    … but when I put Seche Vite on top of it, it rocks as a glossy polish too.

    Claire's Matte Purple

    It’s so freaking pretty.

    Claire's Matte Purple

    Claire’s Matte Purple + Seche Vite = Serious Love.

    Claire's Matte Purple

    It took effort to tear myself away from the magic of this purple but I managed to swatch the black polish too.

    Claire's Matte Black

    Ah, black polish, I love you.

    Claire's Matte Black

    I wish I already knew about matte black polish when I spent a lot of nights drunk and singing in a band.

    Claire's Matte Black

    I could have totally rocked this onstage.

    Claire's Matte Black

    I will have to settle for rocking this in my now kind of normal everyday life.

    Claire's Matte Black

    Oh yeah, I can do that. Because black polish rules.

    Thanks, Sheila. I love these babies.