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CONFESSION: Loco Over Coco

April 30, 2010 by pam

I’m not big on brands, I wouldn’t buy something just because of its logo so this new obsession came as a big surprise.

In the beginning, it was the thrill of the chase.

I wrote an article about the elusive Chanel Particuliere and my attempts to find a dupe for it.

But two days after that article came out, Tatin ended my search by surprising me with this:

Loot from Tatin :)>

She found Particuliere at Takashimaya in Singapore.

I love Particuliere.

Chanel Particuliere

Love it so much that when a 13-year-old asked why I chose to wear such a boring color, I said, “Are you kidding me?” And then gave a long speech about the wonders of Particuliere.

Chanel Particuliere

A week later, I found myself in Singapore and naturally, I went to the Chanel counter at Takashimaya.

And that was the day I officially went loco for Coco.

I left the counter with these:

Chanel Nail Polish

I returned to the Chanel counter a couple more times and bought bottles for a polish-loving friend.

On our last night there, I went to a different Chanel counter in a different department store and walked away with Chanel Dragon.

Loco Over Coco

Chanel Nail Polish

I know there are a lot of Chanel nail polish haters out there but I’m not one of them. I get their point about the price being steep but I am willing to pay good money for polish that I really love. I’d rather buy one good bottle that I’ll really use than several inexpensive ones that I’ll never get around to really wearing.

Dragon, Rouge Noir, Particuliere, Black Satin, Blue Satin, Splendeur, Vendetta. I love these colors. I love the rich pigment, I love that they’re buttery smooth, I love that I love them so much I couldn’t decide which one to wear first.

Chanel Nail Polish

I went for Blue Satin. Five days now and no chipping yet. Amazing.

And because I am an addict, I also ordered Black Velvet and Illusion D’Or.

Chanel Summer 2010

They will arrive in a few weeks.

And I also can’t wait for Nouvelle Vague.

Chanel Nouvelle Vague

Rustan’s will be selling it soon.

Chanel Haute Chocolat also climbed its way to the top of my wishlist but I can’t find it anywhere since it was a 2008 release. I will keep searching though.

Chanel Le Vernis is available in the US for $23, at Singapore department stores for S$35 (S$28 at duty free shops but they don’t offer as many colors) and in Rustan’s for P1295.


  1. melvel says:

    I’ve been looking for a bottle of Black Satin, but I’ve read that there are two versions of it., the one with more subdued sparkle? Which one is available in Singapore?

    Kaleidoscope is another Chanel polish you should try. It’s my favorite.

  2. pam says:

    Hey Melvel,

    Yup, that’s what they say – there are two versions daw. The USA one and the France one. People online are saying that the USA one is the limited edition – that was sold only in selected boutiques in the US.

    The difference? The USA one has a slight silver shimmer, the France one doesn’t.

    The ones sold in Singapore are made in France. If you want to find the USA one, there are some on Ebay but they’re being sold at insane prices.

    Check this out:

    But a lot of other people claim there’s no difference between the bottles that were made in the USA and the bottles that come from France. Confusing, really.

    I tried Kaleidoscope but I couldn’t wear it out. It just doesn’t look good on me :(

    I really like Vampy colors more :)

  3. ireign says:

    Hi pam,

    I’m not really into nail polish, but after reading this new blog of yours about nail polish… I am actually loving it.
    I am just waiting for a right party to go to and I’ll wear a pretty nail polish. I can send you a pic if you would like =)

    U rock \m/

    • pam says:

      Hey Iryn!

      Thanks so much!

      And yes please send pics! :)

      And try wearing nail polish even when you don’t have a party to go to – you might just end up loving it :)

  4. ria says:

    hey! late comer to the chanel party. just wanted to ask if all ballerina and rouge noir are available in rustan’s? thanks!

  5. xin says:

    i’m late :p i just got the dragon, just applied and i’m super loving it!

  6. Anabella001 says:

    Just came across this page after googling about buying Chanel nail polish in Singapore.I don’t wear anything but Chanel…unless I go bare. Love you passion. Thank you for sharing. Only have 2 days in Sing but will definitely stock up at both the airport and shops – it’s so much cheaper than in Australia.

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