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March, 2010

  1. MUG SHOT: OPI Jade Is The New Black

    March 28, 2010 by pam

    Like every polish addict and OPI lover out there, I was very excited about OPI’s Hong Kong Collection.

    Check out all the pretty colors!


    I was especially excited about Jade Is The New Black (top row, second from left). So excited that I couldn’t wait for it to hit our shores – I had to order it from abroad.

    It did not disappoint. Jade Is The New Black has quickly become one of my favorite polish shades.

    This was three coats:


    It’s a sexy green cream, bright without being too over the top.

    I wore it out clubbing.


    And even the camera loved it.


    I’m impatient so I ordered mine online but OPI’s Hong Kong collection will be available in Rustans in April.

  2. POLICE FILES: Nail polish talk with Lenka

    March 14, 2010 by pam

    I interviewed Australian singer/songwriter Lenka when she was in Manila for a series of shows. Naturally, I grabbed the chance to talk to her about nail polish.

    That day, she was wearing bright blue polish.


    Photo by Jill Lejano

    Here’s a closeup:


    Polish Police: Are you into nail polish?

    Lenka: Oh yeah I am. And I’m also into scratching it off, it’s a bad habit.

    Polish Police: Me too!

    Lenka: (showing her chipped nails) It’s shocking because it was so perfect before. Yeah, I am into nail polish.

    Polish Police: What colors are your favorite?

    Lenka: At the moment, blue. Umm, normally I’ve got a sort of a vintage red, like a 1950s red and a peachy summer kind of red…

    Polish Police: I’ve seen both in photos.

    Lenka: Yeah, they’re my staples. But I’m also fond of yellow.

    Here are other photos of Lenka and her favorite nail polish shades: